Loud And Clear

Clinton Lee Young started to blog after meeting Richard Cartwright, a death row inmate who wrote blogs titled “Uncensored”. After his execution he passed the torch to Clinton. As time went by, Clinton decided to carve his own path. He then started blogging under the title “Loud & Clear”, as that is exactly how he likes to be heard.

Clinton blogs about his life, case, beliefs, lows, highs, and all things between. Some blogs will make you laugh, others will make you cry and some will even have you so mad that you will want to break something. Though that in short sums up Clinton. He is intelligent, stubborn and very passionate about what he believes. Clinton has talent in being able to break the topic down and analyze it so as to paint a picture with his words. Not only to help you understand his view point, but to also be able to more often then not, better understand your own views. Clinton NEVER seeks pity, though he does strive to help you, the reader, to be able to see the world through his eyes. We thank you for reading his blogs.