Bookreview: The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Founding Fathers

Bookreview: The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Founding Fathers
AuthorBrion McClanahan, Ph.d
Publisher: Regnery Publishing, INC.
Subject: History/Politics

Review: When myths and opinions enter popular culture. People consider it as being fact. One person misquotes an historical figure. The quote gets posted with no fact checking. It then gets repeated often enough that it is perceived as true. This happens quite often with the words of  Thomas Jefferson , with it pertains to  religion  and  governments .

For people wanting to learn more about the creation of the United States; be they patriots, history buffs, or just curious. This book is an easy read.

The professor writes in such a way that makes it appealable to the average person.

Reading  The Founding Fathers  shows the vast difference between government leaders of the past and those of current times. It also drives home the point, that there is truly a difference in a statesmen and a politician.

Regardless of a person’s political philosophy. If you do not know the history of the positions you both hold and oppose. Then you are like a feather floating about. Just going where to wind takes you.

People often only read and listen to what reinforces their beliefs. These usually are the people who scream “I have an open mind!” the loudest.

If you can not understand why others think the way you do. How can you truly understand and appreciate your position? That does not mean, to not stand for your beliefs. If you do not stand for something, you will for anything.  Many do not want to expel the energy required to learn.  They just want to go with that they feel is cool or acceptable to those around them. In doing such, a person never really lives their own life. You live for others.  All that you believe in, when it comes to how  government  should or shouldn’t be. You was taught. You picked it up from a teacher, media figures, or popular culture.  Government  impacts everything!!  I believe it is an injustice for a person to not learn why he/she believes as they do. IF you are from the United States, this is a great bipartisan book to start with. For those from outside the U.S., this is a great start to understanding the U.S.A.