Loud & Clear: Caged in forever

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear
Topic: Caged in forever
Date: August 16th, 2021

This month of August alone I have been denied access to shower a total of 7 days. August 3rd, 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 16th. Can wash it off in the sink, but it is not the same as hot high pressure shower. Been denied recreation for weeks. Since august 1st, only been to rec 2 days. That is it! They started a new guard work schedule and that worked for about a day or two. If rec days are missed they can do make up rec on Sundays. There was a Sunday with enough staff, but they done no make up rec. These people will not do anything or change anything. All it would take is to ask the board to modify policy. It is not just death row, it is to ad-seg prisoners also. Other units have the problems. This is to such a degree that it is a public safety matter. The staff shortages are so bad there is no way to maintain proper security across state prisons.

Even if you do not care about prisoners being able to have recreation and etc. You do want guards and people to be safe. TDCj refuses to adapt. They are waisting millions of dollars on bonusses for new officers, who only stay for a couple of months. Now they ban us from having bikini pictures and such. So, that is their big focus? Guys risk getting People, US weekly and such magazines denied if it has a celeb in a bikini. Yet they do nothing about the countless suicides throughout TDCj? The drug overdoses? The murders and rapes? The assaults and excessive use of forces? So do nothing to address these things, but you can pass a rule that bans an image that any 12 year old could look at in the free world?! Way to have your priorities straight, TDCj.

Also they ban sex offenders from being on pen pal sites. I personally do not care about such people. But now is a bigger class of prisoners who will be unable to gain support from pen pals and such. This means more theft, extortion and prostitution in prison. Way to make things better and safer. But hey! You people went to school for all this shit, huh?!
I forget they are the ones with the college degree.

How about making prison a safer place to where people can be rehabilitated? What will it take before the powers wake up and do something? Need more teachers raped, guards killed, mass escape? I mean, when is enough enough? If TDCj would just change seg policy and reinstate death row plan for men’s death row. This would drastically impact staffing. As there would be less in seg. The question is: are people willing to speak up? Do you care about millions of tax dollars wasted, criminals coming home more dangerous than when they entered, nurses/teachers/guards being at risk and so forth? I do not want prisons totally closed down. Could close a few more! But society needs prisons to some degree. No matter if Texas has one or 100. Changes need to be made to better adjust to the reality of the job markets impact on staffing. Leaving people stuck in cells for 10- 20- 30 years purely for their sentence like us on the row. This needs to change. It is getting to the point that lawyers can start using 20+ years stuck in seg., more so with the no rec and shower. Well, can start raising this in appeals that they can no longer be executed due to the ill treatment and would even say cruel and unusual treatment should negate the execution. As TDCj has violated state law and the constitution. All it will take is just one judge to give it a chance to be heard. Add in a liberal DA that agrees. Once having a hearing on it all, it can stand the test to reach the US Supreme Court.

The question needs to be asked. Is TDCj going to make changes or what?

Will be back soon.

In solidarity,
I remain

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