Loud & Clear: Almost there.

Clinton Lee Young: Loud and Clear
Topic: Almost there
Date: September 7th 2020

To begin with: i haven’t written much as of lately. I have been frustrated about many things. Not getting visits, with no change in sight of that.
Can not even get rec like supposed to. I have only been out of this cell 3 or 4 times in 2 months.
Federal prisons are going to allow visits in October, though i don’t know if TDCj will. There is no reason for them not to. Though people just aren’t raising enough hell.
All the prison systems has already been infected with Covid-19. Is no harm in opening back up.
Jpays was moving good, but seems last week they went back to shit for me at least. I talked to other guys and they have had problems.
The talk of tablets. It seems those will be only for video visits.
There seems to be a great deal of confusion with all of that. I asked someone to email TDCj to find out officially with everything.
Hey also, if you order pictures from Shutterfly or Snapfish.com, be sure to select the FedEx or UPS option. As we have to sign for those, versus if it is just regular postal service USPS. UPS and FedEx are private companies,
so anything delivered via them, we have to actually sign for it.
It just helps to make sure a person gets it. An extra step, if ya will.
It seems that there is a small chance i will not be going back to Midland in October. Not exactly sure as i write this blog.
One day it will be that i will never have to worry about this stuff anymore.
I am almost there!
How can i almost be there if i am going to maybe not be going back to Midland in October?
Well it is simple. The prosecutors agreed i deserve a new trial. 🙂
This is about the Judge paying the prosecutor for work and such.
It seems that was just too much.
The false affidavits, hidden plea deals, false testimony, failure to investigate crime scenes, all forensics clearing me, co-defendants bragging about getting away with murder, no fingerprints or DNA of mine at the crime scens, and all the rest of the stuff. None of that was enough.
FINALLY something was enough. It took the break down of the system that our country is built upon to finally be enough.
The ole straw that broke the camels back.

Ya know, I might get me a pet camel. Name it Humpty Hump.
I do not know if you all noticed or not, though i don’t put much effort into pet names. 🙂

As for the agreement of new trial. I have known for a couple of weeks now.
Just didn’t publically post anything, as wanted to give the prosecutor time to notify the victims family.
See the real evil in all that the prosecutors in Midland done.
They lied to the victims families. One DA was so obsessed with getting a death penalty conviction. He really sold his soul to do it.
Like i wrote them when i first got here. I was never going to come down here and accept this bullshit. As i said many times. They are not going to get to watch Clinton Young die on his back.
One of the driving forces for me, was to make sure that it never came that i be strapped to a gurney. Then have to look up and see that piece of shit DA looking down at me with his ole bullshit ass grin.

Part of the reason i put so much online about my case. Beyond wanting to get people to help. I wanted the families to know i didn’t do it.
The DA that was over my trial. He tossed out all the rules, ethics, law, and etc. to take my life. All because he wanted to obtain a death sentence. He had tried 7 times before and all 7 times the juries gave life.
So he went all out with my case. In doing so he gave a false sense of justice to the families.
The fight isn’t over with yet. Now i have to switch to raising funds so that i can have a top of the line defense for a new trial.

The fight goes on.

In August my mind was so consumed with the appeals and such, i was not very productive. It came to be that i allowed books to distract me.
I read the first 5 books in the Game of Thrones series, first 3 books from the Norseman saga, then parts of several other books.
Finally got my book finished. Just need to go over it one more time to make sure all is in order.

While i haven’t been blogging. I have had postings put on the social medias for my foundation. facebook.com/clintonyoungfoundation or Instagram page. By following those can keep up with faster updates.
I am writing more, so have some overdue letters to get done.
When i have a more percise understanding of all that is going on.
Will have it posted about.
Thats all for now.

Veni, Vini, Vici.
In solidarity,

Clinton Lee YOUNG #999447
D.R- Polunsky Unit
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