Loud and Clear: Life on death row

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Topic: Life on death row

Date: Dec.30th 2019

This year is finally winding down. Glad for it to come to an end! I wrote a couple blogs but had expressed for them to not be posted, as couple issues I was ranting about was resolved. Though in some ways only.

In the past two months we have only been able to get commissary twice.

When we was supposed to have gotten it 4 times. There is no reason why we haven’t been able to. Death row used to have over 400 people here, so they had much more orders to fill out and could get it done then. Yet all of a sudden now everything is complicated. What bothers me is that it limits amount of stamps and such things.

Really some bullshit. Plus staff shortages are getting worse. They will keep getting worse as job market will get better, so less people will even want to work here. As a result more and more days we are not getting rec or showers. This is happening all over the system. They need to come with different changes. More so for ad-seg and Death row environments. If they would allow at least a 2 or 3 persongroup rec. It would help a great deal, as far less rec to do.

It would not be some great complication to do. Plus with additional mail room rules going into effect in 2020. They could bring the tablets like other prisons have. Yet TDCJ acts as if for some reason their prisoners are somehow worse than every other state and the federal prison system. Never mind the actual fact that king pins, terrorists and gang leaders end up in federal prison where they have all kinds of programs. So it isn’t about security here. It is all about oppression.

These places are having adverse effects on people who will more often than not be free. They have nothing to help them before going home. Which means it helps to create a safety risk for the public.

I wrote a grievance about the problem with not getting rec. They actually said that recs was being done properly. Two days after I got that grievance back, I got stuck out of shower and then on the 27th of December didn’t get to rec. At least after a month they finally gave us cleaning powder. 

There ya go. Life on death row. As fucked up as usual. Take care.

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