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Topic: Tired of this sh*t

Date: June 28th 2020

It seemed that the DA was trying more b/s. Not sure if they will or not try to delay more. Is surely no reason to.

No matter though other things are still being worked on by my team. As stated, when filed will post it.

They still have not decided as to when will start back up visits. I spoke to a rank and discussed a viable plan to make it work. Couple weeks ago had the idea posted about putting the testing machine in at the unit to test guards and visitors.

I know it is a stretch that it would happen, though it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try something!

Also they decided to be sadistic in the era where the world is screaming for criminal justice reform and better treatment. They stopped allowing phone calls for those that can’t access the offender telephone system. Ie G5 closed custody, ad-seg, death row, and such.

Got little youngsters from the suburbs getting shot up with rubber bullets and tear gas.

Maybe TDCJ wants that to go on inside the system.

This sh*t is getting old real fast.

We don’t even get contact visits, so the covid 19 is not even an issue. Now they have seriously been trying to sort out a plan. Though my position is that based on the, ya know, LAW they should have never halted death row visits. People didn’t know about code of criminal procedure 43.17 until I started ranting about it. Now could TDCJ have modified visit for safety reason? Yes, of course they could. That means masks, hand sanitizer, and less traffic. Though the blanket ban was wrong. More so that now they are going forward with executions.

Plus really to be honest. This unit has been doing good at containing the spread. Other units are on fire with corona. Though here has only been a couple cases for men in prison and 8 guards I think.

They need to step up spraying bleach on door handles and such as been slacking some back here with that.

Plus they need to put a TDCJ bottle of hand sanitizer in each areas control picket.

When they came through and tested everyone for corona virus. They squirted hand sanitizer on my hands. When I was rubbing my hand together I could small how strong it was. I bet it is way better than what the officers bring from home.

So that needs to be in the kitchens, control pickets, and other high traffic areas. The guards are having to wear more effective KN95 masks. Add in the TDCJ hand sanitizer, up spraying of bleach, and they need to stop allowing guards to wear gloves they bring from home. As they don’t throw those away. They touch multiple things and put in their pocket, only to pull out and reuse later. TDCJ provides plastic gloves and latex. Strong hand sanitizer and those gloves would work to help reduce spread.

Now for you all that been reading my blogs for a while. Who has constantly been ranting about how little TDCJ focuses on proper cleaning? Who said repeatedly! a virus was going to hit, bouncing around and impact guards more who then would take it home?? Ah, I do believe yours truly has repeatedly blogged on such a matter!

But hey, what do I know.

Also they are supposed to start in August making it so that if a person is not on someone’s list and call list, they can not transfer money to the Inmate Trust Fund account. Death row doesn’t get the 20 person phone list, so we are limited and can only change visit list every 6 months. I am discussing various ideas to see how they can do something to not punish death row further, for the simple fact we are stuck in this environment due to their refusal to give us what we should have.

Lately they been short of staff, so haven’t been able to operate recreations. At least we are getting showers.

Then to the damn cake I got a disciplinary case!

I got wrote up and punished for something that I have no control over.

See we are not able to get access to the barber due to social distance stuff. (Hey this lady pointed out to me how in the films there is all these different hair styles I got going on 🙂 ha Tryin to get the most out of it as I am losing it!)

Anyways, back to this bullsh*t disciplinary case.

Okay so I had cut my long hair all the way off. As a few months ago I was going to start getting Use Of Forces if some stuff went south for me. I cut my hair all the way off, so the officers couldn’t grab it to wrestle me down or bang my head off the floor. Things worked out so that plan was scrapped. I thought I was going to get messed on something I didn’t do, but the truth prevailed!

Anyways, so with no access to the barber. My hair was growing back out. Plus my beard was getting a bit unruly. So I take a razor and knock it down real low. Cleaned it up real good. My goatee area is just a width of a small travel comb longer than the rest of it. Then I shaved half my head and faded the top part in. The top of my head hair is as long as the comb is thick, so real low. It had been a while since I gave myself a fade. I did bad ass. Well I get all cleaned up. Next day here an officer comes with a damn disciplinary case!

Get a knock on the door with a “Young, got a disciplinary case on you.”

So I jump off the bunk, “what the F**K I do!?”

Told me I had a case because it was against the rules to be this damn handsome! 🙂 haha

Guilty! I pled, for the first time in my life. 🙂 haha

I know, I am so witty and clever!

Look be honest with my blogs you laugh, cry, get mad – be it at other or at me. You can feel what I feel when you read my words.

I know some of my recent blogs haven’t been the best. Though the country has been in turmoil. Plus when I seen the US go on lockdown, I knew chaos would eventually take place. I wrote to Merel, my mom, and sister about it. Even wanted Merel to leave the Austin area and go stay with my mom or sister. I knew the US would be a powder keg waiting to explode, just needed something to ignite it. Which is why I was stressing so much listening to the news. As I know how fast rumors spread and outlets twist stuff. Which then would cause people to lash out more. 

The George Floyd murder became that spark. Thankfully the Austin area was not that bad w/ riots and such. They mainly focused on the police. The police are supposed to be trained and sign up to deal with chaos. I hate to see innocent people caught in the middle of anything. Be it the baby killed in the car seat in Chicago. He was caught in the cross fire of gang violence. To the woman who called 911 in Fairfax Virginia and the 911 operator actually told her the police would not be responding, as she pleaded for help and her child cried. This is the United States of America! It should never be that way. Babies should not be shot and civilians should never feel helpless and abandoned by the system. The system has long came up short for us that have fallen into it. The way prosecutors have been given free reign, judges favoring one side over the other, police and correction officers acting like a gang at times. The system gets stacked. Us outlaw, gangsters, and the sort. We expect the system to work against us. Though the police are supposed to be that thin blue line between chaos and order.

Some of the hardest gangsters here I have spoken to. Not the types that was out raping, robbin’, and killin’ for drug money. But those that spent their life in gangs, been in the wars, and such. When this ‘defund the police’ talk came up. Hands down all said “That’s the stupidest shit I ever heard!” Reform the police? Hell yes! Better mental health and drug treatment? All day long! Better training and regulation for police and correction staff? Long over due!

One guy I kick it with. After he said it made no sense. He said ‘you know why?’ I knew why but for sake of conversation said ‘Why?’. He said ‘Because without the police people like us will take over’.

I just do not understand people that say 100% get rid of the police. Do they not understand how many street gang, prison gangs, motorcycle gangs, various mafias, drug cartels, and various kind of wanna-be terrorists are in this country? Not to mention the over 400 million guns! Which includes millions and millions of ghost guns. That guy that killed the cops in California recently. He was throwing bombs at the police! There are tyrants in this land. We need the police. Though we need professionals that follow the letter of the law. Not try to dance around based on the ‘spirit’ of the law. As that is when they blur that line and they become no better than the criminals they prosecute. 

I also agree that people in their community need to step up and be better custodians of their environment. Neighbors should know each other and support each other. Doesn’t mean that all have to agree and see eye to eye with each other. This is the USA, there should be a free flowing exchange of ideas. Each person should be able to have their voice. Though not try to shout down the next person. That when sharing a common space, they work together for the advancement of that space.

We shouldn’t be calling the police on our neighbor because their dog is barking at night. The police being called, because the people can’t speak. As the neighbors do not even know each other. There is a lot of problems that plague our society that are very simple to resolve.

I have noticed a big difference in other countries and many parts of the US. From the Netherlands I have had people write so often whose parents have been married for 20-30-50 years, or a couple married that long will write me.

That is so much rarer in the US these days.

Plus are more sociable in the Netherlands.

Texas for the most part is known for being a place with friendly people and such. People are always surprised when they move here. My point is, if as a society we treated each other better. If people would be more considerate of others and treat the individual with fairness. Then would not need the police as much.

I don’t have all the answers. There needs to be changes. Starting with the culture of police, feeling like they are warriors going into battle each day. When you step onto the streets with that attitude, it makes it easier to see each person as an enemy combatant. No, each person should be seen as a civilian who is protected by the US Constitution.

Force should only be applied to the point to gain compliance. Really if we stop using jails to warehouse the mentally ill and create more community treatment facilities. Then the police would not need to be called as much. It would free up 25% of their workload! Prison units could be shut down due to less being sent here. Hell there is like 4-5 guys on death row that stay at Jester 4. The TDCJ psych hospital. Another 4 or 5 here that could there! So is about 10 guys on death that the state will never kill. Not in this day in time. The last crazy guy to be killed was Kelsey Patterson. His execution shocked people. The parole board for clemency but Rick Perry rejected it because Texas didn’t have life without parole at the time. The catch was we didn’t have LWOP because Perry had JUST rejected the LWOP bill from becoming law. So it was his fault, at that time, Texas didn’t have it. The next session that came in LWOP passed and Perry signed it into law.

Texas has these guys just sitting here taking up space. Stuck in a cell. Like the guy from Bangladesh. I don’t know how to spell his name. He spent over 10 years straight at the psych ward. They brought him back over here. He was on the section I was in. All he would do is sit there and shake with his head tilted to the side and randomly yell out incoherent stuff. Back to Jester 4 he went. Never sees a lawyer, no action happens on his case. They just got him sitting here locked in a box with no real treatment.

Matter of fact, we need to figure out who he is and get some attention to it. As whoever has his case and the prosecutors. They need to be shamed!

Rabbi Randy knows his name, so I need to get it.

The lawyers and DA can go to parole board and file for clemency so he can get commuted to life. The death sentence makes it harder for TDCJ to treat him.

If criminal justice reform is being had in this country. Then it damn sure should include not killing severely mentally ill people who stay in a permanent state of psychosis. 

Last time he was on the section with me. The mental health lady was doing the usual bullsh*t checks they do each week for certain people. He was having an episode. Yelling random sh*t. “Grah! Yayaa!” and sounds like that. This b/s psych lady didn’t even go over there until me and another guy starting getting’ on her, about not going over there. She walked down there to his cell. She goes “you okay?” he yells out “aah, gnaha.” She said “Okay, I’ll see you next week” and walked off. I don’t, by personal philosophy, call a woman a bitch. Though that day, she got called everything but a child of god! Next time I seen her, she walked by while I was standing at the door. She asked “how you doing?” I responded with “Shut the fu*k up talking to me.”

Every time she walks by I just stare at her.

The other day as was walking by, she told the officer, “every time I walk by, he is standing at the door just staring at me.” She is clueless! and doesn’t even remember.

I truly DESPISE people that are in positions where they are supposed to help someone and they do nothing for the helpless. People act surprised I help others. I am strong enough to do so.

She doesn’t get it that I am taking note of who she talks to, her reaction, and what officers are with her.

As I know damn well she is doing what many have done and that is falsify the records.

Life is a battle field.

Anyways, this has gone on long enough. Way longer than I expected. I used to do song of the week. Going to start back with that. A good fit is a song by Five Finger Death Punch- Little Bit Off. I heard it for the first time on Friday.

It isn’t like their normal stuff, though I really like it.

I haven’t been in best mood lately. So it is a fitting song.

Alrighty then. Take care, smile, and strive for all that you desire.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

In solidarity,

I remain,

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