Loud and Clear: Tick Tock

Clinton Lee Young. Loud And Clear 
Topic: Tick Tock
Date: July 7th, 2019

Still no news to report. I had anticipated getting an update, but haven’t. Time ticks on. Life around death row has been slow and steady. Not as tense as was around this time last year when we got the new administration. 

It should be enough that they are trying to kill us. All the extra stuff to stress over is not needed. So glad everything is at least slow and steady. When it comes to writing. People can go back to writing.  The reason that I want people to not write when it gets close to the hearing when I leave the unit. The mailroom used to forward a persons mail to the specific county jail. Which is where we are houses when going to court. Now the mailroom only “returns to sender” anything that arrives. That would just result in all kinds of stuff lost. 

I will let people know a couple weeks before I am due to go back. For security reasons, obviously, I will not know the exact day for my transport! 

Anyways. Nothing is even remotely set in sand, mush less stone. As to when hearing will be. Could be August or next year 😡 I have not been writing much for a simple reason. I have to get a new typewriter. 

Wish I could say I got mad and threw it across the cell. Though I messed it up in a much stupider way 😡

The hammer was barley hitting, so letters wasn’t laying down.  I thought maybe it was dust or a wire issue. First a little bit on the impact came off.  So I get that fixed with string. We aren’t allowed tools and such. So I have to get & such. So I have to get cave man creative. Well it messed up again! So I clean all and check what I thought was old. Still wouldn’t work. Warranty is long expired. So it is just dead. Then I get mad! Then worse gets ripped. I go to set it down and hear something rolling around. 

I find the noise source. It is the bottom part of the impacter. The impact has a bullet shaped base, with a shaft and nut at the end of the shaft. Well I see the bullet shape part rolling around. Confused at how in the world the shaft could have broke off. I push the hammer forward and pull the impact shaft out. Soon as I seen the end of it. My heart sank and I felt sick. 😡

It had threads on that end also. Meaning, all I had to do was place a small string on threads of the shaft and screw the base back on. The string helps it get a secure grip. So what would take five minutes and a piece of nylon string, became a $225 fuck up 😡  To my defense though. The brand of typewriter that they used to sell. That impacter was all in one piece. Which I assumed would be same w/this brand. I had it for three years. Though only problem was that impacter, which I could have fixed. Anyway, when I finally am able to get a new one. Then I will write more.  I also recently found out a pen pal ad a couple of years ago had that I was not willing to write people overseas.  I never said that, and it makes no sense. I know some people get frustrated that I don’t write back. 

Several things w/that. #1 At times my mind is so consumed with my case I toss letters to the side and will only write letters that pertain to action or some that I feel good about writing.  Like they make me smile. That I don’t have to worry about any bullshit, complaints, misunderstandings, and the sort. That’s just cool is the rule. Now that is “NOT” to say all others are. But if getting to know someone new.  Due to past experiences there is a feeling out process that takes time. So and is about energy levels. Or I just get focused on other stress. #2 has at times I just don’t get it due to mail mishaps. Though that is a low percentage. #3 this one I hate to admit. I got mad at lawyers and another person was going to shut everything down and represent myself in court. During this time period I threw a lot of stuff away. That includes letters and such. Which also ties into not blogging for awhile. #4 some people act like writing me is a hobby or that I have some obligation. I am not here for anyone’s entertainment.  Nor have I filled out a job application. Now I have been putting more focus on the US and Texas so as to get a chapter of the foundation set up here and all that. My point is. When I get my typewriter I will get off the bullshit being lazy and stressed out and write more.  I am just so tired of this place and dealing with all this. Tired of living it and writing about it. Trying to write more blogs on other stuff. One about the hearing getting cancelled. Should have been posted by now. Not sure if it was properly received yet. 

Alright then. I shall return. Take care, smile, and strive for all that you desire. 

Veni Vidi Vici

In solidarity 

I remain

Clinton Lee Young
D. R.  Polunsky Unit 
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