Loud & Clear, June 28 2006

Loud & Clear, June 28 2006

I was given some bad news a few days ago, my lawyer informed me that the Judge will NOT allow the testimony of the ballistic expert into my appeal record. So in short the Judge is trying to limit how I can use the evidence that shows that I am innocent!

The town that I was given the Death Sentence in is the home town of George W. Bush. It is something that Midland, Texas is very proud of. They even had a large sign that had the image of George W. Bush and the words ” Welcome to Midland, Texas, Home of the President”. Majority are just like him. So the Judge is going to try to please the public and help the prosecutors KILL me. So now I have to fight harder. I am currently getting my trial transcripts so that I can help my lawyer and post portions of my trial on my website to show everyone just how I was wrongfully convicted.

One of the future tests that I would like conducted is a forensic test on the gloves worn by the Co-Defendant David Page. He is serving out 35 years for kidnapping. The gloves he wore have his D.N.A on the inside. He admits that they are his gloves. When the gloves were first tested the expert for the state testified that the glove had “lead residue, but could not identify the source”. He told my lawyer on cross examination that the pattern of the lead residue was consistent with the blow back pattern from when a pistol is fired. A chemist would have actually analyzed the residue to determine the source. That is one of the many tests I want to have done.

A guy that was in jail with David Page testified that David Page told him “they can’t prove I done it, because I had gloves on”. The recent ballistics reports that show I could not have been the shooter and indicates that the shooter had to be from outside the car. David Page was the ONLY person standing outside the car and was on the side of the car that the victim was (the drivers side). During my trial the Forensic pathologist that conducted the Autopsy On Doyle Douglas testified in my trial. When questioned by my lawyer that one of the gunshots was consistent with someone walking up to the car and shooting Mr Douglas. The second murder in the case was clearly committed by David Page. He failed a lie detector test when questioned about the murder. By his own statements to police after being arrested only he could have been the shooter. Yet during trial he changed his story. When my lawyer asked him why he changed his story, David Page pointed to the prosecutors lead investigator and said ” because he told me to”. So he admitted on the witness stand that the police had him change his story. The Judge is aware of ALL of the FACTS. Yet he still does not want to let in the evidence that clearly shows that I am innocent to Murder!!!

One day the lawyers, prosecutors and Judges are going to have to embrace the integrity of the profession. They are supposed to uphold the law, not uphold the law when it pleases them and benefits them, but in all manner. Power takes a step back only in the face of more power. Which is why I along with others from around the world built S.A.I.L – To be a united voice. A United Power. We are taking some positive steps towards progress. Progress is propelled by the force behind it. With each new member that joins, the force grows stronger. Make a difference, join the struggle.

In other news – A lot has been before the courts lately about mental illness. I have noticed that the courts are very quick to take the side of killing the mentally ill inmates. Scott Panetti was given approval to die. The real crazy aspect of his case is the fact that the Judge in his trial allowed Mr Panetti to represent himself! With no lawyer. In his trial Mr Panetti tried to call the Pope, Jesus Christ and assassinated American President John F. Kennedy, to testify! He dressed in Cowboy costumes and picked his jury by flipping a coin. The fact that the judge would allow a man, that is clearly mentally unstable, to represent himself is a case where the Death Penalty is being sought speaks clearly for the mind set of Texas. It is a bigger problem when the appeal courts also think that this is not a problem. Now they say he can die. The main reason the judge allowed Mr Panetti to represent himself is just so he could save some money on the trial from not having to pay the lawyer fees. So we kill the mentally ill. Judicial Eugenics is what I call it. He is no good for society so lets kill him!

In other news … The U.S Supreme Court ruled to uphold the Kansas Death Penalty law. Now I was disappointed to read that, as I had read in another media article that the Kansas law had been ruled against. The main issue is how juries deal with what is known as Future dangerous-ness. The jury basically makes a “guess” and rules that they “think” the person will be dangerous in the future. So they kill him. I did not know that we had so many psychics in the U.S.A. Must be something in the water. 🙂

I was asked why my lawyers brought attention to drug addiction, child abuse and so forth if I was innocent. The lawyers do that after a person is convicted. It takes place in what is called “The Punishment Phase”. The jury finds a person guilty because they believe him to be or they might just feel like that person needs to die. So a lawyer will put on evidence to show the jury that the person they just found guilty has had a troubled life, to reduce the moral culpability of the defendant in hopes a saving him from getting the Death Penalty. Needless to say, it does not work very often. At least in Texas it doesnt.

I am going to bring this article to an end. Thank you for your time. The struggle goes on. With unity and solidarity we shall overcome. Use the pain to fuel the fire that burns inside of you.

Veni Vidi Vici

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