Loud & Clear: The b/s never ends

Clinton Lee Young: Loud and Clear

Topic: The b/s never ends

Date: June 27th 2021

As heat rises, so does staff shortages. Now there has been a couple days that we missed rec and shower. While I had hope some emotional/mental relief would be on the way by normal visit schedule. The TDCj never fails to prove that Nietzsches declaration was prophetic. “Hope is but a waking dream, for it prolongs the torment of man.” 

While the rest of the state of Texas is wide open. The Executive Dictator of the TDCj waved his fascio and decreed that I can not see my mother for 2 hours behind glass. The only way I can see her for longer then 1 hour, after her 3.5 hour drive to get here, is if 70% of the staff and prisoner population are vaccinated. 

Never mind that I have been fully vaccinated. My mother has to travel a combined 7 hours and sit at the unit for 1-1.5 hours just to see me for 1 hour instead of two hours. All because at least 20% more of the prison population at this unit does not want to get vaccinated. Never mind that these other people in prison will not be sitting in the booth with me. Death row is the only portion by law allowed visit. We are at 70%. Though must be held to the mercy of guys who are allowed to use the phone all day every day and get video visits. Their family doesn’t have to drive 7+ hours. They can have video visits. Yet we must be held to the mercy of others who enjoy privileges we are denied. 

There is only, as of June 25th 2021. 4 units at over 70% vaccinated. Those units are all small units with older people held there. None of the large maximum-security units was listed. Word is this unit is at 45-50%. While frustrated and voicing such. I understand the TDCjs desire to have as many people vaccinated as possible. Look, I get it 100%. I do not disagree with that goal. The problem is that people in prison are by nature distrustful of the people holding them captive. Some black guys, for example, are put off from getting the vaccine because of the historical record of the government abuse towards minorities w/medical experiments. Add, how in the past, people in prison was used to test out medications for pharma companies. 

I am shocked ANY unit is at 70%. I did not want to get it. Initially, I was only going to take the 1st shot and refuse the second. Hey, I don’t trust these white folks either! ☺ Though I decided at the last moment to go ahead and and get it. Only because I wanted to be able to voice my complaints in just this kind of situation. The better metric for TDCj would be the number of positives cases on a unit. That or the % of people fully vaccinated and % with at least one shot. For example 50% fully vaccinated with additional 10-20% having at least one shot. That would be a more plausible goal to reach. As some guys would maybe take at least one shot. If they knew that would not be forced to take the second. (They have been using Pfizer and Moderna.) I have not seen medical staff come around and ask anyone that had initially refused, if they want the shot yet. 

Look, recently there was an advertisement in the USA Today. It was a cover sheet made to look like a real front page of the paper. It was advertising the show Sweet Tooth about the hybrid kids. On the cover was a image of a nursery with a baby with bat wings. Guys in here thought that was a real picture! Being that COVID 19 came from bats supposedly. The thought was that the vaccine was causing hybrid bat babies! Now just how in hell are you going to get someone that believes such a thing to get a vaccine!? There was several someones that believed that ad was real life!

Maybe if the TDCj offers the Johnson and Johnson and explains was no adverse cause of effects on any men. Now people are hearing on the news that Pfizer can cause heart inflammation in young men. TDCj is setting impossible goals. While talking sh*t, I do get the Directors concerns. They just got to alter their goals some to reach a plausible milestone. (Plus I had to exhibit my famous wit + sarcasm. ☺) Given that this unite for example has such a high staff turnover rate. Plus prison by its very nature has a fluid population. People come and go. Some go home, some to other units. New people come in. How is 70% going to be measure effectively when there is such a fluid populace? A TDCj officer can refuse a vaccine, leave work and go to a strip club in Texas with no mask on. Yet I can not see my mother for 2 hours after having to drive 3.5 hours for a NON contact visit? This sh*t gotta make sense some how. 

Veni Vidi Vici

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I remain,

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