Loud and Clear, March 11, 2011

Loud and Clear,   March 11, 2011
Part one of the Series.

Today marks the 8th year since the jury handed down the guilty verdict.  I was devastated, as it was certainly not the verdict I expected.  We (My Lawyers and I) anticipated verdicts pertaining to lesser offenses, however we thought that I would beat the capital murder charges.  What many people don’t understand is how truly complicated a capital case is.

I was found guilty of double murder on one count and murder, robbery and kidnapping on the other count.  There were  two victims, Samuel Petrey and Doyle Douglas.  They used Samuel’s murder in both counts, meaning the double murder was for supposedly killing Samuel and Doyle.  The other was for the murder, robbery and kidnapping of Samuel.

If I prove I didn’t kill Samuel, it destroys BOTH counts of capital murder. Capital murder is the only crime I can get the death penalty for.  Murder is a sentence of 5-99 years or life with parole available in 30 years. Same as aggravated battery, robbery or kidnapping.  Just a little legal information there.

Now I have, I repeat, I have proven that I did not kill Samuel Petrey.  I haven’t proven this yet in the court of law, as it has not been ruled on by the judge yet.  It is on hold while I deal with my current appeal issue of the prosecutor misconduct.  Now, I prove it by showing that the only “witness,” to the murder of Samuel Petrey, the co-defendant David Page was A.)Lying in his testimony at trial.  B)He failed a lie detector test, though in the USA a lie detector test is not allowed as evidence in a trial. The jury cannot hear about it, as it is not always 100% accurate.  NOW and I beg for your attention to this specific fact.  WHEN DAVID PAGE GAVE HIS POLYGRAPH EXAM, THE INSTRUCTOR INFORMED HIM THAT HE HAD NOT BEEN HONEST ABOUT HIS INVOLVEMENT IN THE MURDER OF SAMUEL PETREY!!!! THE INSTRUCTOR NOTED THAT WHEN INFORMED OF THIS FACT, DAVID PAGE TOLD HIS LAWYER AND THE INVESTIGATOR, AND I QUOTE THIS “I KNOW WHAT IT IS.” Okay, if you are telling the truth, then why when someone tells you, “Hey this machine says your lying.” Why say “I know what is us.”  If you did not do the crime you would say “I don’t care what your trash machine says, I did not do it!”  You would not say “I know what “it” is! The part he specifically failed was to the questions: “Did you kill or fire a shot into Samuel Petrey and or Doyle Douglass?”  He showed clear deception at all parts involving Samuel Petrey. While the polygraph is not allowed before the jury, the court is aware of it and you the people are aware of it.  It is a piece to the puzzle.  By itself, it is weak, though when added to the rest, it weighs heavily.  C) Page bragged about getting away with the murder.  He did so to Raylonda Rayvilla.  This sworn affidavit is on my website under his name on

(There is also a picture of the victim on the autopsy table.  It shows gunshot residue.  I took the picture down as it shocks people, in addition to this the victims family complained, so out of respect for them I removed it.  Though it can be provided for individual viewing upon request, if the request is sincere I aint got no time to fill no morbid curiosity.)  The proof the gloves offer is they support McElwee’s testimony and also why lie about gloves that had your DNA and residue consistent with the blow back pattern from a gun if you didn’t shoot anyone?   You see it all starts to add up against Page.  The gun shot residue on Samuel shows he was shot at close range. Page admitted to standing about four feet away and that I was over ten feet away from Samuel.

G)This is something only I can speak on and can’t prove as much as I wish I could and that was motive.  Page was the only one that thought he was wanted by the police.  He lied and stated we were both wanted, but that is not true.  Amber Lynch and her Father is the one that informed me the police were looking for Page.  He at first said “They are looking for you and Page.”  Amber yelled “Stop lying Dad, you know they aren’t looking for Clint!”   He then said “Well they didn’t say nothing about you, but they are looking for JR (which was Page’s nickname)”  While I was asleep, Page told Samuel the area he was from. As well as other details. I did not know this until later.  Page is the only person that had a reason to kill Samuel.  I was the only person who had all the reasons in the world to keep Samuel alive!  As if he was harmed, everything would come back on me!! H) I can prove that the gun was empty and that I emptied it.  I did not know that Page got more bullets later on!  The cops could not prove who bought them or where they were bought.  However there was no fingerprints on the box.  The only person with gloves on was Page!  He also admitted to disposing of them. Though he lied and said I handed them to him.  I)Pages lies about having the gun in his possession and his claims that he was held hostage by me at my trial.  There is an 11 minute video that shows page drive up to a store and get me out.  He admitted to Detective Kent Spencer that he had the gun and keys in the truck with him.  This is proof of who had the gun before Samuel was killed.  Kent Spencers testimony is on my site.  It is under “Gregory Kent Spencer.  (There is a part that is missing where Kent Spencer testified the second time, about the fact Page told him he had the gun and keys.  I thought that testimony had been posted, but it was an oversight by the person helping me.  She did not realize his testimony was in two parts.  It will be posted soon and all will be informed of such.)  This disproves his lies about being held hostage and fearing for his life.  Which is something it seems every other criminal claims when arrested and they try to get out of trouble.  The two top lies “I was just the get away driver,” and “I was afraid they would kill me.”  That is two Hollywood classic excuses given by criminals.   J) The law of parties.  Page is in prison for kidnapping.  No co-defendant went to prison for murder.  I am the only one in prison for Capital murder.  No others were convicted or given plea bargains to any crime of murder or capital murder.  Meaning that there is NO ONE for me to be a party of murder or capital murder to.  The prosecutors at trial indicated that I was the shooter.  The law of parties was just a way to manipulate the jury into convicting me somehow!  Though the form of Law of Parties jury charge I had in my trial was that I had to be a direct actor in helping to bring about the commission of the murders.  Meaning I had to know Page would Kill Petrey and have helped him to do so.  There is NO evidence of that at all.  I did not know that he would do any such act.  He claims that I did it, so there is no proof that supports law of parties.  K) To convict me of double murder, the jury was mislead to believe that Doyle and Samuel were both killed for their vehicles, so that we could travel to Midland.  This is incorrect.  I did not kill Doyle or Samuel, though beyond that the murders were in no way related.  Only Page made that claim, others gave different reasons initially for Doyle getting killed.  However they were allowed to read each others statements prior to testifying.  This is so the witness can “fill in the gaps,” so to speak.  (This happened with another witness in my punishment phase though that’s for another day to discuss that)   I have given you not one, but 11 different reasons that show I did not commit and am not guilty of capital murder.

Simply pertaining to the murder of Samuel Petrey. Which as I wrote, showing that I did not kill him, it destroys my conviction of capital murder.  Which means I would need a new trial and could prove this.

In a criminal case, there is what is known as factual and legal.  There is factual insufficient and legally insufficient.  (I think I spelled that word right!)  I have to prove one of the other.  I am still, 10 years later, STILL trying to gather up all the evidence. My point of this blog was to lay out more details about why I am innocent of capital murder.  I can give you ten more reasons on just why I never had a fair trial. From the sloppy police work which I go into on my site, to the secret deals, to the unethical actions by the prosecution that directly hindered my lawyers from properly representing me at my trial, to lies told by witnesses.  Even IF you do not think I am innocent, the fact I did not get a fair trial, should be enough for you to support me to have a new trial.  That is what I ask for.  It is what I fight for.  I want a new trial so that I can clear my name.  I will soon post the testimony from the recent legal hearings I had.  You will see, with a police officer admitting this fact!  That my co-defendant was “charged,” with capital murder at the time he testified and they let him walk around down town Midland, Texas with free world clothing on and NO HAND CUFFS!  He ate at a public café with his Mother and Father.  His family admitted it, he admitted it, and a police officer and prosecutors investigator admitted it happened!  But guess what the former prosecutor tried to claim?!?!?!  He lied and said it never happened. Though his very own investigator said “Yea it happened.” This co-defendant acted like he was getting death, yet he knew he had a secret deal.  He only received 15 years non-aggravated.  He made parole after 7 and one half years and is free today.  My plea is, give me what I am supposed to have! If you believe in this system and the US Constitution, if you hold the foundation of this country near and dear to your heart, give me what the founding Fathers entitled me to have and that is a fair trial.  If you’re the right wing Christian that believes an “Eye for an Eye,” and that you believe that the founding Fathers was influenced by divine guidance and biblical influence when drafting the declaration of independence and US Constitution.  One of these ten basic human rights is a right to a fair trial.  Just me what I am supposed to have and have yet to receive and that is a fair trial.

It is difficult to place all information from my case up.  There are over 13,000 pages!  My juvenile record is over 2,200 pages. My appeals all combined is over 2,500 pages.  The hearing I have had all

combined is over 1000 pages.  There has been 5 different hearings since my trial.  Thousands of pages have never been presented to the courts, as not everything is used as evidence.  This means it does not get placed into “trial record.”   Though I now have someone who is personally covering the cost of my site. This is good!  We are waiting on her to get back from vacation and to be able to sit down with her friend and all that and get a game plan developed.  I am also having all legal documents from my trial and from outside the record put in the hands of one person so as to coordinate it.  There are also more videos to be posted.  Much work to do!!

In the mean time, my sister in law is helping me get my defense fund lined out as I want it.  The actual bank account and etc. Information for donations will be posted soon.  I also have been sent the information I needed to show the medication I was forced to take while locked up as a juvenile, is known to cause psychotic behavior in youths.  When I started to have negative reactions to the drugs, instead of taking me off the medication, they upped my dosage and the strength of the medication!!! I can prove this!  Then when I got into more fights and altercations with the increase, they labeled me as psychotic and anti social personality disorder.  The same thing they label serial killers with!  Yet when they took me off the medication, I had no problems and was able to properly function.  This information will be posted.

Much to do! I thank you all for your time and effort.  Those that continue to support me and those that will start to support me.  I thank you and it will pay off!  I fell off for a little bit, though as the saying goes, I am back in the saddle again.


Veni Vidi Vici,

In solidarity,

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