Loud & Clear: The world turns

Clinton Lee Young Loud & Clear
Topic: The world turns
Date: Sept 16th, 2020

Things about the same around here.
The word is that group rec has been approved. Supposedly want to wait until after Covid. This makes no sense as in general population, 30 to 50 people can be in a rec area.Which is okay. Though they are saying three can’t back here? Half the time cannot get wreck. It’s done at least two person group wreck to start, it would help greatly. All would have to do is cut costs slot into section gate. This way after brought out cell, officer can close gate, remove cuffs and then the guy walk to the room, open door and enter, then close the door. Go get the next guy and repeat steps. Start at with two during Covid for social distancing and also allows officers to get accustomed to it. Then can bump up to three people later. Also just put a cuff slot on the outside rec door. Each pod could be fixed up in a day. On a previous blog, I kind of jumped ahead a bit. I shouldn’t have posted that he agreed yet. When I learned that he had filed with appeals court. I wasn’t given complete picture. The DA filed that the claim should be authorized. Which means returned to lower court. I didn’t want to get ahead of him talking to families. Though all know what end result will be.
Anywho. Is some rumor that will be back to letting us make a call here and there. I don’t plan to hold my breath and wait on it. Just do not understand why TDCj will not get tablets, namely GTL as it allows video visit on it. But JPay 5 would work. Also supposedly the Covid quick tests are about to be made easier to obtain. TDCj could just invest in some. When cannot see past oppression, hard to develop.

My heart goes out to all that have dealt with fire, floods, and explosions in recent weeks.
Let your worst day be yesterday, so that your best day can be tomorrow.

Take care, smile, & strive for all you desire.
Veni, Vidi, Vici
In solidarity I remain,

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