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Music review introduction

The conditions of my current environment prevent me from watching TV. Though I am allowed an AM/FM radio, no CDs or MP3s. Music consumes the background noise, to block out the bangs of steel gates and doors.  In addition to music, I often listen to various political talkshows on AM radio. Also, there is a community funded FM radio station in Houston, known as KPFT. It is generally left wing political shows. Though it also features various music shows that do not edit cussing, after certain hours. On Friday at 9PM, there is even The Prison Show. It allows for people to call in and give messages of support to their loved ones, within listening range. Also updating on new prison policies and laws. It is a show tailored for people in prison. KPFT also features the Execution Watch Show. This show airs anytime Texas has a scheduled execution. They discuss the case facts, news about the death penalty and if the person is executed or not (unless the station is doing fund raises).  As I am sure that you can tell, the radio becomes the life line of information. People always ask me about my musical tastes. I decided to post about various songs that I like, as well as a short write up about the song. Help expose people to songs they might not otherwise hear. More so since there are people from all over the world that visit my site.

I will feature current songs to songs that are decades old. My favorite singers, such as Miranda Lambert and Lynard Skunard, to singles that catch my attention from small brand artists. I would like to note that the Prison Show is not something I listen to every week. As it is mostly about non-death penalty issues. It is hard to pick up at times, as a result I hardly ever listen to that station. The music reviews, just as the book reviews, help people to get a better idea of me.

I thank you for viewing my site and ask that you please help spread the word to others.

Clinton Young