Loud and Clear: Death Row Holidays

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and Clear

Topic: Death Row Holidays

Date: December 1, 2019

This time of year is naturally not the best. It is holidays and when the case happened. So not the best for several families. In here it becomes just another day. A day with no mail. Though they do feed us better. Thanksgiving was last week. It is a US holiday that everyone used as an excuse to eat a lot and get together. Few do the actual reflection the holiday is supposed to be for. TDCJ feeds better on Thanksgiving and Christmas. That is cool to do. Actually only two times of the year we are guaranteed to get fresh fruit. An apple and orange. Other fruit we get is canned fruit, raisins, prunes, or applesauce. That stuff is given throughout the year. 

Nothing really much on the legal front. The status hearing got moved again until January. Hopefully no more delays. As the status hearing is to discuss the actual hearing. 

There seems to be another film coming out about the criminal justice system. I heard a part of a commercial on it. I am glad that the topic stays in focus. This is why it is important to highlight the cases the public will react to. Some people have been commenting about how some seem to gain more attention than others. Every case is not going to stir people. That is just not possible. Though when certain cases highlight the flaws of the system, that benefits everyone. We care about the people in our lives. That does not mean we can force others to care about them also. There has to be something that sparks the people’s attention. This applies to music, art, etc. The death penalty clearly spoken. It is about people facing death for murdering someone for some special circumstance. Be it rape murder, robbery murder, kids, multiple murders, etc. These are not pretty topics. Though we are supposed to have a system that operates based on the rule of law. Not a prosecutor’s desires. Sometimes the facts of the case do not make people sympathize with the condemned man. Been other times the guy just did not have the people around him to raise awareness. Daniel Acker was innocent of capital murder. Though he wouldn’t seek media as his lawyer was against it. His family was poor and real country folks types. They knew nothing of the law. Put faith in lawyer and god. He has been executed and been silence. If people looked into the facts of the case, he would be seen as an innocent man executed. He did NOT kill the woman. Could not have thrown her from a moving truck, nor force her to be kidnapped. It is not that people would not have raised up for Daniel. He just would not speak out and had no one to speak for him. Then you have a case like Robert Sparks. That case was so fuckin horrible. It made an anti-death penalty prosecutor change his views. No one would rally for Sparks beyond those that are just truly anti-death penalty. As they did for Reed for example. Human nature cannot be dismissed. People generally have to feel something for a person to stand up for them. If a guy here is not willing to properly present himself or fight for himself, how will anyone else? I have tried to get all kinds of people to work together and do stuff. Most dudes seem to care only about commissary and letting some woman in their life do all the fuckin work. Unless a guy has a hellified team, that aint gonna cut it. People like Randy, myself, and Rodney. We put in years of work. Had set backs due to other people’s bullshit. Though we kept on fighting forward. Carlos DeLuna was said to be innocent and executed. His case didn’t get as much attention as Todd Willingham. Though Todd was executed based on same forensics that freed Ernest Willis. Plus Todd had a friend that never stopped fighting for his name to be cleared. Many times it is the people in a person’s life. Many times it is the guy. Most times it is just the case. My advice is to just keep working forward. Now me personally, I do not view this fight as we are all in the same boat. That gurney is a one-man-show. Though I understand the benefit of united efforts. Certain cases I will do something with. Some I wouldn’t, as certain cases are just out of place. Though I would never hate on anyone else here. To me that is weak. I am strong enough to carve my own path. I don’t cry because someone got a bigger piece of cake than me. I go bake my own cake. We got enough enemies with prosecutors and judges. We don’t need to hate on each other. 

Anywho. I am going over the pages of my book. Need to do a bit more work on it. It is closer to being finished. Should have been done long ago. Though I just did not feel it. Merel can only do so much also. As people know, she came to the US to attend law school here. In the US, if a lawyer is bar certified from Texas. That means something! Though all the work required, where she has to cram 3+ years worth of studies into one year. She has her hands full. Plus, I have lots of people that express desire to be involved. Though they do not follow through. It gets difficult to put tasks in the hands of people I do not have experience with. As a result, I tend to pile on with those I feel I can depend on. Though things are coming along and I am grateful that more people are actually getting involved. For those that have expressed interest in blessing me for the holidays. As usual can send it in via the tip jar on my site (http://www.saveaninnocentlife.com/donation-corner/). Thank you.

I am working on some other ideas. What really holds me up, is when will the hearing be! I want to organize an event in a few places. Though it is hard to plan when people cannot seem to agree on a schedule. It has changed three times due to one lawyer or another or the judge. Again this is just the hearing to sort out the actual hearing. 

The fight goes on.

I have not been reading much lately beyond some graphic novels. Have touched on a couple books. I need to finish Solitary by Albert Woodfox. As I get closer to the hearings, I will dive back into the law more. Thanks again for everyone that has been active in sharing information about me and offering help. 

Keep on keepin on.

I am going to wrap this one. 

Take care, smile, and strive for all that you desire. 

Veni, Vidi, Vici

I remain,

In solidarity

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