Loud & Clear: My new appeal

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Topic: My new appeal

Date: Sept. 10th, 2020

I received, via JPay, the article the Midland newspaper did on my new appeal.

It is dated Sept. 7th 2020, the article that is. Everyone reading this can go to Midland Reporter Telegram site or mywesttexas.com. Which is the news site for the newspaper & TV station. The article in question can be read.

In it the county attorney seemingly defends his opinion that was given to the Judge.

First off. Words matter.

#1. Ralph Patty was NOT a county attorney as Mr. Malm described him. Mr. Malm is a county attorney. Ralh Petty was a district attorney. They are not the same.

The opinion Mr. Malm gave to Judge Hyde back in 2002 was in itself flawed. As is the way he details the matter to the newspaper. Here is the simple basic facts.

Ralph Petty, I will working as a DA, cannot work as a law clerk in any form. Doesn’t matter if it is after hours, or on Sundays. The Texas code of criminal procedure article 2.08 reads as follows – (a) District & county attorneys shall not be of counsel adversely to the state in any case, in any court, nor shall day after cease to be such officers, be of counsel adversely to the state in any case in which they have been of counsel for the state.

The law clearly states that a prosecutor, cannot, put himself in a situation, where he can act adversely to the state. If someone is a law clerk assisting & advising a judge. It is presumed that they have to act fairly & objectively. They can’t favor either side. As is expected from a judge. If a person holds a position associated with an office. That person is held to the same standards. I.e.: a law clerk is to operate with the same ethics as a judge. Plus a judge cannot sit on a case, where he is directly connected by employment or such to another party in the case. A law clerk works directly for the judge. The judge cannot then preside over a case where that, just say former law clerk, is now acting as a prosecutor.

Given that Ralph Petty was an ADA, he could not then also be a fair law clerk. As if he followed the law, then he would never advise the judge against the states interest.

Therefore, as a DA he could not be a law clerk. As a law clerk he could not be a DA.

Plus law clerk would fall under Judicial Branch, as working for the judge.

The attorneys are part of the executive branch of government. Every child in school is taught the basic format of the United States government. There are three coequal branches that act as checks & balance. Executive, judicial, & legislature. They must operate separately of each other. As a result it really is elementary. Someone working for executive branch cannot then work for judicial branch.

As that creates a breakdown of the basic foundation of our style of government. So by 3 ways Mr. Malm was wrong.

His advice to Judge Hyde back then should have been “the executive branch can not be employed by the judicial branch.”

Though I appreciate the error in his 2002 opinion.

If a judge was a lawyer for a law firm, say some big international firm. If that judge left the firm & got on the bench. Then at a later date that law firm has lawyers working on a case in that court. The judge would have to recuse himself. As it is important that no question of favoritism or such into the court.

Our adversarial system that is how we do criminal cases.

The integrity of it is maintained by the judge, whom is supposed to be the fair observer that makes sure the law is followed & disputes settled without bias.

So there is the fourth reason why Mr. Malm got it wrong. Now my appeal is not about him. He is not under attack by my lawyers. His letter is just an exhibit to show how far back the problem went. Plus to show that while he did at least inform the judge that the ADA Petty cannot work on the same cases. The judge & ADA Petty did not follow that advice.

Yes the other people refused to talk to the media, so they had to go ask Mr. Malm who is the county attorney. 

He had no role in my trial. He done nothing to harm me.

The judge & ADA Petty & DA Schorre knew what they was doing was wrong.

The media attention to my appeal has me frustrated, & highlights away a lawyer dropped the ball. As my appeal could have been so much more. There was a great deal more information that could have been included in the rent. As shocking as that appeal is, it is nothing compared to what it should have been. Which would have brought me way more media attention. One of my lawyers prevented me from being able to fight my fight. I still haven’t gotten a clear answer as to why what I wanted done, was not done.

I really hate having to depend on other people.

There’s all kinds of new developments where a DA investigator had someone sign a false affidavit & another guy, he added a paragraph to the statement which was false & did not reflect the persons words. Then he had the statement notarized by someone who did not even witness the signing. Which that also is illegal. One of the codefendants before my trial gave the DA a different version of the crime.

The wind they started talking, another DA that was in the room got up & walked out. She is the one that didn’t questioned the codefendant on the stand in my trial. 

This way she was not directly aware of what all he said supposedly. Allowing her to operate on the so-called belief that his testimony did not conflict with his prior statements.

She could also question Page about his gloves & allow him to say they was work gloves. Which forensics show that was a lie & he admitted he lied about the gloves.

Also the DPS lab expert. When they first got the evidence from the crimes. He looked at the gloves & then called the head DA & told him ‘hey just so you know, these gloves are brand new.’ He wanted to convey that info, as DNA testing was required & they was going to have to cut on them gloves.

Because of this stuff, the head DA had the assistant DA question Page on the stand. This way she can have deniability when it came to false testimony.

The comments about the gloves was never included in the DPS labs official reports.

Plus the DA never informed my lawyers before or during my trial. ADA Ralph Petty also later tried to get the Texas DPS lab expert to sign an affidavit about GSR, based on facts that Petty outlined was not supported. By the trial record.

Basically ADA Petty attempted to get a Department of Public Safety lab expert, to sign a false affidavit.

The DPS guy refused to even answer Pettys email.

At least someone has integrity.

This affidavit attempt was in 2017 when my lawyers was fighting my execution.

So not only did the new Midland DA withhold the admissions by Page until after my stay of execution. The other ADA tried to get a false statement to counter my Gun Shot Residue testing reports. Then add in ADA Petty was also working for the Judge that was dealing with my proceedings pertaining to the execution date.

So Nodolf withheld Pages new confessions. Petty sought a false statement & was working as DA & judge clerk.

All of that around my execution date.

They was trying to murder me. Plain & simple.

I noticed the Midland Newspaper never mentioned anything about the current DA withholding critical information as I waited to be executed.

These people was doing all of this shit. From start to finish, it was all done to accomplish ONE goal.

Every false statement, false testimony, hidden plea bargains, intimidation of witnesses. ADA Petty working for Judge & giving secret information my lawyers filed to the DA. Withholding evidence, on & on. From before trial through my trial up until I had an execution date. It was all done by no less than 6 members of the prosecution office. There was but ONE single objective to accomplish. That singular goal was that I be murdered by the state. That was the driving force behind all they done. THAT is what the media should be pointing out. It all was not to keep me in prison. No, it was all to KILL me.

Midland County plain & simple was trying to murder me. When you follow the law & secure a death sentence. It is an execution. When you break the law, so as to secure a death sentence & bring about the execution of a person. It is an illegal act. Thus it would be murder.

5 prosecutors & a DA investigator tossed out their oath of office, ethics, & the law. Just so that they could accomplish an execution.

This is not about one rouge prosecutor. It was systematic through that office. Prosecutors are always quick to get some quack on the witness stand to call a defendant a sociopath.

Their actions make it clear that we don’t need any DSM 5 to diagnose them. 

If I would have been,  say, mentally retarded or close to it, so that I couldn’t learn & fight for myself. They would have killed me. More so with the lawyers I had on my first state appeals. We can’t forget the crack smoking investigators that falsified statements, which my first State writ of Habeas Corpus was built upon. Thus denying me one of my initial state appeals. There is two.

Direct appeal & state writ of habeas corpus.

One deals with matters contained within the trial record. The other deals with matters outside of the record, such as what should have been apart of the trial but wasn’t.

Not only did these Das do all this stuff. Because Petty & the judge had this relationship also during my appeal proceedings.

I was denied any fair appeals.

As the same DA that handled my appeals was one working for judges.

The evil bastards tried to murder me by all the misconduct at trial. Then to cheat & stack the odds against me. The DA & judge continued their coalition throughout my appeals.

All the felonies the prosecutors committed in my case. None was charged for any crime, nor will they be.

You know the real insult to injury on all this? Oh it can get worse!

Them rotten scoundrels added up the total cost of my trial & state level appeals to over $293,000. They then places that bill on my inmate trust fund account for TDCJ (my commissary account).

Where they granish a percentage of the funds anyone sends me. Basically making my loved ones pay for my injustice. As I cant work, so have to depend on people helping me.

So not only did they do all their misdeeds. They are making me pay for it.


Till next time. Take care & strive for all you desire.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

In solidarity I remain,

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