Loud and Clear. When I’m right, I’m RIGHT!!

Loud and Clear. When I’m right, I’m RIGHT!!
May 29th. 2014

As I wrote in my last blog about the  botched execution  in Oklahoma. States would adapt, by stepping away from  lethal injection.  The state of Tennessee has passed a law, allowing  execution  by  electric chair.  Other states avoid the dilemma by offering a ‘choice’ to the person being executed.

I doubt states would go back to  hanging . A couple still have it as allowed on the law books. Though they do not use it. It wouldn’t be that they are adverse to hanging.  Texas  was known for swinging the ropes freely. Though in modern times. Being that mass majority of executions occur in the southern portion of the U.S. The ‘image’ of a bunch of white prison guards, standing around a black guy being hung. Yeah, that would NOT be a good publicity image for Texas.

It is good that a discussion is being had about the  death penalty.  In any form. Though this is a topic that is up close and personal for me.  If it came down to a ‘one drug’ lethal injection that Texas does. Which is simply an overdose. Versus the electric chair.

Fuck that  electric chair!  A person could not even have an open casket for the funeral. They put the hood over the person being executed, due to the horrible effects of the electricity. I mentioned before that sates would adapt to the controversy. That is being done. The conversation is good! Though the end result must be analyzed. After all, it is not you all being killed. I had a discussion with guys back here, that are around me. The common theme is as I said. Fuck that chair!

Really I wish people would ease up on the subject & actually focus more on the horrible legal presentation many get & the ones with legit concerns, that have been executed. As the injustice is what changes peoples minds.

I do not speak for everyone here. Though the people I have discussed it with. They think the same. As groups will raise 9 ways of hell about the injection drugs, & harass these companies. Yet remain silent, against the  lawyers  that refuse to write their clients & file bogus  appeals .

That’s just my thoughts Loud & Clear.

Now that I have someone that will help me type up my blogs, I will be posting more. Also my book reviews & online story that I am working on. It also help me to feel better. As it gives me more of a solid foundation to operate from.

Lisanne was more than willing to continue helping with the blogs. As a mother & dealing with the effects of brain surgery. I didn’t want to add extra stress to her.

To everyone that has ordered a shirt and/or a bracelet that Alexandra made. Thank you!

Also with the funds raised, I have been able to get the  investigator  retained and started. After the first part is completed. Then hopefully additional funds can be transferred, so as to finish the 2nd part. 1st part is matters relevant to my innocence, 2nd part is dealing with the punishment phase issues. Which was simply a matter of life sentence vs. death.

I am NOT working towards such. Though it is important that the relevant information be presented, so as to negate the adverse image created of me by the state.

Hopefully soon I can contact and come to an agreement, with the proper experts that I need. My goal is to get the best! This way they cannot be attacked.


I will get back to blogging about personal issues & not the heavy  legal  issues. As I know this topic wears on people. Just please understand that I went from planning my life after  death row  & enjoying the reaction from the film. To trying to figure out how to get an  appeal  & not be  executed!

Words cannot explain the emotions that entails.

As of May 28th, the Judge has not issued a ruling.

That was unexpected. Though the areas my lawyers pointed out, where the denial ruling was clearly Wrong. They were correct!

I think a law clerk wrote everything and the judge assumed it to be true. However, my  lawyers  pointed out the opinion error about my ballistics reports. Which clear me of the  murder.  The state said the judge was wrong also! So we both agreed! Which is unheard of. 🙂  However the state said that it doesn’t matter. 🙁

While I disagree with the insanity of the state’s thoughts, that a report that shows I didn’t kill someone doesn’t matter. The  judge  sees that both my lawyers and the state said he was wrong. That will, I believe, encourage him to go back personally & review the records.

Which I hope that he does.

See, a judge has many cases & deals with a great deal. As a result law clerks write the opinions & the judge signs off.

Due to the chance of an error. That is why the lawyers are able to have a legal filing, pointing out errors of the opinion. This is for  federal judges.  In the lower state courts, the judge actually writes the opinion. Time will tell. Thank you for reading my words & please encourage others to do so. Please share my blogs & also post a link to my website saveaninnocentlife.com. Thanks!

Take care, smile, & strive for all that you desire.

I remain,

In solidarity

Veni, Vidi, Vici,

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