Loud & Clear Nov. 7 2010

Loud & Clear    Nov. 7 2010

The death penalty has been heavy in the news due to Anthony Graves’ release. I know Anthony but not too great. He was always quiet & he stayed to himself, mostly. The media hasn’t reported how others on death row have gotten out. In the last year and few months, 3 people have been released from TX’s death row. Anthony Graves, Michael Toney (he died a month after getting out  due to a car wreck) and another guy from Austin, TX  (who got out due to being 17 at the time of the crime). He got out of prison and is currently in the free. How the media overlooked all of this is beyond me. One would think all the anti-death groups would be heavily pointing these facts out to the media, to help show how screwed up the process is in Texas. I mean, 3 different people in just barely over a year.. That’s a lot. Two of these people had their charges dropped, the other one didn’t get his charges dropped. Although he is out on bond, his bond was free and it was just a verbal guarantee that he would appear at court. If they think someone is guilty of murder or any violent crime, their bond would generally be in the hundred-thousands.

I can’t think of the guy’s name that was from Austin. His case was about 3 people killed in a yogurt shop in Austin. Two guys were arrested in the case and DNA has cleared them. There are also two others from the Houston area that stand a good chance of being release within the next year. The two are personal friends of mine. They already have DNA proof that would clear them. One is just waiting on the tests, which even the prosecution knows will clear him.. Yet the drag the process out. There sure are a lot of people getting off of death row, considering how Texas supposedly has a ‘perfect’ jury process.

There’s nothing really new to report about myself. Just been working on some new elements in my campaign. I had a visit with Michele yesterday & I am supposed to see her over the next two days.  It was a good visit. I got word from my lawyer. I swear it is like every time I hear from them I get some form of good news. See I’m not complaining!!! 🙂 I got a few more donations as well. To the doctor in Norway: Thanks! I also got donations from Sarah in France, Stacy, Carla & Zandra for a total of $130.00. (**thats the total of all the donations combined)

I know that there are several people I haven’t responded to. I have a lot to deal with right now on many different fronts. I haven’t done much writing at all. I am going to get started back on my book, though. See, here is the deal: I need to help people get a little more insight into the person that is me. I don’t like having to ask for help.. So I thought, ‘I will just write a book! This way, i can get all the help I need.’ As I wrote my book about my life, it caused me t relive many moments & also made me think about the fact that it’s as if I’m selling myself, in a way. I basically was faced with a double-edged sword so to speak. I decided that I already came this far with it, so I might as well just get it finished. I will have another blog posted up soon. This blog is a short one. I am tired.. Just exhausted all the way around. I would like to ask those from Norway that are on my Facebook page, to PLEASE attend the City of Lights event on Nov 30 2010 & encourage others to join, too. I’m sure that Sandra will have all of the event details posted on the ‘Clinton Lee Young Norway’ page. I am not going into detail about my lawyers’ good news, as I need to double check something first.. After I do this, I will share it with everyone. I shall return in a few days. I thank all that participate and assist. PS- Simone,  wrote you. I haven’t gotten your jpay yet thought  did get a letter from someone I write from Germany that said she hasn’t gotten my letter. I guess all German speaking postal carriers got a conspiracy against me or something! 🙁


I leave as I came, Veni vidi vici,


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