Loud and Clear: The Saga Continues

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and clear
Topic: The Saga Continues
Date: May 18th 2020

The lock down they had us on was short lived. Though it seems my pain must be long term. The pod I am on got to get the commissary on the 14th. Still no Cheesy Poofs.:( I tell you these people are evil! They do sadistic shit like sell Jalepeno Cheese Puffs. Get everyone loving them, only to yank them away.
I never seen a group of people that always claim about being short of funds, yet do nothing to make funds.
The oppressor know nothing but to oppress. Long sigh.
Word is that visits should resume soon. Shall see how that turns out. They did give us masks. Actually gave it to us really quick. Which makes sense, as they cant have dozens of people , on death row, in a hospital. They also have been coming around with bleach. They spray a rag & also allow us to use a hand held spray bottle if need be. Something they never done before. Really, someones lawyer filed a pointless law suit on the masks for death row. As after the judge ordered the other unit, TDCj gave us masks. They spray everything with bleach & giving us bleach.
Sure, could always be better. Though they are taking proper steps. Now the visit cancel was out of line. However that was the Govenor that done that. He just should not have done it pertaining to death row. Due to, as I detailed, Code of criminal proceedure 43.17. Actually peoples family & friends could have sued. As the right to see the condemned, equally applies to them.
No right or privelage under the law can be denied absent due process. C.C.P Article 1.04
They started back with Phone calls. When visits start back, the phone calls will go back to 5 minutes every 90 days.
For death row & ad seg that is. 🙁

In a previous blog I made a remark about news coverage pertaining to the corona virus. The way it impacted blacks. To be clear, I didnt dispute the numbers. Just the way news is “reported”. Instead of saying americans in general eat unhealthy & this is more common in the south. Plus that blacks tend to be poorer & in more close knit communities. Thus more suseptible to cross contamination. Most go to same local church, shop at same local community store, & such. PLUS fact that New Orleans is a majority black city. Instead of detailing such facts when reporting the news. The news gets told as if basically the government is killing blacks due to inaction. Which is geared at creating fear & animosity. I do not like it when politicians or media figures use fear. As I beleive that is a form of force.
I beleive that with Love being Freedom, force is evil. I would love to be in politics if I was free. Though I would focus more on being a statesmen then a politician.
At times when I write things, I do so with expectation that people can properly fill in the blanks. Though that is unrealistic on my part. As not everyone knows me, my personality, & or how system works. More so with many not being from the US.

So when reading blogs. If read something that is a question mark for ya. Then just ask me to explain or such. I always operate with good intentions.

To mail. Ah the saga never ends.
I got the list of all the jpays sent to me in April.
From April 1st to 18th I was missing no jpays.
From 19-30th I was missing 11!
Tonight I got a letter from the state of Georgia & it was post marked April 24th!
Though I believe that is more about the way post office has reduced workers during the corona crisis.
The jpay issues was these people some how some way.
But the letter delay. I just donot see these people just sitting on it that long. Nothing about the letter would require any extra scrutiny. Just a new person writing.
I have been writing a lot more. I asked Merel to take the letter option off of the sites. As she has enough to do, beyond play secratary for me.
Plus she is not working, so forwarding messages & such adds up.
I just prefer people to write me directly.
I am working on other goals that will require more of Merels attention.

TDCj has added to the policy of cards. Can not send cards in the mail directly. Though can use a service such as shutterfly to send a card. Would design the card & shutterfly has to print & mail directly to person that is in prison.
There are other services. Though I always ask people to send pictures with shutterfly. So would just suggest them for cards. Can download the app & sort all that. As long as my name, tdcj #, & address is put in as shipping address. It gets mailed to me with no issues.

Something I have always wanted people to do that are on my social media pages. Is to take a picture of them & photos of the city they live in. A kind of photo tour. I never been outside of the US, though have traveled to other states here in US. I always liked to see new places. Can receive up to 10 pictures per envelope.

As I mentioned, am working on book to finally get it out there. Plus a couple other projectes I think people will like. One is a legal defense organization here in Texas. The other is a charity I have long wanted to get going.
I also, once I get something else waiting on, will write some more of my online story. The Adventure of Loki & Mr. Pig that is posted on my saveaninnocentlife.com site.

Lots to do. No news on legal front. Will find out something this week if hearing will still go on. Atleast I think I will. I am going to put some stuff together to better explain to you all the misconduct that took place by prosecutor & judge. It doesnt matter if anyone thinks I am innocent or not. What was done to me by these officials. It was so extreme.
It offends the basis concept of justice. It truely undermines the core design of the United States of America. Which is the separation of powers. And that these powers be separated & used to protect the God given rights of the people.

Stay tuned! Alrighty then, Take care, smile, & strive for all that you desire.
Veni Vidi Vici
In solidarity I remain,

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