Loud & Clear: These people

This is the last blog written by Clinton, just days before his conviction was vacated on September 22th

-Team Saveaninnocentlife

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear
Topic: These people
Date: September 19th, 2021

Greetings! Hope all is good out there. In here I have been getting a little bit of rec each week. With the governor of Texas taking $250 million from the already struggling TDCj, I think will be even more struggles going forward. Greg Abbott wants to use the funds for border security. I read it is for 10 miles of fence. Texas has a southern border of like 1200 miles. Not sure what 10 miles of fence will do. Though I am sure I know what prison will be like with 250 million less dollars. It damn sure will not be a safer place for prisoners, guards and society that depend on prison security to keep people from escaping or hurting people inside the prison. Last prison security more border security. Huh.

A while back I wrote about what all the overtime guards had to do. I mentioned that one day a guard will fall asleep at the wheel and get someone killed. A month or so ago it happened. Guard was killed, as was people in the other car he hit, when he fell asleep after working 15 to 16 hours straight. From 1980 to 1999 I do not think one guard was killed. Might have been one. From the last 20 years, four have been killed. I wonder how many staff was attacked from 1980 to 2000 and how many has been attacked, raped etc. in the last 20 years?

The case Robert was blamed for I think happened in 1999 maybe, I forgot. So, might have been one in previous timeline and three in current. I wonder how many prisoners were pronounced dead at the hospital, but were labeled ‘unresponsive’ when the ambulance picked them up. Which means they were dead at the unit but were not pronounced officially until they got to the hospital. I think that would be a great project for the media. Maybe it will take another mass escape and murderers to get the powers that be to re-evaluate the broken way they operate the system.

I want TDCj to be able to have an environment where people can change and become better people that cannot happen with the band-aids being applied and the way they operate on the edge of disaster if TDCj has not become such masters at controlling the media in Texas. Would be more scandals. How most of that have been in the media is due to Kerri. Though it took an ex-con from New York to shine a light and make some changes. Thankfully on this unit is a ward that actually gives a damn about trying to help men change their lives. He has instituted more faith-based programs. I am not the most religious guy, but I support it as I know it will help people. It is helping, as some that were trapped in a cycle of negativity are breaking that cycle. He gave them a chance and treated them like a normal human being.

It is amazing that they then started to act like human beings should. Most on other units though do not give a damn, because the system does not give a damn and the state does not give a damn. Most are also too cowardly to attempt to do something more. Most feel if they just stick to the outdated way of doing things, then if something happens, it’s not on them. Blame visitors for contraband. Place new rules on pictures and magazines. Yeah I don’t think that is helping anything. Things would change if more knew how bad it really was.

There is 1000 people in Harris County waiting on trial that are charged with capital murder. Meaning they face death or life. This is 1 county in Texas, out of over 200 counties. So it is possible there is 2 to 3000 all over Texas waiting to be sentenced under capital murder. Think about that. Look up statistics of those already locked up serving life. In 10 years it will be that damn near 30% of TDCj will be serving life. How is that sustainable? How can they justify keeping so many locked in seg, which requires so much more staff? People on death row are in seg for up to 21 years already. Many going crazy, so crazy they will not be able to be executed. One dude that was cool, he is punching himself now. Another who was liked by all is talking about people trying to watch him and mock him in private moments. Is couple others that went crazy some years ago. A guy just recently threw water at me, that supposedly hit an officer. He told everyone he done it, because I was trying to rape him! I’m locked in a cell! Now he was already crazy, but fact is being here in this cell made him much worse over the last five years or so. I have had guys I am friends with tell me in secret, that this place is starting to get to them. No one wants to appear weak, so they hold it in. I have not been writing much because this place is really fuckin with me also.

It is aggravated by people I should be able to depend on, not properly helping me or bullshitting and etc. I have a chance to leave here, better than most. Though this place due to being locked in this bitch ass box so much. I don’t want to begin to write about what’s gone through my mind. I truly believe in security housing unit syndrome now. Thankfully I’m smart enough that I can recognize this problem period, not everyone can though. Now if it isn’t bad enough, word is TDCj will be changing the visitation plan to make death row visits stay only on Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday night. (look, if it wasn’t for me talking to the ranks here and pointing some things out, we would not have had Saturday visits recently. At least until COVID restrictions were lifted, not sure how they would have done it once lifted. But at first we wasn’t getting them.) They are trying to go by COVID visits, where many people were not even getting visits due to how it was only one hour. To judge traffic based on that is flawed. Plus people are not getting special visits and etc right now. Now if it stays at Tuesday and Thursday. OK special visits are supposed to be back to back. So they gonna take away special visits? They refused to allow death row and seg to get video visits. D.R cannot have access to the offender telephone system. (Which actually policy only says no security detention. We are not that. That is restrictive housing and such.) You know, a guy can rape 3 little girls repeatedly and get Jessica’s Law life without parole. Or a guy can burn down a daycare full of little kids and get eight life without parole sentences. A liberal DA gives him life instead of death. Those two kinds of people will enter the system and be classified as G3 and get video visits, contact visits, telephone daily, group rec, religious services and etc. Yet people come to death row due to the law of parties and get stuck in a box for 20 plus years. That makes no damn sense.

Back to visit issue. Now if someone on D.R, just because they are on death row. Their family our friend if they want to have a special visit will have to pay for an extra motel room and daily rental car fees. As well have to stay from Tuesday till Thursday. Three days and two nights versus two days and one night. Plus is no way can do all the death row visits in just two week days with regular schedule. They don’t have staff as it is. I understand they want to expand visit for general population due to video visits and such. They got to use phone everyday and could video visit in other areas of the prison. More so since they only do three to five video visits at a time. They also have better access to more space to visit, have contact visits and also get Sunday visits. Many guys down here have family members that work Monday to Saturday. The death row plan says we get visits on certain days. So will they change the death row plan? Texas law says we get visit. TDCj is not using a reasonable standard, as they are placing a greater burden on our family and friends. That is not the least restrictive manner.

Also being that executions are during weekdays. I guess the administration wants to make a circus of all that. I guess they want all those general population visits seeing our family cry as they are leaving etc. There is a reason why the visit schedule has always been the way it is during weekdays for death row. Saturday night was put in place because most people work weekdays and all other prisoners can have a weekend visit.

Anyways. These fuckin people, they want to sit up in their fake ass ivory tower and not give a fuck. Bobbi Lumpkin. Bryan Callier. Patrick O’Daniel. They don’t give a fuck who loses their minds. They don’t care what burden they place on people’s family. To all the future murderers out there. Do your murdering and raping in liberal counties, because if you do you’re murdering and raping in conservative counties the TDCj will put you on rec restriction!

These fuckin people.

I’m gone. Clinton.

P.S Oh I forgot. Also to you rapist and murderers, if you do your raping and murdering in a conservative county, that means you are so much more dangerous than the raper murderist from the liberal county. So TDCj will also put you on TV restriction! So if you want to watch yourself on Dateline, you better do your mass raping and murdering in liberal counties! That comes officially from Bryan Callier, Bobby Lumpkin and Patrick O’Daniels. Hey I don’t make the policy, I just quote it.

Will be back soon

In solidarity,
I remain

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