Loud and Clear: Can it get crazier

Clinton Young: Loud and Clear

Topic: Can it get crazier

Date: August 27, 2019

Was all geared up for nothing. Monday, they wanted to kill me. Tuesday, they offered me life, which I promptly rejected. Thursday, the Midland D.A. had to get off my case. Found out the assistant D.A> literally was working with judges to kill me. So Midland had to get off my case + a special prosecutor will be brought in. The former D.A. that fought all my state level appeals, was paid by judges to advice the court on how to deny my appeals! A major conflict of interest + totally unethical. So all my state level appeals were rigged. It is like the insanity knows no end! Yes, it can help reopen stuff, but I am tired of this shit.

The trip to + from Midland was neat. Got to ride on police airplanes. Coming back to this place was not neat. I felt sick! It was like getting locked up all over again. Look, I am trying to stay as distracted as possible. People always ask me how to help. I want to be able to get newspapers + as many magazines, books + comics as possible to keep my mind off of this place as much as humanly possible. So if you want to help me, then please send something each month to the PayPal/Tip Jar on www.saveaninnocentlife.com This way I can just send my people a list of what I want every week. Thank you in advance.

When I first came to death row, when they closed the cell door I pulled on it and thought “one day I’m walking out of here”. This time I just felt sick. It is like it will never end. Each time I get a step closer, BAM! I get kicked back. If it aint lying witnesses, prosecutors hiding secret deals and having people lie at my trial, it is the investigator for my state appeal lawyer smoking crack with witnesses, to D.A. investigators creating false statements, to the judge and D.A. literally working together to kill me. The insult to injury is that Midland takes my TDCJ trust fund account for a % of all funds I get, to make me pay for it all! It is like this shit will never end. I can’t get a fair trial. I can’t get a fair appeal. Prosecutors and law enforcement commit felonies with no one punished. Yet they got the audacity to offer me a bitch ass life sentence. Motherfackers are smoking crack and eating dog food. I just want all this to be over. 

I am not writing about my case anymore. I am tired of even thinking about it. Thanks for any and all help. People can start writing me again. 

p.s. the clintonyoungfoundation.com site account of purely for legal.

Take care, smile and keep on keeping on.

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