Loud and Clear: My book & General update

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Topic: My book & general update
Date written: March ,16,2016

Seems there is some confusion about stuff that should have been posted in February. Hopefully it is all resolved by now. I was planning on writing a blog going into great detail on a few things. Though am dealing with some frustrations. I have finally, after years of going back & forth, made up my mind to write my book. I debated with myself about if I wanted to write 2 books. One my life story & the other about death row & the system.

Now due to my long winded nature when I write.:) I could write very long, & detailed books. I think in the future I could gain more with two books. He on the best sellers list TWICE!:) haha No seriously it is appealing to put out two books. Though two books means more efforts required by those that help me. More to keep up with & all that. As a result of that, to simplify it. I am putting out one long book. It will cover my life story & death row. It will also have special chapters & a forward by another person. It will have a few pages of pictures in it. My goal is to write a book such as has never been written before. I have already sent word out to people about finding a place to get it printed.

Also who will type it up, edit it, & all that. The first portion will be mailed soon. As a result, it should all be ready to go within 8-12 weeks. I am aiming for a window of 6-10 weeks. Though what I want & get are not always the same. It is very possible though.

I have a few people willing to help, so I think it can be accomplished. Plus technology has advanced to such that it makes it so much easier to get everything in order. When the book is 75% completed towards ‘ready to ship’. Then a page will be set up on my website for advanced orders. The rate of advanced orders will help me understand the number of copies that I will need. Hopefully the book is completed before the second film airs.

Also upon digging through all my stuff to gather the pages for my book that I already had written. I’ve had the first 13 years of my life already complete) I came across my first chapter of The Adventures of Loki & Mr.Pig. Tomorrow I am going to go through it & edit it. Then send it out to type it up. There is Music Reviews & life story postings on my site. If you have not seen them. Please do. Thanks! I was overcome with frustrations & truly considered not posting anything else. After years of dealing with this stuff. It often gets to be to much. The frustrations that is. I am a go, go, go type person. At times I feel like I am spinning wheels.

One of the reasons I decided to go ahead with my book. Time restrictions force me to.

The state has responded to my filings in the US Supreme court. My lawyers responded to that. The case is now circulated amongst the justices. Really it is their clerks. They will review everything & See if I get the 4 votes needed to accept the appeal. It takes 4 to get a claim heard. 5 to win. They can take it up & just direct me back to the lower 5th circuit court & order them to do a re-do. Or they could hold oral arguments, have a hearing & then issue a reasoned opinion.

Or they reject everything & it’s off to plan B. Alrighty then.

Tell others about the site. Thanks!

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