Loud and Clear: Safe and Sound

Clinton Young Loud and Clear 

Topic: Safe and Sound

Date: August 11,2019

You fuckin people have gone batshit crazy out there. With all the fake book conspiracies, instadumb post and violence. I am staying on death row where it is safe and sound! Here I only have to fight with ants, mold, multi-legged roaches, and 2 legged roaches. 

There was even a tornado in Amsterdam.  What the hell? 

So much for my planned post upon arriving to Amsterdam. “The Texas Tornado has landed. I’m here to tear the town up!” Pfft Ha! I promise I don’t pay for these lines.  Ha. Oh and yes “instadumb” is an official Clinton Loki Young creation. As Instagram seems to make people dumb.  As in dumb criminals that do crimes and then post about it. Thus being “instadumb” “ Local guy caught after posting about robbery on Instagram.” He was #instadumb. 

Caught cheating? #instadumb! I copyright it and declare it my creation. My supporters who are already NOT instadumb people. So they are free to use it against those dummies that it applies to as their heart desires. 

See I am hip to the times. I still don’t understand guys wearing skinny jeans. But generally I am able to keep up with the cool kids. 

Still no typewriter, as the unit commissary has not had any in stock. Guess I will have to get one when I get back from the hearing. Not sure if I wrote about this yet. The state had concern about some matters. They had testing done to check. It came back. Do I even need to say who it favors? I mean it is automatically understood. I’m just saying! Will post about it as hearing goes on.  Plus people will understand why more wasn’t discussed. The hearing almost got delayed again, but judge thankfully said no. 

Last delay was for my benefit.  To make sure my rights were protected. It worked out and is all moving along. 

Next. I think a blog I sent to someone to forward, was not posted.  The Nuts and Butts blog was never supposed to be posted.  As after writing it, a couple different set of details was brought to my attention. Which would have altered the way I wrote the blog. The blog that was supposed to have been posted would have explained more hearing etc. more so how the video deposition went. Will just post videos after hearing. 

Alrighty then. The fight goes on.  

Veni Vidi Vici

In solidarity 

I remain

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Polunsky Unit

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