Loud and Clear: Needed Changes

Clinton Lee Young Loud & Clear

Topic: Needed Changes

Date: May 28th 2020

Being that so many units are shut down due to the Corona. All of these prisoner rights groups, TIFA, anti-death penalty groups, and the family/friends of people locked up. Everyone should be working collectively towards encouraging TDCj to bring about the tablets that so many other states allow. The GTL tablet would be the most secure, as it allows unit activity. Such as filing grievances, commissary lists, and etc. Which means less contact between officers and people in prison. That means a more secure prison. Plus with law library on the tablet. TDCj could reduce law library staff. 

No telling how long this corona shit will last. Plus with the economic loss. It is a guarantee that TDCj will suffer additional budget cuts by the state. If ever was a time to get tablets it is now. Plus as I said before, a percentage of funds could go to Child Protective services, which will surely also suffer from this pandemic. More so with parents unable to properly take care of kids due to side effects of pandemic. It is only smart, but hey what do I know.

The hearing will take place in September. So glad that all is getting on the go. 

The jpay machine is all glitched and messin up, so they are working on that. Am sure it will be fixed by time this is posted. I had two letters returned to me due to people not putting address properly. One Texas and another Utah. Hey why do people say they want to help or be active. Yet when a simple request is outlined, nothing gets done? Is it so hard for a yes to be yes and a no to be no? anyways. I will have some of my ideas detailed next week. Which really I will just wasting my ink and time. Though I got to keep trying. 

Take care, smile and keep on keepin on. 

Veni, vici, I tried but peoples bullshit ways held me back. 

I remain. 

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