Loud and clear: Life on death row

Clinton Lee young – Loud and Clear
Topic: Life on death row

Date: November 10, 2019

To those that are not on the foundation’s social media pages, there was an additional set back. Though my situation is surely the minor point of it. The judge that was over my case passed away recently. A new judge has been appointed. The previous judge had children and had done a great deal with foster care. I do not know how he would have been in the end for me. Though he did grant me a full hearing. Outside of the courtroom he seemed to be a decent person. The new judge is not from Midland, as none can be on my case. He has lots of experience with death penalty cases. Will have a status hearing soon, so as to sort timelines and such. 

In additional news, my book is being typed up. Well it has been typed up. It is being gone over for typos and all that. I will add some more to it, as there is some areas that I need to expand on. As people that know me and followed my blogs over the years, I have my own style. Such is reflected in the book. While I am behind schedule on it. It is close to being done and ready to go. 

Not sure if I have written a blog since Randy got a stay. I know I mentioned it in the messages on social media pages for the foundation. I was glad he got to live. Randy and I got to go outside on Halloween day. Mind you it was freezing cold and jackets had not been passed out yet. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the cold?! Had thermal top and bottoms, along with shorts and t-shirt. So I only half ass froze. I also had a kufi on my head. It is the head cover some Muslims wear. The previous warden made a big ordeal about guys making homemade head covers. Like do-rags and etc. to cover head. Even if it was simply due to the cold. So I bought a Kufi. It is religious so I could wear it all over the prison and no one can even touch it. There we are on the outside rec yard. I told Randy “happy Halloween” & have him a mint stick. But to my shock and dismay he did not bring anything out for me. Friends these days! I asked him “What the hell. Nothing for me?”. He pointed to an empty water bottle & said “you can have that!”. While at rec. and wearing the kufi, my costume character popped into mind. I told everyone that for Halloween I was going as Jihad John. Ha I was going to go to visit like that and take a picture and state such. Someone was of the mind it would be insensitive. No, it wouldn’t! Jihad John was the British guy that made the videos for ISIS. He was a real-life monster. People dress up as Jason from Friday the 13th, Joker, Bin Laden, and etc. If I said I was dressed up as the prophet, then THAT would have been insensitive. Though because everyone is so high-strung these days and with no sense of humor, I did not want to offend anyone. So I didn’t go to visit like that, for the picture. No really, the truth is I just forgot until I got to visit! Sure some people might have got upset. Though if they did, my response would be that they must accept Jihad John as the representative of their faith. Because if he doesn’t, then there is no harm in mocking ‘him’. People dress up as sexy Nuns & such for Halloween. Though I missed the chance. Maybe next Halloween I will have something witty in mind. Hell, hopefully I am not here. Though I did use the idea, to have a discussion with a guy here. I always appreciate a good discussion. 

It is why I like politics. Many people tell me they do not care about politics. If you do not care about such, then you do not care about the direction of your life. As politics impacts everything. Tax, rights, laws, education, and etc. The government controls so much of our lives. In the US, peoples lack of interest in the system. It’s why we have courts and prosecutors that do as they do.  They keep the people focused on Washington D.C. This way everyone freaks out about the presidents and ignore local level politics. A judge is often elected by only a few votes. Same with prosecutors. People will vote for the president, but no one else. The prosecutor can deprive you of your life in Texas. It is the judges that allow prosecutors to get away with misconduct, that results in you, your friends, or family being locked away. Or even worse; being executed. 

All these people in arms about Reed and how appeals court denied his appeals. Damn, where was all of yall when Sharron Keller was running for election? Keller is the judge over the appeals court in Texas.

I had friends overseas trying to highlight the election. They were confused by the lack of interest in Texas. Everyone will scream nine ways from Sunday about the death penalty. Yet do not push the vote. When the judge, who has caused so many to be executed, runs for election. Real fuckin amazing! Had she lost the election, the court would have been better suited for actual justice. I understand! I get it that posting on Fakebook, Instadumb and twit-lit is easier then actually getting out and pushing people to vote. For one of the most powerful positions in the state of Texas. Fight on key board Ninja. 

Anyhow. I am glad that more attention is being placed on Texas death row. Between Randy, Reed, and the unique circumstances with Patrick Murphy. There has been a great deal of focus on Texas. From psycho judges, TDCJ and the way appeals court will kill us on technicalities. The Court of Appeals did not say Rodney Reeds appeals was meritless. They denied it on procedural grounds. Basically saying his lawyers could have done things sooner or that it ‘by itself’ is not material tot overcome conviction. Well if all things are considered and one knows that if re-tried today, he would not have been convicted. One is supposed to say okay give him a new trial. 

Long sigh. The fight goes on.

I will know more with my own situation in December. If it was up to the Court of Criminal Appeals in Texas. Anthony Graves would have been executed and Ernest Willis. Todd Willingham wasn’t so lucky. Nor was Daniel Acker. If anyone has not seen the film Trial by fire about Todd.  I heard it is worth a look. I recently found out the documentary about me was no longer on amazon. Something to do with music rights or some flim flam bullshit. 

It is still on Youtube and Vimeo under “Innoncent on death row” or “Deal with death” (https://vimeo.com/212748838?fbclid=IwAR1vZwqxaum6zw-4yGt-PazqIa3f4TmpAik5I2ZRrf4nUzbLiuGNLakeh34). 

Thanksgiving is coming up in the US. It’s a holiday people are supposed to be focused on matters they are thankful for. Be thankful you are free and take time to appreciate the little things in life. 

Alrighty then, I have covered a bit of this and that. Oh, lately the focus here on death row for me. It is the dirty ass trays. The bullshit ass dudes that work in the 12-building kitchen prep room. Where trays are made for death row and ad-seg. The person that is supposed to wash them, clearly does as little as possible. One guy found a piece of a ramen noodle season pack of his tray. Other trays have had several pieces of tape on them. They tape a tag to the tray for those that are on the diet tray, pork free or meat free trays. Well if a guy after getting his tray, does not tear off the tape and tag. The sorry-ass kitchen workers are not doing it. I had one tray that had three pieces of tape on it! I spoke to warden and other ranking officials at every chance. Today instead of taping the tag to tray. The kitchen put the tag in the utensial slot of the tray. That solves the tape problem. Though still does nothing about the nature of the inconsiderate person who is supposed to be washing them (next day back to using tape). They do not care, because they do not have to eat off the trays. They eat in the main kitchen. Though looking at some of them as I walked down the hallway. I doubt they would care period. 

Just amazes me at how inconsiderate people can be. Though prison is a petty paradise. No wise served twice. I wrote a poem in September 2016 about bullshit ass prison. It was posted under Loud & Clear blog, as it was a blog I wrote as a poem. If someone had not really been hip to life in prison then people would not get it. 

Prison just shows the worst of humanity. I hate prison!

Alrighty then. Take care, smile and keep on keepin on. 

Veni, Vidi, Vici

In solidarity

I remain, 

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