Loud & Clear: A world in flames

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear

Topic: A world in flames

Date: June 1st 2020

A crazy world we live in these days.

You know I often will add different twists to my blogs.

What has always amazed me is how little people comment on them when writing to me. At times I was left wondering if a certain blog was even posted. I know the cheese puff one was as people made comments about that. Though I guess it’s easy to talk about cheese puffs.

Yet nothing about media, politics etcetera. Though I understand generally do not like such topics.

Though the world now sees the great divide of the United States. Not just the race issues with police. The police state in general is a problem. 

The misconduct by police and prosecutors has gone unchecked for far too long, as it didn’t involve all people.

We know these problems that plague the system.

Here is the bigger question.

Why are so many people, NOT protestors, so willingly destroying the country the live in?

The country that everyone in the world wants to come to?

Why would so many people have so much hate for each other?

Who conveys information to the people? Who creates the idea of how a situation has taken place?

Why will so many people openly rob, attack others and set fires?

The country that allows the most opportunities.

Something to think about.

Sadly illegit protests are being high jacked by anarchists. 

Me and a guy here who is black. We were listening to a program and a reporter had caught an exchange of a black guy telling someone: “You white people aren’t welcomed here, this ain’t your space.” He said he wasn’t feeling that. The other guy here said that to me. That the black guy should not have said that tot hem others. I took up for the black guy and said: “Listen, that guy knows his neighborhood. He knows they don’t belong. Watch and see how shit starts.” 

Two days later he told me how I was right.

Little white dudes parking their BMWs, dressing in all black, talkin about how they are disenfranchised. Then throwing rocks and setting the community on fire. The very community they proclaimed to be speaking up for. 

Spoiled little brats trying to destroy the very land that allowed them to be spoiled. Being played by the wizard of Oz. 

The way information is relayed in this country. It keeps us versus them.

In the midst of chaos and so much destruction. Our so called leaders in the media and politics still keep operating from the same play book.

The root of it all is a piss poor education system that tells people what to think, instead of how to think.

Sadly, so many innocent people are going to suffer.

So many more poor people will suffer. As the businesses looted and burned. The wealthy own the stores, the poor work at them. Now they will be without a job.

Others that own a small café or small business that gets burned. Insurance does not cover riot damage!

It is heart breaking. There was a moment when everyone was talking about the same thing. The way the police killed a man.

People seen, ALL people seen. People that never suffered at the hands of police, they seen and was finally talking about police brutality.

Then the moment was dwarfed by those who wish to destroy.

Who drive into states and areas not of their own and steal, burn, same and leave the pain of loss behind. Many areas will never be the same, most will take 5-10 years to recover if ever.

One can only pray that the rest of us, can stop the worst of us, from destroying the best of us.

I am glad that people that never suffered from the criminal injustice system are seeing how it can be stacked.

Poor people, mentally ill, minorities. Worse if a mix of all three. 

However if the demons that seek to rip the fabric of America apart, keep us from focusing on the loose threads of our society. 

Then there will never be a chance at being whole.

It is easy to blame Trump and the twit-lit on twitter.

It is the entire political and media establishment in this country. 

The guys that started Black mask comics, he started the Occupy movement. The occupy Wall street movement that got lots of attention when them and 99%ers was doing protests some years back. He wrote a wonderful comic as one of his first issues.

It was about the Tea Party and occupy Wall street movement. 

How he seen them to be rivals. He thought of the tea party to be his enemy.

That is until he went to a tea party rally and seen they had the exact same signs he had. They was mad at the same issues he was mad at. 

He then illustrated the media coverage and how it was clear this idea of the tea party and occupy movement being bitter rivals and natural enemies. It was a false media construct.

The puppeteers of America have gotten what they want.

A society in flames.

No form of democracy has ever lasted for over 250 years.

The US is almost to that point.

Questions. What creates stereotypes? How does a person think someone else is a certain way, if they themselves never been around ‘those’ people?

What sources in the 80s, 90s and etcetera would give people a visual of others???

What convinced society we needed our police to be like militaries?

What caused people to support ‘tough on crime’ bills?

Why do people feel they NEED the death penalty?

What conveys this information?

Long sigh.

Fear its good for business.

May we see through the smoke and be able to reach a better future, less the flames burn us all up.

Take care, smile if can and strive for all that you desire.

Veni Vidi Vici

In solidarity

I remain,

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