Loud and Clear: The Saga Continues

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and clearTopic: The Saga ContinuesDate: May 18th 2020 The lock down they had us on was short lived. Though it seems my pain must be long term. The pod I am on got to get the commissary on the 14th. Still no Cheesy Poofs.:( I tell you these people are […]

Loud and Clear: A new month, the same b/s

Clinton Young Loud & ClearTopic: A new month, the same b/s.Date: May 6th 2020 They locked the unit down. We have been told so many versions as to why. The thing I don’t understand is why they treat us like we have to be punished. They limited commissary to same we get on behavior lock […]

Loud and Clear: Death Row and the world

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and clear Topic: Death Row and the world Date: April 19th 2020 It’s an outrage I tell you! TDCJ has finally gone too far. Better yet TDC-NO-J for No Justice! Ya know, some of their bullshit oppressive tactics I can understand. Though now they have gone too far. These kind […]

Loud and Clear: The Days of Death Row

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear Topic: The Days of Death Row Date: April 12, 2020 Ya know, I wish when I listen to a damn news story they start with how many people recover from Corona. Instead I get hit with 2,000 people died! We understand people are dying. DUH! That’s why the […]

Loud and Clear: Problem? Solution!

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and Clear Topic: Problem? Solution! Date: March 16, 2020 When a problem develops, it is only natural for me to seek a solution. The problem is that currently plaguing the TDCJ is staff shortages. While I would love to solve all that, my main focus is Texas Death Row.  The […]

Loud and Clear: Back in the Twilight Zone

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear Topic: Back in the Twilight Zone Date: Feb. 2, 2020 A quick turn-around trip to Midland did not produce much results. Though I did find out the DA knew absolutely nothing about the case.  Keep in mind this is new DA’s that got on the case in August. […]

Loud and Clear: Life on death row

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear Topic: Life on death row Date: Dec.30th 2019 This year is finally winding down. Glad for it to come to an end! I wrote a couple blogs but had expressed for them to not be posted, as couple issues I was ranting about was resolved. Though in some ways only. In the […]

Loud and Clear: Death Row Holidays

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and Clear Topic: Death Row Holidays Date: December 1, 2019 This time of year is naturally not the best. It is holidays and when the case happened. So not the best for several families. In here it becomes just another day. A day with no mail. Though they do feed […]

Loud and Clear: 90 days to live

Clinton Young Loud & Clear Topic: 90 days to live Date: March,23 2016. When a person receives an execution date, it is for no less then 90 days. Many counties will give a date of execution that is 90 days away. Some will set it at 4-6 month range. 90 is the worst case. Since […]

Loud and Clear: My book & General update

Clinton Lee Young- Loud & Clear Topic: My book & general update Date written: March ,16,2016 Seems there is some confusion about stuff that should have been posted in February. Hopefully it is all resolved by now. I was planning on writing a blog going into great detail on a few things. Though am dealing […]