Loud & Clear: Recent hearing and people

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and Clear
Topic: Recent hearing and people
Date: Jan. 27th 2021

I am getting back into writing. I could barely sit still for a while.
I was spending hours pacing the cell floor thinking about the case and all that needs to be done. One starts to worry about everything.
Being stuck in a box, that’s not a good combination.
The hearing went better than expected in some way and in other ways,
I would liked to have been able to dig into some harder.
The way the set up on Zoom was, there was no way for me to just lean over and tell my lawyer to ask certain questions. That irked me to no end 🙂 ha
Then they was stripping and re-waxing the floor outside the room I was in for the hearing. I could not hear that good as a result. They were using floor buffers, industrial fans and etc. The officer had to keep telling them to turn stuff off, stay away from the door and be quit.
Though, as long as the court reporter could hear, that’s all that matters!
Mass majority of you know nothing about the law. Some seem to think they know about it. 🙁 There is a reason law school takes so long as it is complex.
Anywho, those that have followed the death penalty will at least know how fast everything is moving. It is lightening fast.
My appeal was filed in August. The court authorized the claim Dec. 16th.
My hearing was held Jan. 25th. The final filings will be done by the first week of March. That is unheard of in appeal proceedings, much less so death penalty litigation.
While on the law. I noticed every so often random people make this future conviction law of parties comment. What the hell are you talking about?
You all understand Page is in prison for 30 years for kidnapping?
You understand that right?
You understand that the prosecutor over my case has 100% nothing to do with Page and Midland has jurisdiction over Page. Midland, due to all the misconduct, are not allowed to be involved with my case.
I just do not understand how some of you come to these conclusions.
Beyond the simple fact of not knowing the law. The law of parties is not some all encompassing trap. People have this idea of ‘if you were there’.
No the law says presence alone does not warrant a conviction.
Each state in the US has its own version of laws. What you see on TV is not an adequate reflection of the law. More so for Texas. Also there is what is called a structural error. Guilt, law of parties, or any other condaluted legal theory does not matter. David Page is not relevant to my appeal that is being processed right now.
It seems like some people just want to hate on me. Recently someone made comments about the people that run my foundation.
About all being attractive or something.
What people do not know is I did not pick all those people.
Most that are part of my foundation I have only exchanged like one or two letters with if that. They are a part of the foundation because of their personal belief in justice. They want to act on that belief.
They all work in the legal community. Plus the foundation is getting build to be so much bigger then my case.
Most likely soon the US chapter will have hired staff. There will be other cases that are taken on.
It is not going to be ‘my’ foundation. It just started in my name, Merel is already working on a guys case that is serving life in TDCj.
More about him will be posted soon.
So again, people do not know what they are talking about.
I am building something to help people, from a jail cell.
Don’t try to hate on me, be a part of the solution, not the problem.

This takes me to the comments people made on the Youtube channel the hearing was on. Normally the comment section would have been shut off.
For some reason it wasn’t. Though what I didn’t expect from people was comments that would be made.
After the hearing was over and the Youtube link was shut off, there was a discussion about the Youtube between the judge and another on the Zoom.
It doesn’t ‘hurt’ me. Though it does make me a bit sad.
As I expected people to treat it with the severity that it is.
Also with so much media watching it. I, along with those in my foundation.
They work hard to dispell the stereotypes that are put on women in this struggle. I want media to see the foundation as I want the legal society to.
The judge over my case is one of the most respected judges in the state of Texas. There is a chance in the future that Merel, Emily or other future staff lawyers from the foundation will have to stand before him to represent clients the foundation takes on.
I want him and other judges to see these people for their intelligence, integrity and dedication to justice and the rule of law which motivates them.
So for those that do not understand. The foundation started off for me though it is growing to be so much more.
It will be an aggressive organization that takes on more complex cases the other innocent network organizations do not take. As their requirements are often focused on DNA. Not all cases hang on DNA.
DNA is really not relevant to my case at all, for example.
There will also be scholarships and internships for girls from countries where women are disenfranchised, and also poverty stricken people from the US and etcetera.
This is why I want the focus to be on justice and the law. Not on my appearance during a viewing of a hearing for a capital murder case.
I am not mad at anyone. I should have took additional steps to explain that Youtube was not the place for discussions.

As for life around here. Covid seems to be on the rise again.
It seems the lack of visits are having zero impact on covid here.
As it keeps circulating. Plus in the free, people can go the the mall, bars and etc. Go to a strip club. Yes. See a lawyer while facing the death penalty. No. Someone surely has their priorities straight. Of course they do.
As the no lawyer thing is by design to reduce the effectiveness of representation. I guess it can not be to shocking that Texas lawyers are not uniting to raise hell about this. Visits are non contact, so the blanket ban is unreasonable. Some restriction can be applied. But a blanket ban is totally uncalled for.

To other matters.
I heard about Lisa Montgomery’s execution. Also after getting the print outs from the social media pages from last month. I read what people wrote about her execution. Yeah, she had a horrible case. Most capital cases are.
Though I can understand how certain cases strike women harder than others. The question is: did she have to be executed?
You might feel a desire for revenge or such.
The death penalty in the US is supposed to be used for the worse of the worse that are so bad they have to be put down.
It is not revenge. The law is supposed to be void of emotion.
She would have spent life in prison. If death is some blank void. Then when her switch was flipped, she has no pain or suffering. Absent the moments leading up to her execution. There is no stress, fear or anything.
If there is an afterlife and the bible is true for example.
If she became born again and saved, then she will not go to hell.
If Judaism is right, there is no hell. So forth and so on.
Everyone that wanted her to die and others. They can not force a person into the gates of hell. Your emotions and desire for that is more your problem than others. As it is a pointless wish of destruction.
Something us humans are pretty good at.

I am not trying to get into theology or right and wrong of the death penalty.
My position is much simpler. What is the point? Other women done what she did before she done it and have done it after she was sentenced to death. Sadly it will happen some other time.
As no matter what, people are good about messing things up.
though I believe that most people are decent. I know this is though.
Prison sucks! And this no visit stuff ain’t no kind of decent.
Ole Blaine got a stay. That was good. He told me the prosecutor in his case made a comment to his lawyer supposedly. That he wanted to respect the juries verdict. Many prosecutors say this. That becomes their justification to keep pushing for execution, when other facts develop.
Okay, how can one respect the juries verdict. When the jury gets so disrespected by a prosecutor that withholds information from them, has a witness lie. Doesn’t properly explain all facts in accordance with the law.
Not saying all that happened in Blaines case. It happens in most cases.
So I am sure that I did.
Respecting a misinformed jury verdict is more about getting what that prosecutor personally wants.
Alrighty then, my fight is not over with yet. Still much to do.
I thank everyone for the love and support. Now that I am back writing, I will be posting more. I got stamps, so getting caught up.

Take care, smile & strive for all that you desire
Veni Vidi Vici
In solidarity, I remain

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*STATEMENT* Clinton Young Foundation
We want to thank everyone for their love and support, but also would like to kindly remind everyone that posting comments on a YouTube channel during a hearing in a death penalty case is inappropriate.

We ask everyone to please be mindful and considerate of that. You can post all the comments you want on our Facebook page, but not the YouTube channel.