Loud and Clear: Why the Death Penalty

Loud and Clear: Why the Death Penalty

Many have asked me why I received the death penalty.

I told them in letters that I would write a blog about it. Though I’ve delayed it some. Why? There are people that want to see me dead. Pro-death penalty types. Hell, I think some of them do not even care at this point if I am guilty or not. They just cannot endure the thought of me.

I can be a bit arrogant at times. I used to have messages sent to them from me.:)

Others want me dead, because of their involvement in the case. I win, it really looks bad for them. Then there are just some others that just do not like me. Then there are two women, that just want to see me fail.

I also like to stand back & have others do things to attempt to discredit me. As then I can step up and chop it up. I am going to attempt to make this as short & point by point as is possible for the long-winded guy that I am.:)

Why the death penalty:

  • I was arrested after a high speed police chase. I have written about this in other blogs. No need to repeat.
  • The alleged murder weapon was in the truck. Though it was under the passenger seat. (REALLY A BAD LOOK THERE!)
  • Juvenile prison records contained reports of alleged extensive drug use, gang activity, & numerous fights in juvenile prison. Some riots & assaults on officers.
  • I had a few prior cases. The ones I went to juvenile lock up over.
  • A guy gave a statement indicating that him & I had a shoot out with another guy. Plus a gun store was broken into.
  • There were two murders.
  • The biggest factor, I refused to talk to the police when I was first arrested.

I readily admit that it all does stack up to be a bad look for me. Though what it is, is a complicated tangled mess. When you first see it, it overwhelms. Though as you start to unravel it, it all quickly falls to pieces. This is why the legal support I have is so very critical.

Point A.

The gun in the truck. This gun did not have my finger prints on it. Nor did any other gun. It didn’t have anyone’s prints. I could not be expected to, as the co-defendant wore gloves. Which he bragged about to others. (That testimony will be re-posted. For some reason it was removed years ago & I just found out about it.:(

I requested that DNA testing be done, when the police blamed me for the murder. It was never done. Though it wouldn’t have been a big factor. More so since the police was seen in a picture holding the gun with their bare hands. It was handled by several officers. Thus destroying anything of value due to the sloppy work. What is of value, is that the gloves the co-defendant had on, has gunshot residue that has not been properly tested. Also that in one of his statements to the police. He admitted that he told me to get rid of the gun & truck. As I had, in short, removed him from my presence.

Point B.

I have addressed already the police chase & the shooting of a Hispanic male. The guy involved blamed me. The VICTIM said that I did NOT have a gun and did NOT shoot him. He testified to this.

Point C.

The priors I had were petty for the most part. One was a burglary of a house. I did not go into the house. The woman that owned the house believed that I did not break in. Two other guys I was friends with, they went in. I refused to go in & didn’t want anything to do with it. As I had just got out of juvenile lock up, where I spent 2 weeks. The probation officer I had was threatening to send me to juvenile prison. (Which I did NOT want to go to!) Both were older than me, one was 17, so able to go to adult prison under  Texas  law.

An old barge had washed up behind my mother’s house. It had been floating in the lake due to a storm. It was in really bad shape. Myself and others used to hang out in it & do what teenagers do. From the house, they stole some guns & stuff & put them in the barge. Which when they spoke to the police, it conveniently became MY barge! Funny how that works. They blamed me, as I was the youngest I guess & they thought would get in the least amount of trouble. When the officer came to pick me up, the first thing he said was, “Clint, you know they are putting it on you. Now I know that is all a bunch of bullshit. You going to give a statement?”

I replied, “No, sir.”

The cop replied, “I didn’t think so.”

We rode in silence until the officer said, “I understand you not saying anything, but I’m not going to let them get away with it. I’m going to make sure their asses go down too. Being as you don’t want to talk. You know you got to go also.”

I just responded with, “I dig it.”

It was a small town area. This officer knew me. He had questioned me about a store that was broke into. It was a beer store. Again I was the only one that refused to talk. The store was broken into 2 times. Yes, one time did do it. The other time I didn’t, though knew who did. Though did not say anything. (I wasn’t alone when I did, but didn’t tell on the other.) I broke into the store because the owner got drunk with someone she knew. She then gave this person my mother’s telephone number. That person called my mother’s house leaving threatening voice messages on the answering machine. I got mad. I broke into her store & stole beer & candy. I was 13.

Then me, my step sister, and a couple of others got buzzed at the lake. They couldn’t figure out who did the other break in. Though they “cleared the books” by charging me when I was signing for my time. They actually couldn’t prove I did the first one, but I did.

Another case was, I was mad at my stepfather. I wanted to run away from home. I took some of his money & a few of his guns that I was going to sell. The police gave the guns back to my mother & released me to her. My stepfather and I, to say we didn’t get along, would be an understatement. He didn’t want to have me back at the house. I didn’t want to be there. I had just recently left my father’s house, as he was arrested for hitting me. She couldn’t send me with him. My mother seemed to think the only solution was to turn me back over to the police. The fact is, had my mother not taken me to the police station, (I was arrested in another district), then it all would have went away. I never would have ended up in juvenile prison.

Myself, a girlfriend, and a friend of mine who was the son of my mom’s friend, we ran away and took his mom’s car. We were going to bring it back! She did not want to press charges, when we got pulled over. This happened when the guns were taken. Guns are all over the place in the U.S. & outside of jewelry, they bring in the most money. Also outside of drugs, but it takes money to get drugs!

The state was going to drop all charges, if I completed a six month program. They sent me to a mental health facility. They declared that I was mentally ill due to sever ADHD.

Basically it came down to this, I was a smart good-looking kid that could have achieved anything I wanted. The school was actually fighting the hardest for me! They all wanted me to get situated. I was hyper. Though most of the issues came from the whole “divorced parents bouncing back and forth between them – emotionally abusive stepfather – no male role model – to immature to properly deal with the pain I was feeling” combo going on.

At the placement, I was placed on very powerful stimulate medication. Dexedrine, Adderall, and such. As I mentioned in previous blogs, these medications now carry warning labels that they cause psychotic behavior in some minors. Guess who was “some minor”? I am sending the pages to be scanned and posted with this blog. I have written about it for years, though never posted it. My behavior spiraled out of control. I was accused of manipulating the treatment team, when I begged them while crying, that it had to be the medication or something. I would just snap and next thing I know, I would be restrained on the ground. Not fully clear of all the events that happened prior to that point. 2 times I had to be sedated. I then got into a fight with another guy there. He was a gang member. He was 15, I was 14. He was 5’9 and 260 pounds. Yes 260! I was 5’4 145. I have written about this in the evidence/legal part of my website. He told the staff that during the fight I told him to perform oral sex on me & I would stop beating him up. Here is how the events unfolded: We had been joking around, play fighting. I told him to stop, as I had to get ready for an event. The placement had girls. As a result, I had a girlfriend there. Which when I say, “I have had my share of crazy girlfriends” I mean that literally!:) haha. No, she wasn’t crazy. Just came from a messed up situation like myself & at 15 she got classified as bi-polar. I think she was just a teenage girl! They all act a bit bi-polar at times!

Anyways. She had bought me a necklace.

I was sitting on a bed next to the guy, as we shared a room with another guy. He was also Hispanic and also was in some kind of gang. The place was for troubled youth with some kind of mental problem, or a daddy with enough money to say they had such to keep them from getting a criminal record. It was a nice place. Though the chief psychologist was TRASH! She was a very despicable low-life of a woman. She was made for Hollywood films about evil psychologists.

Anyways, I went to get up & the dude grabbed my shirt. In doing so, he also grabbed my necklace. (He grabbed me by the collar of the shirt.) He broke the necklace. I got mad. He said he would pay for it. I told him it had sentimental value & that “I told his dumbass to stop playing.”

He told me to “shut the fuck up.”

I told him, “Bitch, make me!”

He swung at me. I ducked and next thing I know he is on the ground & I was hitting him in the head. Again, I was in my boxers a t-shirt. He went to get up causing me to fall forward. He SAID that he felt my penis touch his ear. I don’t know if that is true or not. Though it did fall out from the slit in the boxers. The other guy, as I was standing back up, said, “ahh man, put your d**k up!” I looked down and when I was fixing myself, just to talk smack, I told the guy I was fighting, “stop looking at my d**k!” I then made some comments that would call into question his sexuality. Now the other guy was, as I said, also Hispanic & both were apart of a “Hispanic only street gang.” When I had backed off, as I was done, he hit him also and told him to keep the gang out of his mouth. Basically meaning do not speak of being associated with it. As he was an embarrassment due to losing the fight to a white guy & I had “clowned him” and when we stood up, he didn’t want to fight anymore. (clowned means to embarrass.)

I even stopped the other guy from hitting him anymore. Though several factors came into play after this. First, the dude did not want to have me around. Outside of the fight there were some jealousy issues due to the girl I was with at the time. She really was pretty! Anyways. I considered the fight over with. Gave him his space. Though he couldn’t get over the fact that now the only other Hispanic there did not want to talk to him. He had a large bump on his head, though that was from him getting hit by the other guy. Staff talked to him. It became that I caused it & that I told him that I would stop beating him up if he performed oral sex. Everyone knew that “any” aggressive sexual behavior would result in automatic removal from the placement. I was removed. The psychologist classified me as anti-social personality disorder. Which meant that there was “no help for me.” Instead of going to another facility, I was sent to juvenile lock-up, then prison. (That classification is meant for 18+ years-old. Not a 14-year-old child.) Now before I went to prison, they allowed me to go home. Once for a couple of days. Then for a week before I was to appear at court. NO ONE ELSE got to do that. NO ONE!

The psychologist at the facility had labeled me as a homicide precaution. That I should “remain in a secure facility & that I posed a risk to myself & others.” She even added in that I indicated that I would hurt my baby sister. (That was a personal twist to it, as she knew who two of the most important people to me was at that time.) If the probation officer or anyone else believed that, they would not have let me go home!

Anyone that knew me, knew that Jessi was my heart. (Jessi is my baby sister.)

While at juvenile lock up, they knew me, as I had been there before going to the facility. They opened the door & allowed me to walk around. One even made a joke about “who I had pissed off.” They knew all the “homicide precautions” was bullshit!

The lock up gives different levels. If a person is good, they get points. So many points, more privileges. My probation officer checked up on me & found out that they had zero problems. She let me go home. Matter of fact! My mom, baby sister, and stepfather were taking a trip to Ohio to visit his family and Brandy, my stepsister. They were going to release me to take the trip “OUT OF STATE” with them. After the trip, I was to come back. Though the paper work was messed up. So I didn’t get to take the trip. When I went home, my mother called the probation officer and told her, “there is nothing wrong with this boy!”

You know the ONE & ONLY thing that was different? I was taking ZERO medications! Since having been on  ADHD  pills since the age of 6-years-old, I was taking no meds. Now again, I was 14 years-old. The guy told my trial investigator that I was just trying to embarrass him. It wasn’t anything sexual. Just two boys that got into a fight that got carried away. I will finish this subject in another blog, as this is way too long. Though it is important that all this be explained. It will all come together in the next blog, along with some recently filed new statements.

After this next blog, I will get off the legal topics & onto other matter. I know all this stuff makes peoples head hurt reading it. Though it is important that I clear it up & show the proof that I am being honest. This way I can counter the bullshit!

If I done wrong, I admit it. I am 30-years-old. July 19th I will be 31. I am having to tackle stuff that happened when I was 14! though it is important, so as to show that the reasons the state picked to go after the death penalty. That they are flawed and incorrect. Plus with my ability to destroy the bullshit tossed out by the state. It helps to gain the faith of people that cross my path. As if I can show I am being honest & am able to repeatedly disprove the state. It helps to support my innocence claims. Plus more importantly, shows I am not the person they claim I am.

More posted soon. Please bare with me & also thanks to those that have recently purchased the bracelets & t-shirts.


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