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Topic: Updates and all that

Date: February 24, 2019

I know that I have not been writing much. I was just not feeling it for a bit. Plus, I had gone to level 2. Then back to level one. I then got sick. Then back to level two. However, I beat that misadventure and got my level one back.

I have been reading on another series. It is known as the Saxon Tales by Bernard Cornwell. I read the first 3 books in the series, requested the next two. Not exactly sure how many books are in the series. 

Another series I read a couple books from, it is by Giles Kristen. They are about the British civil war. The story line revolves around a family that had brother against brother. The Bleeding Land & Brothers Fury. Giles had written some other books about Vikings that I read. His most current work was by far way better writing than the previous Sigurd & Raven series. Anyways. The Saxon Tales are good. It’s about the Danes and English having their dispute during King Alfred’s reign. The Danes was doing all that rape and pillage stuff. Had I been alive back then, would not have had to do all that. See I just would have put a saddle on Moo Cow. Which being that I would be riding into the English lands. It is only natural that it is done on Moo Cow, for he is a Scottish highlander! I would ride under the banner of Freyja. Flags was kind of heavy back then and it would be a decent size ride. I would just drape the banner over the back of Mr. Pig, as he trotted along with us. 
As I went town to town, the Englishmen would just give me their women and wealth! Virgins and widows alike would wait for my arrival. The monks would plea “Loki the magnificent, please take our silver!” I would have to correct them. That “my name is Loki the Humble”. Men would confuse my title because as I rode away from each village, the elders would say “there goes a great fellow Loki and his magnificent beast!” 

Though this would not stop the Pope from bestowing sainthood on me. Giving me the Latin name Saint Loki Magnus. As I rode through the land, a highlander heifer would join the caravan along with a plump butt sow, that was quite smitten with Mr. Pig! 

Eventually I would make my way across the channel and cross paths with a wise king who felt it best to bless me with barrels of wine and suggest that a fine breakfast could be had if I only headed west. My never being one to turn down a fine breakfast, west it was!

When I reached the coastal Marshlands and enjoyed a tasty waffle or three, I decided to settle.

Thus is how the Scottish Highlanders came to populate The Netherlands. Plus, with all the wine and women, this is how throughout history, the Dutch became known as a rowdy lot. I would eventually make my way to Texas and become the founder of the City Nederland, in Texas. It’s a true story! You read it on the internet! 😉 hahaha! 🙂 

Someday I will have to tell y’all about the time I got drunk and crossed the Alps by mistake with a hippo named Fat ass. Them damn Romans thought it was an elephant.

Some sematic dude thought me to be a tour guide and followed me across with his army. Damn fool he was. I thought I was heading back to Finland!

But that’s what ya get when you follow a drunk hippo! 🙂 Ha!

Not much has been going on. Sorting out everything with the hearing, for when it takes place. Reading up on past court rulings. Which has been helpful. You know, really my having went to level two was the best thing for me. Both times was because of wine disciplinary cases. The second time was total bullshit and the result of a guard with an old grudge. None the less, I got to meet and spend time with the same people. One was on that level at the time due to actions of protest. The whole situation with the new warden and the property disputes. Though the warden realized finally that we are dealing with life and death appeals. Thus have much more paperwork than other people in prison. 

Anyways, one guy has a Law of Parties case. He was going to file his own appeals. Through helping him with stuff, I came across some other court opinions and developed some ideas that will be helpful to my own case. People can look at the situation as I was worse off because I was on disciplinary level. Actually, it was the best thing for me. As I had stopped eating all this bullshit salt and sugar filled food they sell us on commissary.

With no radio to distract, I spent a great deal of time discussing the law with others. Which helped them and myself.

The downside though, was that I was on the pod with Joseph Garcia before I got in trouble. As a result, I was not there the last three months of his life. He went by Joey or Jedi due to his love of Star Wars. I have long been friends with Randy Halprin, who is tied up in that case. 

Some of the media coverage around Joey before his execution really pissed me off. As the media has covered the case of the Texas 7 wrong. They make it seem as if Randy was involved in the shooting. He was not. Another guy Mike accidentally shot Randy in the foot. Randy was too busy yelling, trying to hop away from it all. Something we often teased him about. He did not point a gun or shoot a gun.

The Sunday before Joey’s execution, I was listening to a rock station out of Beaumont called the Big Dog. On Sunday nights, they have a metal show and play harder stuff than what is normally on the radio. More so the bullshit music stations out of Houston that are easier to pick up. Only certain sides of the building can Big Dog get picked up. Sadly, I am not in that side of the building 🙁 So I can only get it now if it is really cloudy between here and Beaumont Texas. Even then it is messed up most times.

Anyways, that Sunday I was in a different cell and was listening to the metal show. Someone yelled to me that on NPR was going to talk about Joey. So at 11 PM on Sunday, I flipped down there and listened to that horribly edited fucked up interview. The show was called Texas something. They really presented him bad. When the show is listened to, one can tell just how much of an edit job it was. Joey only met with that guy, because it was NPR and he thought he would get a fair shake.

Then that fucking reporter made it seem as if Randy was shooting from the Jeep by the way it was edited. Though it is clear as day how it is edited. These same media outlets rant about Trump and shit. If they would give just 10% of that attention to the flaws of the system, the death penalty would long be over with.

So there I was pissed off about how that interview went. I zip back down the dial to Big Dog and thankfully I didn’t wait any longer. Sadly, I waited too long after 11:30PM as a song I hadn’t heard in a while was playing. 

I heard this woman singing and felt excited as I realized who it was. It was Marie Brink of In This Moment. The song was ‘Whore’. Ms. Brink turned the word ‘whore’ into this whole acronym and such. It is a bad ass song. She has some really good music and sadly she does not get anywhere near the attention that she should for her talent.

I had been waiting to hear that song. Missed a third of it due to that bullshit ass NPR interview on Joey.

Due to the complications of the Law of Parties, I will write about all that in a separate blog. Would make this one too long. There are angles to it that many people do not properly grasp and even lawyers fail to adequately argue to juries.

Just wanted to drop a few lines.

I will be back soon.

Veni, vidi, vici

I remain,

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