Loud and Clear: A new month, the same b/s

Clinton Young Loud & Clear
Topic: A new month, the same b/s.
Date: May 6th 2020

They locked the unit down. We have been told so many versions as to why. The thing I don’t understand is why they treat us like we have to be punished. They limited commissary to same we get on behavior lock downs & such. They would not even allow us to buy over the counter medication on commissary. Yet sick call requests are not being allowed if not an “emergency”. I can’t get basic medication from medical. Yet also can’t get it from commissary? Where the fuck is the logic in this shit? During a pandemic, no less! They say we could get $10 in correspondence materials, yet refused to let us get typing ribbons or greeting cards that are sold. Next week or the week after they say we can get $15 worth of commissary, any items like food stuff. At least the pod I’m on did get to buy stamps today. First they acted as if would have to wait 2 weeks. (The bad thing was pod hadn’t been able to get any for 2 weeks already.) Look, some officers tested positive of antibodies. No one on Polunsky had the corona when they locked u down.  Still the way they treat us on this lock down, is as if we done something wrong. Though an oppressor only knows how to oppress. 

Next Issue: Some blog was recently posted. There was a delay, I did not expect in them getting posted. I would not been have blogged on certain topics had I known, as the moment changes & emotions switch. 

I finally finished going over my book, is maybe 3-4 pages to add. I will do that tomorrow. When get someone to properly edit it and all that for me. 

Also if someone writes with Jpay and you have never written to me before. How am I supposed to respond if I do not have your address? Also do I ever post anything about anyone I write? No I don’t, because privacy is something I highly value. HINT!

Nothing new on the legal front, still waiting.

Take care, smile and Strive for all that you desire.
I remain,
Clinton Lee Young #999447
D.R Polunsky
3872 FM 350 South 
Livingston, TX 777351