Donation corner


Welcome to the donation corner! The donation corner is here to help raise funds for Clinton’s defense and to create awareness for Clinton’s case, but you can also donate to Clinton personally.

We want to thank all the people who make a donation to help Clinton.  

Donate to Clinton personally

Use the tipjar below to donate to Clinton personally. This money can and will be used for Clinton.



You could also use PayPal to make donations. PayPal is safe, easy and fast. All the donations will be transferred to the foundation’s bank account. You can use the button below to donate via PayPal.

Commissary needs

Via you can buy Clinton all sort of food, snacks, paper and so on.  If you do not want to buy him something, but just want to donate him money so he can choose something himself, please know that you can use to send him some money.

Donate to Clinton’s defense and  awareness for Clinton’s case

These donations will be used for Clinton’s defense and to create awareness for his case. You can donate using bank transfer, to the official bank account of the Clinton Young Foundation or use paypal, by the link below:

Clinton Young Foundation
IBAN: NL66 INGB 0006 5173 29


We really want to thank everyone for the support!
It truly does make a difference!