Loud and Clear: Major Disruption

Loud and Clear: Major Disruption

I found out on the 18th that the additional legal filings were rejected. Some parts of the legal reasons for my  appeal  denied was altered. It will help me make a better argument to the next  court,  on why I deserve another appeal. The rejection was highlighted by the fact that my lawyers did wrong. Now I surely need to raise the funds for a new  lawyer . It will be an extra day or three for me to finish typing my series of blogs about my supposed bad acts before my arrest. I am having those posted, so people can understand the dynamics of my case. It will also give me a chance to show later that the claims are false. Also now that my website is fixed up, I am also going to start posting my autobiography. A few pages will be posted each week.

One of my codefendants has admitted that the first victim was not killed for his car to go see a girl. This is very important, as it means that there has been other developments. I will post about them soon. Thank you all that have donated and ordered bracelets and t-shirts. I need all the help I can get right now. I need another ten grand to get a lawyer started on the case. Hopefully I can find one willing to work out a payment plan. I guess another good thing from the past legal filings is that I got 4 more months of life. Though my desire and plan was surely more than to delay my stay. Thanks again for everyone’s help & those that write me.

Please keep an eye on my site. More will be posted each week. Take care!


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