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Topic: Never fails/Always something

Date: Aug 20th 2019

Had an unexpected legal call today. It seems that the main point of the hearing will change. 

2 Developments. 1. There was some guys who gave statements in 2003. I wrote a blog about one guys video deposition from April 2019. That D.A. investigator altered/falsified a statement. Then had it improperly notarized. I wrote a long blog on this. No one has commented on it, so I still assume it has not been scanned and forwarded to Alex or Merel. 

Well last week I was told a guy gave a statement saying that I said I shot Samuel Petrey. This was done in 2003 after my trial and before my motion for new trial. I have been furious all weekend and planning on how to attack it. Lawyer said he was a fugitive from cops, so might not show up if they don’t catch him. Well my team found him online I guess and lawyers spoke to him. 

He told them “No. Clinton never told me anything like that. The investigator told me if I would help him, he would help me. He wrote that and I signed it. But it was Page that confessed and also told me about his plea deal” and some other stuff. 

So yet another false statement by a D.A. investigator. Multiple people say stuff about him. It shows a pattern of misconduct. It gets a bit better. It was revealed to my lawyers that the D.A. that worked on the forms given to my jury, handled my direct appeal and my state habeas each time I filed one and the filings around my execution state and testing requests. Turns out that as he was doing this, he also was working for the courts as an advisor for habeas appeals. 

He thus worked for the court, while operating as a prosecutor. That is what is called a “conflict of interest”. He knew he should have got off my case. It is prosecutor misconduct and rendered my previous appeals improper and biased. Which then raises the matter of doing them all again. Which I don’t want to do. All the lawyers have been talking I should have still returned to Midland for the other parts of the hearing. If I end up not going that is. The officers are of mind that I am not due to leave the unit tomorrow will find out in the morning at latest. Hopefully still leave in a day or two. 

Every time I turn around, there is always something. Other matters was discussed, but not going to get into all that right now. As more is to be discussed. Chaos is the story of my life it seems. 

To my supporters and friends. Thanks for being there for me. Even when at times I didn’t make it easy with my frustrations and such. To my enemies. Many assume they are listed as such. When they really aren’t worthy of such a title. But to keep it simple. To yall. Well stay tuned. 

To other more important matters. It seems that positive steam is building for Rabbi Randy. That is what I took to referring to him as, since the stuff came out about the judge from his case. I tend to find some sliver of humur in all situations. Rabbi Randy should never have been convicted.

Beyond all that. A serious question needs to be asked by the citizenry. How many lives are enough? If it was the Texas 10 would 10 be too much? A store clerk is killed or such. The actual shooter accepts deal first so gets life and other gets death. Cases of average people getting killed and plea deals are passed out like candy. 1 cop gets killed, then 7 people have to die. Even those that never fire a shot!? How do we as a society seek justice and equality. When we place the value of one life so high above others? Not only do we treat criminals differently. We treat victims differently. Cop kills a citizen and ends up with official oppression. Yet a citizen kills a cop, or is just there, and he gets death?

A cop in Harris county lied on a search warrant that got a door kicked in. This leads to a shootout and 2 people dying with multiple cops shot. So a cop caused events to unfold based on lies and 2 people died. Based on transfer intent / law of parties. He caused 2 deaths in one scheme. That is capital murder. Yet Harrys county prosecutors will never file such a case. Though guys are serving life in TDCJ for just running from cops and a cop said guy point his car at a cop. Didn’t hit him. Just supposedly drove towards him. Amazing that some can’t understand why parts of the population are upset. 

I am not saying that special protection should not be given to those that protect the innocent. Though when are the scales even? Why can not mercy be shown and it still be justice? Since the Texas 7 case, people have still escaped and killed. Violence goes on. Killing Randy will have zero deterrent on crime. His story will only serve to make people view their government as heartless. People turn against the death penalty fastest at the notion that we kill people who never killed. It also supports those that hate the system and police. “See look, they will kill anyone. They kill people who never killed.” In so many ways the execution of Randy would be wrong and counterproductive. More so when people read about a racist judge. It would only serve to be propaganda for those that hate cops and believe the justice system is only just for the protection of a slice of the population. 

Our system is built on a foundation of justice. Rooted in the faith the people have in it. This can only be maintained through fairness and the rule of law.

The officers name is honoured through fairness, justice and mercy. If Randy is executed then the officers name will forever be tied to a hateful judge and the death of Randy. We should never kill anyone that hasn’t killed nor even tried to harm another. We should also not tie the name of one that has sacrificed in the call of duty, to the very concepts that undermine what caused him to answer that call. No matter where people stand on the death penalty. All should stand against the execution of Randy Halprin. Free Rabbi Randy! 

Still no typewriter. I was told the warehouse for the typewriters burnt down. That one was supposed to have been held for me on the unit. Though another clerk accidently sold it to someone else. Then warehouse burnt down. It is always something I tell you! Shall see how all that sorts as is only one company that makes them. Long sigh. So after I get back from hearing. People will just have to bare with my handwriting. It will grow on ya. 

Alright, I have carried on long enough. Please keep up support, and spreading the word. 

Take care, smile, and strive for all that you desire. 

I remain, 

In solidarity, 

Veni Vidi Vici

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