Loud & Clear: Pfff where to start?

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear
Topic: Pfff where to start?
Date: June 7th, 2020

In case people couldn’t notice.
I have been really aggravated as of lately.
Part of the reason is that with the Covid-19 lockdown. I knew the US was going to turn into a powder keg waiting to explode. I naturally stress over everything. Sitting in a cell is hell for me. As it makes me helpless. Everything starts to add up for me. I kind of lashed out in a previous blog. That was not fair of me.I am trying to get various projects going. Not getting word from people on stuff slows me down. Then having. Was having to, to fight to get my jpays. I didn’t get the jpays send to me from April 19th to April 27th. (I was missing 11 from that period. Only had gotten one or two.) I did not get them until June 4th! As of lately the mailroom is doing something different with jpays, so it seems to be working and appears that I am not missing any. I know the last 2 weeks of May I was not missing any.
That is good! Hopefully it stays on that trend.

Then waiting on my hearing, stressing over my next appeal filing being right, trying to get projects going, not hearing from certain people, since I was sick in February I have had a slight headache that frustrates me, not being able to get visits.. Then my country going up in flames. It all adds up.

I have to worry about Merel. Last thing I need is her getting caught up in the chaos that is the US.

Ya know, people never seem to fail to amaze me. Just like I had suspected though. I ended up getting some pictures of who first started breaking windows at the AutoZone in Minneapolis. There was a chain reaction. The amount of looting and fires around the US is truly sad. People hijacked a legit protest to rob, rape and kill. Even worse was the people that acted like it was okay. Ofcourse it wasn’t their homes and business being destroyed. Like the guy who is a sports commentator type of person, Chris Palmer.
He was posting about ‘burn it down’ when it was a low income housing complex going up in flames. Though when the rioters reached his area, he all of a sudden wants to call the police. Amazing how that works huh? Police brutality is a problem in the country that extends from the streets into the county jails and prisons.

I have often blogged about the woes of the police state.
One of the biggest problems that allows the abuse of power. It is that police have immunity. Prosecutors do not hold them accountable either. Also, when police and prosecutor mess someone over in a criminal case. The appeals courts do not hold them accountable. The way a court can punish a prosecutor is by reversing the conviction. However, it has gotten to be that as long is there is some sliver of evidence against a defendant. A prosecutor and police can do whatever they want. I have begged to get media attention on a series of cases to highlight this.      
The only mainstream reporter that seemed to actually focus on flaws of the prison system was Keri Blakinger. Though she has been in prison! Why does it always require some crazy ass event like a cop killing a guy before people get upset?
Everyone is speaking about reforms. Okay the most sure-fire way to get reforms is to remove the qualified immunity given to prosecutors and police. Make it so that the can be sued individually. Highlight the way Court of criminal appeals, circuit courts and US Supreme court have allowed police and prosecutors to get away with so much.
There is no case worse then mine in Texas when it comes to prosecutor misconduct. Hell, the police didn’t even investigate two of the crime scenes that was pivotal in my conviction.
One of the DA’s committed perjury and had witness lie under oath. The courts have acknowledged this, yet rejected my previous appeals.
The people given the power ignore the problem. The people that are supposed to be the checks and balance to this abuse. They help cover it up by rejecting appeals.

Those that then suffer at the hands of this abuse have no recourse. The state is executing people!
Yet an uproar doesn’t happen until it gets close to the execution date. It’s often too late then. We want the police to reform. Great. What about prosecutors, courts, jails and prisons?
Unarmed people get killed in jails and prisons all over the USA.
the cop that killed George Floyd. We recognize his evil.
Many have rightly called for his prosecution.
Also, they have called for the prosecution of the other cops.
I want people to calm down and think. One of the cops never touched George Floyd. He even asked that he be rolled over. He had only been a cop for 4 days. Yet people are calling for his head. It is better to call for him to get his job back and allow him to speak out against the brutality he witnessed. We can not be for the law of parties when we want to be and against it when we do not.
As the cop was only for the job for 4 days and twice spoke up. He could not legally force that evil pig to do anything. The law gives so much power to police! To those that read this and say “No, he needs to be prosecuted!”
I have two words for you. Randy Halprin.
People should not be punished for the conduct of another. More so when they did not directly help the crime take place.
They charged them cops that way to satisfy the prosecutors. No one that knows the law will honesty say that the other cops will all be convicted of that crime. No way!
There is too many laws on the books that protect the police!
Calmer heads should prevail. This cop who had only been on the job for 4 days. He thought enough to speak up against his mentor. That shows the guys heart was in the right place. He just didn’t know what to do. He was only on the job for 4 days and his mentor for 19 years!
I am not one to generally support the police. Though I am one to denounce the law of parties in all its forms. I am one to speak up for what is right and just. No matter who benefits..
Just as it was evil for that pig to kill George Floyd. It was evil also of those that used that as an excuse to harm innocent people. Amazing at the way people stood by and filmed the deaths of other human beings.
 Like what happened with David Doren, the older black dude that was a retired cop in St. Louis.
His murder was recorded on Facetime live. Other people beaten, robbed, raped and killed. All while a collection of other human beings stood by and watched. Some filming it to be posted on Youtube. Even worse is those that seem to justify and act as if this is okay.
I don’t care what your breed or creed is. I don’t care what your complaint is. At no point is it okay to hurt innocent people. It is sad. Truly sad. At one point everyone in the USA seen evil and truly 99% called it fo the evil it was. People were united in the need for change against police brutality. Then some decided it was an excuse to destroy the livelihood of others.
Ya know, we never have honest discussions in the US. We partition off specific claims for the day.
We point and scream at what has our emotions going.

In the US there was over 17.000 murders in 2019.
The statistics are on the FNI website. Just go see crime statistics. Also a Washington Post refers on police shootings. People were talking on the radio about the police shootings. 1004 people was killed by the police. 41 of them was unarmed. Though some of those unarmed was like one guy beating a female cop up and she shot him. That would be legally justified  by the law. Though in the discussion of these numbers. They said 10 million people was arrested last year. Why in the hell is there 10 MILLION ARRESTS?!
That makes no sense. When I heard these numbers I went digging in my 2020 Almanac. I look at the population of places like The Netherlands, UK, Germany, etc.
The Netherlands has more than 17million people. Last year they had what, 70 murders in the whole country? Baltimore. One US city had over 350 murders in one year. That is ONE city with less then 600.000 people in it.
Can take Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. combined. There is more murders then Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Spain together!
It is not a gun problem. A gun is an object. Yes, makes it easier. Though why do so many people in a country that so much of the world wants to come to. Why are so many so willing to take another human beings life? 17.000 murders. That doesn’t count in missing persons who are not yet determined dead and etc. On a Saturday I listened to the radio as the rocket launched US astronauts to space for the first time in 10 years, from US Soil. Go watch that space launch. After watching that, go look at the videos of people destroying cities. How can this country have such a spectrum?
In the newspaper that shows the article about the space ship docking with the International Space Station. There was a picture of Johanna Alarlan as she looked around her destroyed store named Honey Girl in Tennessee. Not even in Minneapolis! I understand burning police cars. Not saying should happen. Though the police car is owned by the government. The people can protest and rise up against the government. That is American as an Apple pie.  Though Johanna Alarlan wasn’t the police. Hell, she isn’t even white.
It’s just heartbreaking at how easy it seems that people can turn a blind eye to suffering of another. The police need to be held accountable. Prosecutors need to be taken to task. The Courts need to be made to be the checks and balance they should be. Though, we should also bring justice to the 100s of people like the owner of Honey Girl.
Johanna Alarlan didn’t kill George Floyd.

We need to also stop and breathe. Then try to figure out how a country that can put 2 men into space on a damn drone rocket. How can this country be so angry? How can it be so divided? Don’t blame Trump! We was divided before him and will be after him. Biden isn’t going to bring people together either. The pendulum will jut swing the other way.
I have long wrote about how it seems to be so easy in the US to just throw people away. So many with life sentences in prison. We can’t just blame the police. It can not be just racism or income inequality. Other countries in this world do not destroy the lives of other humans so easily.
I listenend to that space launch. Then at night I listened to the news reports of the cities going up in flames. It breaks the heart.
Even on death row, I still have love for Texas and the USA. Not the system that is abused by people entrusted to operate it. The spirit of Texas. The US is a blessed place to live. So many aound the world go through hell to get there. I value people from all walks of life. I genuinely enjoy people.
There are so many, no matter the breed or creed, that I share company with.

I just don’t understand how in a country of such greatness. Neighbors harbor so much hate for eachother. We don’t all have to think alike. God, it would be boring if we did.
There is nothing wrong with a free flowing exchange of ideas. It does not hurt one to be challenged on a belief. The ideals of one is not a threat to another.

We can not even agree to disagree anymore.
Jails, foster homes and morgues.

All full of people thrown away.
Long sigh. The world turns.

In solidarity

I remain.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
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