Loud & Clear: People lie & TDCj remains TDCj

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear
Topic: People lie & TDCj remains TDCj
Date: Oct. 11. 2020

I was going over some legal stuff recently. It just amazes me at how people lie just to be lying. There is some psychological effect caused by being exposed to a prosecutor or police. Many people start saying stuff just to say something. This person connected to co-defendants gave some telephone testimony many years ago. I was reading over it. Meth and pain pills surely had twisted her brain, as she acts like was around me during a time period was not even possible. Plus talked about events she wasn’t even around during.

So tired of being help to the mercy of dope phienes.
Just like with Page, he lied about the dumbest shit that indirectly hurt him. He could have blamed me for murders and robbery for example, but told the truth about everything else. He would have got less prison time.

Anyways. As for TDCj it seems is no end in sight for visits. People can go to bars and everything else, but we can’t have a visit behind glass?
Way things are looking I am starting to doubt if the so called changes that was expected to take place here are going to.

When it comes to the matters I previously wrote about. Several of us wrote grievances, so shall see how that goes. TDCj officials at polunsky unit have the ability to properly resolve complaints. As for Paul. 19 days after his foot was hurt, he finally got to see the provider. I thought it was going to be on day 15, but no turned into day 19.
The X-ray tech, upon seeing the X-ray said his foot was broke in two places. Now her only job is doing X-rays! Though apparently she was wrong. Supposedly, according to the provider Paul damaged his cartlige, and the X- ray lady misread the X-ray. Who knows. X-ray lady thought it was broke, Paul thought it broke, an officer than seen how his foot looked said the same thing happened to him and said it was broke. Other medical staff said the foot looked broke. If it was broke or not, doesn’t matter it could have been broke and damn sure should not have taken that long to be seen by the provider and get a X-ray. I am not accepting that it is not broken. Though Paul will find out soon enough from someone not associated with this place. The good ole second opinion.

Still on the security lock down. Not sure how much longer it will last.
I am so damn tired of being in this cell.

When it comes to this visit stuff. As a collective we are going to have to come together and work towards something. There is 130,000 people in prison. Y’all mean to tell me that 10,000 plus families and friends can’t work together to protest? I mean people in the free who are being denied access to their family who is incarcerated.

More so those connected to people on death row. Bars have 50% capacity. Okay great! I think it should be 100% capacity. Though we cannot have visits? We are behind glass! Visitors can wear N95 or KN 95 masks. TDCj makes hand sanitizer.

Sitting around hopeful that people will stop abusing their power is what can call a failed venture.
I do not really understand why Greg Abbott is taking this approach to prisons. Federal prison and states have opened up. Though all you people focused on criminal justice reform.

The current oppressive tactics being imposed upon prisoners and their families. This is an extension of the failure for the government to take serious the cost of mass incarceration and punitive policy that serves no social interest. The COVID test kits are cheaper than was when I first kicked up the idea about getting testing machines in TDCj there are many ways to go about allowing visits. These people will not even allow people in restrictive housing and death row to have the calls. There is ways beyond oppression.

People in power will never understand your pain unless they feel your pain. The only way to effectively do that is by organized protest, so as to properly express yourself. This what I know. Them white folks don’t give a damn, unless you make them have to give a damn. I told people when I was going to trial about them white folks. They all looked at me like I was crazy and said “You’re white!” I said, “Yeah, but not they kind of white!”
I been stung by them WASPs 🙂 haha

Let me wrap this up for now. I get more worked up. I been reading on the next 3 books in the Norseman saga. Got me in the cell thinking about Shield Walls and Glory in Vahalla. 🙂 haha.

Take care, smile, & fight for your right.

UPDATE: The officer’s name was actually Wendling, not Wendally. Also, the X Ray technician visited Paul and said his foot was broken in two places. Provider says it isn’t, the cartilage is fractured. Pfft. We shall see.

Veni, Vidi, Vici
In solidarity I remain,

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