Adventures of Loki and Mr. Pig


The adventures of Loki and Mr. Pig



I thank you for viewing my site. While its main goal is to raise awareness to the injustice of my case, which is detailed through my Loud and Clear blogs and legal postings. I wanted to post something that would be entertaining. Some of the people that view my site are kind enough to donate towards my defence fund. Many others help to spread the word. My Loud and Clear blogs and legal material are meant to motivate you towards the help. This story is a gift for those that help, in all ways that they can. My way of giving back in the little ways that I am able.

Loki is my nickname. The reason I have this nickname is very simple and it was given in humor. I was given the nickname based on Loki, being the Viking God of Chaos. When I was a teenager I was sent to juvenile prison. At the facilities, various classifications was given to the youth. I was classified as L.S and C.C. Which stood for Limit Setter & Caseworker Control. Each dorm had 2 caseworkers that split the work load. C.C.-indicated to the caseworker “you are going to have your hands full with this one!” The joke was that C.C. meant Chronic Chaos. I explained that to someone that asked me about it, while reviewing my files. When I explained, he laughed and called me Loki. I developed a bond with this person and accepted the nickname as a way to honor him in my life. This is not uncommon for me. My handwriting which is considered ‘fancy’ by most. It is full of influences from throughout my life. The way I sign the C of my first name, the loops on my letters, the way I write the date out at the beginning of my letters. It is all influenced by people that helped to shape me into the person that I am. What many see simply as letters on a page, it actually is a life story. The nickname is simply an extension of that. Mr.Pig is the name of the pig that I one day hope to have. Why? I really can not tell you. One day I just decided that I need to get me a pet pig. A pink one! I will name him Piggy Pig, though call him Mr.Pig for short. The Adventures of Loki and Mr.Pig is about the journey we take together.

Mr.Pig is a motorcycle loving, Budweiser drinking, Ms.Piggy chasing big. I really don’t know where he gets these traits from. At times he can be a bad influence on me. Everytime he sees a woman with a nice butt, he will oink and spin in circles. His antics stemming from his appreciation for the beautiful design of a well shaped bottom on a woman. It gets us into some tense situations with jealous boyfriends. It seems I always get blamed for his behavior. Just because I ride a motorcycle, drink Budweiser and the songs Honky tonk ba donka donk,Baby Got Back and Fat Bottom Girls all act as quasi-anthems for me. It does not mean that I have influenced such refined taste that Piggy Pig shares with me. He just so happens to be a naturally distinguished fellow such as myself. It is why we make such good friends.

The Adventures of Loki and Mr.Pig is not all humor. Though the humor in it, can at times be politically incorrect. If you are a person that is easily offended and hyper sensitive, this story might not be for you. It will have some mature themes. I write it as I would a novel. I will at times mention names of various characters. Some are from people in my life. Though the situations will be fictional. Any parts that happen to match a real life event for someone reading this. It is purely coincidence! Again , it is a fictional story! If I mention someone’s full name, then I am intentionally trying to bring attention to them. They are someone that is or has heen on death row with me or an author or singer that I like.

A chapter will be posted once a month. I hope that you enjoy this purely fiction story with all its crude humor, wild antics and adventures of Loki and Mr. Pig.