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Clinton Lee Young: Loud & Clear
Topic: Another thought
Date: June 30th, 2021

I heard DR will get 2 Zoom visits. If so, good deal!
I was thinking, as I tend to do when something came to mind. That usually happens when you think! The TDCj has came up with the 70% number for visits to get back to normal. The whole vaccine goal.
70% of the prison system does not even get visits each week. I would say that only 25% gets visits. Before the stimulus checks was given to people in prison. 60% of the prison population was indigent. (this number doesn’t match with death row as DR gets was more support than other classes of prisoners.) Okay, so with 60% indigent we can assume that an easy 70% doesn’t  get visits. More so since there is video visit and phones now. How in the hell is TDCj going to use visit to push people to get a vaccine. 65-75% of the prison doesn’t give a damn about a visit they can not have.
There are dudes that in general population that think that the vaccine has micro chip nano bits in it. I heard officers say this even. The mofo’s are smoking crack and eating dog food! If you are in the free and send someone in prison K2, please stop! The second hand smoke is making everyone lose their rapid ass minds! What is amazing is there are guys that will smoke K2, shoot up meth and have unprotected sex with prison punks. Yet they are scared of a vaccine. Really!? That’s wat puts the brakes on ya?! Look, the TDCj will have to come up with a plan B. Y’all gonna have to play to greed or need. Offer a month of free calls, extra visits like get 2 a week for a month or 4 hour visits for family members that would not normally qualify. Tell dudes on G5 of level 2 or 3 they can move up to G4/G3 if they get the vaccine or back to level one if they get at least one shot. If a dude is G5 and he got those stimulus checks. He has months of commissary restriction. He can not spend it. He will be stuck out for 1-2-3 months at times. If TDCj goes to a G5 with lots of restriction or such and says: “Look, get the shot. We will remove all restriction and put you on G4/G3.”
That would push you guys to get it. That is a major carrot to hang in front of a person. To those not hip. G5 is closed custody.

When not in restriction, they can only spend 25$ every two weeks. So to remove the restriction and put them on G4. They then can spend up to 60$ and I think have access to the offender telephone system. (DR and Ad seg doesn’t have access to it.) G5, G4 up to G1 is a custody level.
Being these dudes have money where as the before didn’t. Once they get off G5 and able to use the phone and talk to people. They might chill and break the cycle of messing up and rioting with their homeboys. For others the extra video visit time or free phone time and such. Might be a carrot for them. The G5 idea would impact maybe 20-30 people per unit at least that would go for it. Maybe more depending on who all got the stimulus checks. Some of these dudes with money now, could get up a custody and then get into the craft shop now and be able to order the supplies for leather work and etc. I would say if the TDCj said get at least one shot. Many would go for some reward and privileges gained. As everyone is scared of the second shot it seems. I didn’t want to get that sick feeling again, more so since I had anti bodies as I had covid already. I am glad I took the second shot though as it now gives me room to raise hell about all this. 🙂 Anyways.

Maybe someone will think something based off my idea. The G5 idea would serve multiple goals. Dudes would see it as a clean slate on G4 and a chance to get to G3 quicker. Maybe times when dudes get knocked down the custody levels. They just get trapped. The removal of commissary and other restrictions doesn’t hurt TDCj any. As chances are they will have a chance in the near future to put many back on it. I figure it would be better if guys are 35% covered by the vaccine then 0%. So even if they only take one shot. It is better than nothing. Just my thoughts.

On the tablets. TDCj has approved the JPay tablets. Curious to see who all gets them. Ad seg level one and DR get radios, like the rest of prison. TDCj has never sold TV on commissary which really makes NO sense. If radio was just invented today, would TDCj not allow DR and Ad seg level one to have them? Death row has its own operational plan. No where in it even with the work program suspended does it say DR cant have TV.

TDCj just doesn’t give it to us based on how Ad seg is treated. Though, Ad seg restrictive housing as it is now known. They are there for punishment, regardless of what TDCj calls it. They have a way top work out of that housing, we do not. We are not supposed to be excluded from things as we get 95$ spend for commissary just as G1 gets. We are only ‘housed’ in this manner for so called dangerousness. Okay, that doesn’t mean to be deprived of privileges. It is supposed to be about containment, not punishment. The TDCj should allow DR and restrictive housing level ones to have the tables. More so since there is such staff shortages and many places can not get rec. Shall see how it all goes.

Anywho. There is my ideas for the vaccine and such. At the least DR should go back to visit as normal as we are over 70%  and can not have contact visits. At the least allow those that are fully vaccinated to have visits. Prison by its nature is supposed to be a reward and punish facility. There has to be a reward for a desired outcome. I do not advocate punishment for not taking a vaccine. As we are all set at a level due to pandemic. Offer more for those that do what is desired by the system. I’m just saying.
But hey! What do I know.

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