Loud and Clear: The Days of Death Row

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear

Topic: The Days of Death Row

Date: April 12, 2020

Ya know, I wish when I listen to a damn news story they start with how many people recover from Corona. Instead I get hit with 2,000 people died! We understand people are dying. DUH! That’s why the fuckin economy is shut down. Tell us properly how many recover so we can properly plan for the days ahead. 

The unit done something cool. They have a unit radio station. It is only 15 watts of power. They mostly do religious stuff on it. Though they started to play movies on it so guys on 8 building and 12 building who are not allowed TV can hear it. I am really grateful the wardens done that. Even the religious stuff, while I am not religious, I understand some are. I will always champion for anything that benefits people in prison. Even if I myself gain nothing from it. 

It is always important to show that positive acts can be done. The good thing about the current head warden for the unit, he has been on this unit before, for a while. Which when we get new wardens, we always het this concern of “what type of new bullshit will we deal with now?!”

As usually it is a new warden that is all shell shock about DEATH ROW! Some come in and do some really dump shit. When I heard who it was going to be, first thing I said was: “Good! Someone that has had already dealt with us.”

Plus the warden currently over death row, I have spoken to him a couple times. He is stable and level headed. He seems to be a decent person. So for a couple years we should be good when it comes to the wardens. As lord knows we have had to deal with some unique individuals. 

As for what we talked about. I never write about the conversations I have. Yall might notice I never write about individual guards either.

If I wrote about everything I discussed with people, who would want to talk to me?

I also try to get things sorted internally before I rant online about it. 

Some might not understand this, but I am strong. I could survive anywhere in the system. I understand there is policy. Though I also appreciate culture. The culture has gotten worse in some ways due to the people on both sides. If TDCj would have been able to stay with the times and adjusted like other systems may have, would have been less headache. There is no reason why California, Federal prisons and etc. can operate the way they do. Yet TDCj could not match such. I want there to be more productive avenues available to people in prison. Jpay tablets, better programs, video visits as an addition to visitation. NOT to replace it. Like TDCj made many changes due to dudes messing with K2 (which that bullshit was killing people, it was horrible).

Say they bring in video visit with all ID units.

If a person got caught doing something at visit, that visitor could be restricted to video visits. People that don’t abuse such, they be able to get regular visitation and video visits. Things that help keep families together.

Plus with the tablets, TDCj would make at least 4 million a year if they brought tablets. I think would actually make more! Though lets stick with 4 million. 

30% could go to child protective services, 50% to prisoner programs and welfare. Put it towards food, sanitation, education, and activities. The remaining profits go to security. I have different numbers before. Point is to get people thinking about this.

The offender phone system is used to help fund victim impact. The Texas Lottery is used to help fund public education. Okay, anyone think that child protective services could not benefit from say an extra million a year? How many foster children would that benefit? Just because I am in prison, does not mean that I cannot come up with a good idea.

At times TDCj and politicians worry about a possible reaction that simply does not exist. Like with TV’s. Prison and TV’s go together like bees and honey!

People are shocked when they find out we don’t get TV. Have had people that did not believe that was true. As Texas death row is the only one now I think without TV. Was two states.

I personally do not care about the whole TV angle. I want contact visits, group rec. and all that.

Though if TDCj sold TV to everyone in prison, it would reduce number of people in dayrooms, thus reduce fights and etc. for general population. They do have TV, though in dayrooms. Death row, ad-seg and G5-closed custody do not.

Anyways, they need to give people tools to be better people. To have something to occupy time, besides sitting around frustrated all day.

I previously wrote about the color pencils being taken. I also wrote that would be getting them back in March or April. Had people here ready to cuss me out damn near, over trying to debate with me on why pencils was taken.

Last time this pod went to commissary, I got me a pack of colored pencils, just to get some. I am grateful that Mrs. Davis allowed us to have them again. While I personally do not draw, others here do and I support them being able to be productive. It is better that guys on death row have positive productive activities to do. It is a distraction. It is better than sitting around thinking about dying all day. 

Arts allows a person to create. I write, others draw.

If death row can use such to help charities and such. That’s a good thing. TDCj should always encourage positive actions. If a guy is here for killing 10 kids, he can’t draw for shit but slaps some b/s paper and then sells it for 10 grand! Okay, I fully understand the moral element here and why they would be upset. I am here and would never want to see such a person celebrated. Though if guys here, through a legit avenue such as University of Texas, if they can create art and it be used for helping a charity and such. A negative can be used to create a positive.

Public reaction matters, so it is all about ‘how’ things are done. I want TDCj to allow more, that gives a person something to look forward to. Something positive to be proud of. Like in Louisiana they have football league, boxing, and etc. Texas is supposed to bring the Rodeo back. Hopefully they do and have it at more units along with other activities.

Anyways, will be back soon.

Take care, smile, and strive for all that you desire.

Veni Vidi Vici

I remain,

In solidarity,

Clinton Lee Young #999447

D.R. Polunsky Unit

3872 F.M. 350 South

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