Short Story: Friendship; risk & reward

Short Stories
Title: Friendship: Risk & reward
By: Clinton Young
Date: March, 17 2016

Stoping in her tracks, Little Janice frantically looks to her left & right. Unsure if she heard what she thinks it is she heard. Straining to hear. There it is again! She did hear it. Off she runs towards the direction of the noise. Fear creeps through her, as she climbs up onto the top of the garbage can. Slowly she peaks over the wooden private fence.

Her eyes grow wide with shock by what she sees, as panic grips her heart.

Fresh in the United States, Little Janice’s family has only been away from her native Holland for 6 short hours. Thinking , she can vaugely remember what she overheard the immigration officer informing her father, as to what violations could result in deportation.

Her thick dutch accent,would instantly give her awayiif she was caught.

As Little Janice tries to think of what to do, she hears it once more. The yelp of the puppy in pain, as the owner strikes it again.

She quickly looks back over the fence. Dog fighting equipment litters the yard. The puppy breaks loose from the owner! With a quick break , it runs straight towards the fence. Without a thought given, Little Janice yells out ,” Run Puppy!!!”

As the brown & white pitt bull puppy runs toward the gate! Little Janice jumps down from the garbage can! She lunges towards the gate! Surprized & distracted by her yell, the dog fighter momentarily forgets about the puppy & stops in his tracks. His confusion lasts just long enough for the puppy to get to the gate. Little Janice slams up the latch & yanks the gate open just as the puppy comes barreling into it.

Wrapping the puppy in her arms, she kicks the gate closed! Off they go. Running down the street into the unknown. Two lives off to a fresh start.

By Clinton Young

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