Loud and Clear: Death Row and the world

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and clear

Topic: Death Row and the world

Date: April 19th 2020

It’s an outrage I tell you! TDCJ has finally gone too far. Better yet TDC-NO-J for No Justice! Ya know, some of their bullshit oppressive tactics I can understand. Though now they have gone too far. These kind of games can not be accepted by a civilized society!

The pod I am in went to commissary and they had NO Cheesy Poofs! What the hell kind of shit is that? It is un-American I tell you!

There on the inventory list, in all it’s glory, is listed Jalepeno Cheese Puffs.

I fill out my list and put down three bags. Stand at my door for hours on end awaiting their delivery. Only to see my sack void of any big orange bags. They had stopped selling Cheesy Poofs for about 18 months. They started again 6 weeks ago. Though where I am, we was only able to get them once.

Though no, I was to be denied the cheesy poofy delicacy that is the BarbCo brand Jalepeno Cheese Puffs.

It is a sad day in America when a man cannot enjoy his cheesy poofs. I was told that the warehouse didn’t have any. YES I investigated. Am I not the man I am?! It seems that this damn Wuhan-dirty-bat-insecure lab-corona virus has even halted the cheesy poof business. 🙁 Trump needs to get his shit together and get this problem fixed! As I cannot abide the halt of production, when it comes to this matter of importance. Cartman would not stand for it, nor will I!

Chaos I tell you!

To other matters. In a previous blog I wrote about media. I should have explained more, I was meaning political media and evening news.

Though I am sure people understood. Just to be sure, I never mean any kind of blanket statement to apply all or nothing.

My frustration is that with the economy shut down. All it takes is the wrong spark and civil unrest will occur. I think about this cause and effect on loved ones. Plus society as a whole. (Also the public radio station I could hear briefings on airing them, though started back again.)

Sure enough, just as I wrote and told people there was going to be some news story about virus impacting minorities. Then would come the stories that the government is trying to kill black people. Took longer than I thought but they have arrived. Just like when Obama was president and the stories was that he was going to take all the rednecks guns.

Then some mayors and such have lost their damn minds and told people they couldn’t go to church. The constitution does not end. No one can tell people they cannot assemble. It is in the first amendment of the Constitution.

When I heard that on the radio about trying to halt church service. I knew many would not be trying to hear that shit. I am not religious. 

Though I believe in the bill of rights.

These are NOT rights given by government. It is written they are rights given by God that government can NOT take away.

The first is free speech, media, religion, assembly and petition the government. The second is right to own guns. The reason it was put second is to back up the first.

I guarantee you there was some churches in the USA somewhere, where the pastor and people had guns and was daring any to try to stop them.

Now can we not use common sense? Sure! A saying I thought up.

“The good lord created good sense.”  That is an official Clinton Lee Young quote.

Instead of having one big church gathering, could break it down into two or three gatherings.

Though the government cannot deny the people their rights. Period.

The thirteenth amendment cannot be abused can it?

What if the government came in and rounded up 10,000 civilians and ordered them to work for free for three months during this pandemic. What would that be called? 

It is Slavery! Okay if we will not allow the government to do this act. Why would we allow the government to violate the first amendment?

As a people we cannot allow those in political power to pick and chose which rights they want to allow us. If you allow it today, it could be against you tomorrow.

Remember Elmer Fudd, it ain’t no fun when the rabbits got the gun.

Be very very careful at the power you give to the few.

A perfect example in the USA is the Michigan governor. She must not want to be re-elected! You can buy vodka but not garden seeds? Cannot go to vacation homes? Cannot shop in the paint isle?

Though I understand the people of Michigans pain for I am unable to buy cheesy poofs or get visits with my loved ones. 🙁

People might wonder my political leaning. I am libertarian, though am not as radical as some. I am more conservative leaning on some issues.

Like I would say it is not good for prisoners to be shooting up heroin and having sex with each other. Just doesn’t seem kosher.

I’m just saying.

A site for the main libertarian magazine is Reason.com. They have done some great stories on criminal justice. I subscribe to their magazine. 

To that one jackass that never wants anyone to joke about anything.

Don’t be a jackass.

The police state continues to worsen. Now officials are calling on citizens to snitch on each other by reporting quarantine violators.

From the DARE program having kids reporting their parents for smoking weed, to the corona that has a dad getting arrested for throwing a ball with his daughter. In Colorado a father was playing catch with his daughter in a local park. Police showed up and placed him in handcuffs. 

Shame on the filthy PIG that done that. That is the kind of cop that the people of the city should demand he be fired.

To place handcuffs on a man in front of his daughter. For her to have to see that. More so for such an innocent act. Hell with the rate of children who suffer absent fathers on the rise. Such a man should be celebrated.

Major events like what we are currently dealing with. It has a lasting change on society. I fear that it will adversely impact our concept of humanity. 

Such as some saying we should never shake hands again.

We already, as a people, have enough that keeps us apart/distracted/divided.

It is bad enough we have images of people out together at lunch, yet both people are looking at their phone. To remove the initial connection of shaking hands for example. It would cease to be a human-esque gathering. It becomes even more pointless and robotic.

Instead we need to use this to be better. To eat healthier and practice better hygiene throughout the day.

If I was King, I would decree that all should eat healthy and be active.

What about cheesy poofs I hear you asking. That would be the royal snack, forbidden to the likes of the common man. This way I would never be void of their delightfulness. 😉 Though I will share with the ladies, as cheesy poofs are good for a woman’s hips :-P.

Alrighty then. I have blessed you with the ramblings of a true stable genius.

I shall wrap this one up.

Corona has caused a couple more executions to be halted/dates moved. That is good. Would be great if lawyers was able to use that extra time to uncover something new and helpful.

Though Government Abbott is getting Texas back going. So no telling how long will last. Texas has the worlds eleventh largest economy. When oil was booming it was eight. Something else I told people, when this first started. The world cannot handle a shuttered Texas. People that never been here, really do not appreciate how large and diverse Texas really is. It is way bigger than cowboys, oil and the death penalty.

Alrighty then. Y’all take care, be nice to each other and do not allow the few to strip you of the rights that do not belong to them.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

In solidarity

I remain,

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