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Loud and Clear: Tick Tock   Recently updated !

Clinton Lee Young. Loud And Clear Topic: Tick TockDate: July 7th, 2019 Still no news to report. I had anticipated getting an update, but haven’t. Time ticks on. Life around death row has been slow and steady. Not as tense as was around this time last year when we got the new administration.  It should be […]

Loud and Clear: Butts & Nuts

Clinton Young – Loud & Clear Topic: Butts & Nuts Date: April 25, 2019 Death row is not made up of people that would be members of the high class social clubs. What pisses me off is the politics and the way they pick and choose who the constitution applies to. The same applies to Joseph Garcia being […]

Loud and Clear: Updates and all that

Clinton Lee Young – Loud & Clear Topic: Updates and all that Date: February 24, 2019 I know that I have not been writing much. I was just not feeling it for a bit. Plus, I had gone to level 2. Then back to level one. I then got sick. Then back to level two. However, I beat that […]

Loud and Clear: Note of thanks

Date: January 8, 2019 I am sure glad 2018 is over, but as the world still spins the same way, 2019 looks to be more of the same bullshit. One good thing is I will finally find out the date of the hearing soon. Trying to make sure that things are all in order for […]