Loud and Clear: Back in the Twilight Zone

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear

Topic: Back in the Twilight Zone

Date: Feb. 2, 2020

A quick turn-around trip to Midland did not produce much results. Though I did find out the DA knew absolutely nothing about the case. 

Keep in mind this is new DA’s that got on the case in August. They didn’t even have any of the files. My lawyers had to give it to them, which is not their responsibility. The crazy thing is that when my lawyers spoke to them about resolving the case, they told my lawyer: “No we are too far apart on the issues”. When my lawyers asked later on what that meant, they didn’t get any favorable response. Though it was then in talking that my lawyers realized they had no clue as to what all had taken place. They didn’t even know why they got on the case and seem to think that they will only being dealing with the Chabot issue. Hell no, they got the case now. One would thing they would not want to drag DA’s and judges through all that is to come. 


Back here it is the same old bullshit. I got back on Friday. I did not get my property back until the next Friday. Which included all my legal material and etc. The property officer was out sick and these people acted like the property room was some magical portal that only one wizard could access. Ranking officers could have went in there and got it all. Hell, the first 4 days back I didn’t even have a jacket and it was cold with the heater going off. It took everything in me not to go smooth the fuck off. I am still mad about it all. Plus, the trays are still trashed out. The sorry ass dudes working in the food prop room for 12-building are not washing the trays right. I filed a grievance on it and others has also. Plus, more will be. If this shit doesn’t get right soon, I am going to go on a hunger strike. I am tired of being treated this way. 

It is not in my nature to just accept some bullshit. Now TDCJ is making all these changes also. But what do they give us? Oh how exciting another ecomm spend. So basically, TDCJ is taking so much from us, but it is a treat to be able to give them more money to buy some bullshit ass commissary? Also, these rules. They have posted NOTHING in the dayrooms or rec areas on this building. Many guys do not even know about these changes. I am going to write out another blog on them specifically. As people need to file complaints that it is rolling out too fast. They do not have to roll out all the policy changes on March 1st. Like the money issue. Okay they say has to be on a guy’s visit list to send money. Okay what if this guy is on death row that only get money from people not on their visit list and can’t change their list until after March? Plus, we do not have the OTS list. So population has 30 people that can send money, as 10 on visit list and 20 on phone list. Yet death row and ad seg can only have 10? That is unfair and just fucked up!

They going to let us make out a 20-person phone list? They do not have to roll out such drastic changes all at once. They can do it in phases so as to better understand problems and receive feedback. Like the drug dogs. Okay TDCJ can do that. Though word is the dog will be behind a screen. That people put back to screen and such. Well I will be suggesting to my people that they request for the dog to sniff screen first so they can see if the dog hits on the screen before they get sniffed. As what if some person came through before them smelling like a dope factory and they leaned on the screen, so now the screen smells like dope, thus causing dog to hit again on the smell. They then would mess off innocent people. Also if the dog hits on someone a high rank should be brought out and have test done again. As what if is some poor family, where say 3 to 4 people use same car. Say nephew smoked weed in car all the time. The grandmother gets in the car to come visit. She never smoked weed in her life, but car smells like it. Thus her clothing. She then gets a positive hit by the drug dog and gets removed from a guy’s list. What if that guy is serving life and the only family he has in his life is her and TDCJ took her from him and he knows his grandmother done nothing wrong. 

How do you think such a guy might respond towards a guard? Add in race factors. Say it is a black guy and the guard is some redneck. The south has some unique history with redneck guards and dogs. You all see how such drastic actions can lead to violence? This is why on so many fronts they need to slow down on this part of the plan and map out a more plausible idea. As what about medical marijuana users? What about people from states and countries where legal? Weed smell doesn’t go away. 

I get TDCJ has to do something. People are dying left and right over that K2 trash. TDCJ will always be allowed to impose security measures. Though some common sense needs to rule the day. I will write about it all again in another blog breaking all down point by point. TDCJ should have April phase, May phase, and then for money issues, if they will press forward on that, have it for June so guys have time to adjust. After all, the only thing they give is commissary, so they are making it harder for them to use their own control tool. 

Long sigh. It sure keeps life interesting. 

I am going to wrap this one up. Know I await yalls words. Also if anyone gets a return to sender letter. It was due to getting here when I was in Midland. Also PLEASE do not spray perfume on letters. #1 I am sensitive to smells and many give me a headache. #2 they will reject the letters. 

Alrighty then. Take care, smile, and strive for all that you desire.

I remain,

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