Loud & Clear, Oct 18th 2010

Loud & Clear, Oct 18th 2010


I’ve been meaning to sit down and write a blog for over a week now. Been too stressed out & focused on my appeal. I didn’t even write letters all weekend. I have to deal with some frustrations in my personal life, though mainly this case has had my mind on ‘lock’. Let me backup with some positive news. I was able to get my legal material back that was taken from me. During the lock down  was called out to an office so that it could all be sorted out in front of me, basically to make sure that I needed it all And that it was actually legal material. I got all of it except for a copy of a rally flyer from last March. What bothered me was that the law library supervisor kept making smart ass comments. He would look over at the property officer like she was supposed to cheer him on. After about 75% through the stack, he rolled his eyes & again looked at the property officer & let out a deep breath. When he did this, the property officer said, “Oh he knew what he was doing, that’s why he said,” and in a mocking voice said “I’m going to get my shit back.” I knew right then that they had some series of discussions about me & my legal material. As I did say, “I’m going to get my shit back!” ..but not to the property officer OR the law library supervisor . I guess it bothered people that I was so sure of myself. When they went to take it the day i was searched, one of the officers asked me what disposition I wanted. When property is confiscated the inmate has the choice to:A.) Destroy it.B.) Send it out through visitation with a person on the approved visitor list.C.) Pay to have it mailed out to someone. Normally a person has to check one of the three, though to me, none of these was an option. I told the officer, “Aint no disposition of anything. I’m gonna get my shit back,” and then walked away from the door. What upset me was how they seemed to take my statement personally.. I just want what I need in order to fight my case!!Many people write about their horror story-esque experiences with the property officer. She does get mad easily & makes some out-of-line comments. It isn’t always unprovoked, though!  Now, the main problem is most guys here simply aren’t aware of what is truly policy & what is myth. Then, they complain that “this” policy is not followed, and then complain that “that” policy is followed. Ignorance is the root of much chaos. I, knowing the policies, simply refused to sign a disposition of my property because I knew that once we check one of the options we can NOT get the property back. If this place has taught me one thing, it’s taught me that communication/social skills paired with some good old fashioned education can go a LONG WAY. There are only a handful of people in this world that can cause me to truly lose me cool. They all happen to be women! : ) Ha-ha! Anyway, I got my legal material back, so that was good. I had to listen to some shit-talking while I was getting it back. That’s alright, because while he was talking shit, he was handing it back to me, piece by piece. Last week I was worried about my legal situation as one of the lawyers working on my appeal didn’t show up for a visit. He was supposed to bring my appeal so that I could read over it, then talk to my lawyers via a phone call the next day about it. I did get the phone call. They informed me that they rushed it to me via Fed-Ex, which i received the next day, on Friday. I spent Friday and the weekend going over that & the rest of my legal files. My lawyers told me on Friday, that they were going to set up another legal call for Monday(Today).. Which the appeal is due 10-19-10. Basically we were going down the wire! Today the phone call was supposed to be at 1PM.1:00PM came around & the officer in the control picket did not call out to me that I have an attorney phone call. I started to worry. A few minutes later, officers showed up to escort me to make the call. I was worried that I wouldn’t get to talk to my lawyers before the appeal was filed; as I saw a few changes that needed to be made. Once it is filed, that is it. No changes. Also t HAS to be filed by the deadline. No excuses. I went to the phone call anticipating having to argue my points in order. However, it didn’t go down like that. I pointed out the areas I had problems with, indicated the change I wanted made & then explain why I want such. A few things too a little more explaining, though 95% of what I said, they agreed with. One of the lawyers had to leave the conference call to get started on the changes.  I the spoke with my lead counsel for a few minutes. When we were hanging up she said, “Clint we love you. Keep your head up & be good.” After hanging up I felt a moment of happiness. It’s been a while since I felt good like that. Knowing I have lawyers that genuinely care about me, that will also listen & follow up on suggestions. It made me feel really good. Then a guard came by & said something really stupid & pissed me off for a few minutes, but I eventually brushed her off & went back to smiling. My lawyers could have filed whatever they wanted to & they sent me a copy & said, “here ya go, good luck!” Some peoples lawyers do not even do that much! It is certainly a world of difference from the lawyers I have had in the past. The only thing I hate, is the fact that my lawyers cannot work on anything but my actual appeals, as they are federal defenders. Meaning they are employed by the federal government. The actual name is “Federal Public Defenders Office”. This is why I have to get the civil lawyer & investigator myself. Anyways. A friend attended my court appearances in January & July made a comment about how a person could see how much love my lawyers have for me.. Including my old trial lawyers. My trial lawyers are very good people that I am fond of. They were just overwhelmed & stonewalled by the corruption of the police, prosecutor, etc. The difference between my trial lawyers, my  current appeal lawyers & the other lawyers I’ve had is the fact that my current lawyers & my trial lawyers took the time to get to know me & speak with people who know me. My other appeal lawyers just read the paper work. I believe I wrote about this in a former blog. When one of my past appeal lawyers first came to see me, he made a comment about knowing I am not “firing on all cylinders”; which is a reference to a car motor that didn’t completely work. Like saying “the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.” The dude was basically saying I was retarded. I looked at him like he was crazy & said “Dude, I had ADD, I aint a fuckin retard.” Which was the first time a lawyer had accused me of being stupid. I knew right then & there him and I were not going to get anywhere. Sure enough it worked out that way. He was one of the lawyers I was able to get removed from my case & thankfully got the lawyers that I currently have. My appeal was officially file on Tuesday. I will know what the judge decides by the end of November. Sadly the judge was not shy about being open to the fact that he was very pro-prosecutor. : (All I can do is wait & pray. Friday I didn’t receive any mail, so I got jpays on the 18th from Zandra, Angela, Michele, Tali & Jenn. The dates of them spanned from the 15,16 & 18th.

I did not get much writing done at all last week. I have been so consumed by my legal matters & also some other issues. I haven’t even worked on my book, which disgusts me, as I could have been done with all three that I am working on right now. I wrote out a couple of short stories, I’m doing a book that is a collection of them, as well as my life story book. I will get it done soon. My appeal & the transcripts from the hearing will be posted on my site soon. I am having a copy sent to someone & then I will write out some stuff  explaining everything. Plus add in some other fact that show & expose the lies. The annual anti-deal penalty march is taking place in TX on Oct 30, 2010.If you live in the area but need information, just google Gloria Rubac & you will easily locate her information. You get all the details from her. I ask that anyone that is able to attend please do so. The bigger it is, the louder message it will send to the politicians and media. I am going to wrap this one up. I appreciate your time and attention to my words.

Please tell ten friends about my website.I leave as I came and remain,Veni Vidi ViciIn Solidarity,


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