Loud and Clear: 90 days to live

Clinton Young
Loud & Clear Topic: 90 days to live
Date: March,23 2016.

When a person receives an execution date, it is for no less then 90 days. Many counties will give a date of execution that is 90 days away. Some will set it at 4-6 month range. 90 is the worst case. Since the US Supreme court rejected me. When I wake up in the mornings, the first thing in my mind is, I got 90 more days to live. As if I got a date that day, that is what it is.

I plan on what to do. How to fight it. Who I have in my life, that I know that I can depend on. Now, the prosecutor has ot indicated, at this time, that they will seek a date yet. As I previously mentioned, they are aware of the forensics & etc. in my previous appeals I was fighting against a Texas attorney general. He is not from the country & only deals with the matters of the record of the case. He doesn’t know all the side stuff.

What is frustrating that the Supreme court had JUST 2 weeks ago gave a go on death row a whole new trial. He is from Louisiana. As a result is in the 5th circuit court of appeals region, just as I am. My positions are stronger then his. Though his was filed first & they rejected me. However, I can still use the law in future filings. Due to new forensic testing, there is legal avenues that I can file. Also with newly discovered evidence. As a result it is not a dead en road for me yet. Though I do not have time to be overly optimistic. My thinking must be: Expect the worst, hope for the best, be ready for all!“

It is now a Wednesday. I am a bit shocked by how few people I got jpays from about my appeal being denied. Only two people, Jorunn & Susanne, made any mention of it. Others sent jpays & did not even make any mention of it. I do find that a bit alarming. As I don’t know if it had such an adverse effect on people that they shut down on me or what. I am big on communication. If I post a blog, story , or music review. I want to know peoples opinions. I do not care if they hate it. I am not offended by people that think different then me. Though when hardly anyone says anything. It frustrates me, as I am left to wonder if it was even read.

If it was posted in some cases, when no one says anything. I can not just hop online & see who is there. I am stuck in a box & have to wait on people to write to me. People wonder why I get so frustrated & stop writing stuff. Then they will ask me,” How come you have not blogged?” Even if someone is reading this that does not write to me. There is a simple rule in life. Communication is the key to success.

In this situation. It requires far more communication then normal. The more words you can use, the better it is. Imagine a piece of paper as being a canvas. Words being the paint brush & paint. You gotta paint a picture with words. If you just draw a line, how am I supposed to know it is a street? I need sidewalks, curbs, & all that good stuff. Also I am not frustrated at everyone. I am in a high stress situation that just got more stressful.  Then there are a couple that add to it & I get frustrated. As many can tell by now. When I get aggravated. Everyone knows it! Don’t assume I do not want to know. Comment, ask questions, state opinions, & all that good stuff. You know, communication!

As I might not be able to do much communicating , for very long. Alrighty then. I am going to wrap this one up. Be back soon. Hopefully less frustrated.

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