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Clinton Lee Young – Loud and Clear 

Topic: My focus 

Date: Sept 19th 2019

Over the years, I have told people my focus. As to the system and goals. I am not an anti-death penalty activist. I reserve that for those not on death row. For a guy on death row to say he is such. It is really to say he is a “don’t kill me” activist. I do not make the fight about capital punishment. It is about justice. It is about the rule of law & all being held to the same standard. Which is the basis of a civil society. We see, far too often, how the system in the U.S. works differently for various people. I have always said, there is a true way to end the death penalty. It is to deplete the faith people have in the system. This is done by highlighting misconduct. My case tops the cake. The level of conspiracy to murder me is breath taking. Never seen before type level. You all don’t know the half of it yet! I was smart, young, white, attractive and loved by a wide range of people. All that was supposed to protect me from the death penalty. So I was told, before receiving such. I wasn’t from Midland, so no connections. Then there is the lack of wealth.

What truly was the defining factor. It was a prosecutor willing to win at any cost. To secure the merit badge of having gotten the death penalty. He retired as soon as the appeal court upheld my conviction. The assistant D.A. Ralph Patty who handled appeals. He had that court’s ruling hanging on his office wall. Like it was a trophy. The officials around the prosecutor. Law enforcement, judges and other D.A’s. All bound by ethics. All professing to be fighting a noble cause. They stood for nothing and done everything. Damn the law, morals and ethics. They pumped the victims family with lies. Manipulated their pain to serve prosecutors own end. Denied them surety of legal fact. Them people was fuckin sick! They called “me” the sociopath!? 

This is why the system needs to be questioned. It is why those in power need to be challenged.

I don’t need to tell people to deny the government the ability to kill citizens. They come to that conclusion on their own. My focus is on the constitution. The rule of law. What we define as justice. This line of thinking. It is why I welcome pro-death penalty people on pages, as I do anti-death penalty activists. I want a police officer to feel just as welcomed as an outlaw. 

As what you feel about a political topic. The moral position you take on a form of punishment. These self-defining perspectives of ‘right or wrong’. To each her or his own. My focus is to get beyond that. To instead focus on the moral contract, that we operate by, as a society. 

The U.S. is not a pure democracy. It is a democratic republic. We elect people to be the voice of the people. In Texas, prosecutors are elected. Judges are elected. The people bind them by oath and trust them with the power to make choices that impact lives. We use a symbol to define our vision of justice. Lady justice with her scale, blindfold and sword. A lady because women truly do have a greater sensitivity to injustice. Blindfolded so as to see no difference in the people. The scales to balance out justice equally for all. The sword to feel the wrath. To feel her fury. This is how we define our system.

Those that are corrupt overlook a detail. Her sword is double sided. It cuts both ways!

At least that is what it is meant to do. Being that she is blindfolded. Man can lead her down the wrong path. Protecting their own from her. They all done everything they could, to serve one prosecutors objective. They committed felonies! Tampering with a witness in a capital case is a first degree felony. Murder, aggravated sexual assault and so forth are first degree felonies! It all carries up to life in prison. Beyond the lies and such. They all acted outside the law, to accomplish depriving me of my life. That was the goal. The sole objective. To lead up and result in my death on Oct. 26, 2017. 

I don’t care where you stand on capital punishment. Where do you stand on truth, ethics, morals, the law and our symbol of justice? I say that cops, prosecutors, judges and the sort should take care of their own. As long as they don’t forget their own is the people. All the people as they damn sure aren’t supposed to be above the law. To think though, they really don’t understand why a part of the country hates them. They create an “us vs. them”. Because they treat “us” different than “them”. 

Though we shall see how everything unfolds. It really is not hard to do the right thing. If you believe in what you say you stand for. 

That’s is that.

Take care, smile and strive for all that you desire.

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