Loud and Clear: A Dutch Tragedy

Loud and Clear: A Dutch Tragedy

Today I was standing in the middle of the cell, thinking about what I needed to do. A radio show I listen to mentioned the plane crash in Ukraine. When he said the flight was from Amsterdam to Malaysia, my heart sank. Some of those that I write in the Netherlands have made reference of flying to Malaysia for vacation. Since the film aired, I have written back & forth with so many of the Dutch that it has become a sister country for me. With all the letters, cards, & help given. I cannot help but feel a kinship with the Dutch.

I have been glued to the radio today, listening to the updates. The tragic event is made worse, by the fact that it most likely will come out to be the result of some dumbass shooting at the wrong plane.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those that lost their loved ones.

The Netherlands being such a small country, it would be hard for such a loss of life to not impact all through the country in one way or another.

I folded my mattress up & stood on it to look out the cell window. I can see the sky and a highway. My thoughts went to how quickly life can change. Tomorrow truly is not promised today.

I am in this situation & I have a slow pace of watching death approach. It is vastly different than a sudden loss. More so when I didn’t exactly make all of the best choices in life. Though people on a plane, they are feeling safe & secure, they are on a journey to have fun & relax.

The reports was that the plane was 30 minutes behind schedule. It creates so many thoughts of “if this would have happened,” “if that would have happened,” – it would all be different.

A woman I write asked the question, before, of why God would allow the suffering of innocent people. This tragedy would seem to be the perfect storm of a “Why!?”.

I do not profess to have the deepest, most secure faith. Though I know that Man has the power of choice. That power, it bears the burden of responsibility. To be held accountable. It doesn’t matter if they thought it was a military plane from Ukraine or not. These foolish political power games have cost the lives of almost 300 people. All innocent.

The governments cannot claim to have been ignorant to the threat. As the U.S. & the U.K. issued warnings to its pilots, to not fly over the region over a week prior to this happening.

The majority should not have to live in fear of the few. Hopefully the stupid political games are put aside & the international community acts swiftly. Forcing peace in that region, so that at least some positive can come from this.

I was telling a guy near me, that from my writing the Dutch, it is clear they are not ‘hawkish’ people. They are laid back, cool is the rule. All is good as long as no one gets hurt. They do not bother anyone!

If that was a U.S. flight with 150+ Americans on board, U.S. Marines & Special Forces would have been on the ground before the smoke cleared. Over half the country would have been screaming for all out war. Though that is the difference in a country that has had an identity shaped by military might, in its young history. Versus one that has had its thumbprint on history & has calmed with age & accepted its role as the party hat of Europe. J

I imagine the media in the Netherlands made it seem as if hell on earth was coming forth. A plane shot down. Israel invading Gaza.

Peace seems to be a chore!

Hopefully the families of those whose lives were lost can get some kind of justice. That the people who fired the missile & those that made it available, are taken to task & held accountable. I was looking around the cell, while thinking of how to wrap this one up. I had to laugh. I got letters and cards laying all over the place with ‘Nederland’ postal stamps. On the bunk beside me, is the book ‘The UnDutchables.’ On the floor by my feet is the book ‘New Visions of the Netherlands.’ Along with a GIANT birthday card from greetz.com (Thanks Liz)

I was even listening to the Netherlands play in the World Cup when it was on, & hopeful they would win. (Only if the U.S. lost of course. J)

So yeah, the Dutch consume such a large part of my heart.

I know that the lives of so many people have been turned upside down. I pray that their pain eases & that they are able to find peace.

I’m not really good at dealing with emotional topics, unless it is anger. J

I just hate to think of the pain, that a people I have come to love are going through.

My thoughts are with you,

In Solidarity,


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