Loud & Clear, July 13 2006

Loud & Clear, July 13 2006

Greetings to all!

Why try? Whats the point? We will not win! That is the attitude of a few people, which is upsetting. My question is – Why Not? If a person gives up, then they will never know what they will achieve!

An example could be my past resistance against the prison officials. A five me n team with riot gear and pepper spray. How can I win? Do I think I will be able to beat all of them? Of course Not! But you know what? I damn sure try!

I was subjected to not one, not two, but three hand held C.s/tear gas grenades. As well as O.c 10 round control pepper spray. I was the first on Death Row to be hit with that much and not give up. The grenades are made for 12, 000 feet areas. One of them! I was exposed to three in a 300 square foot area, if even that much space! Did I give up? Hell No! If I am going to fight, it will be to the end!

The opposition matters not! I try to win, but I don’t worry about if I will lose. If you spend your energy thinking you might lose, then you will lose! All my energy goes into winning! Last time I was in a Use Of Force with officers and they used all them grenades and pepper spray; I was able to make two of them run off of the recreation yard. Two out of Five! That is good. In my mind I won that battle. Maybe not physically, but psychologically I did! The same goes with my fight for my life. I don’t think I will lose. I KNOW I CAN win. But to win, I need help.

The whole point of use the pain to fuel the fire that burns inside of you is that it means to use the pain as motivation. The harder I am pushed, the harder I push back! Give up? What!?!? I can not even begin to fathom such a cowardly act. A 5 men team, 10 rivals, or the State of Texas. I don’t give a damn. I am going to fight as hard as I can, all the way to the end!

To quote Winston Churchill in a 1940 speech Victory at all costs, Victory in spite of all terror, Victory however long and hard that road may be; for without Victory there is no survival. I use Veni, Vidi, Vici as my sign off, as it is how I think. It comes from Julius Caesar. It means: I came, I saw, I conquered. Not I came, I saw, I felt there was no hope so I gave up!

My second Appeal was just denied. That motivates me to fight harder!!!! It really aggravates me when people write or talk about We will not win or accomplish anything. To say such a thing is to undermine the entire struggle. Progress is propelled by the force behind it. The more people in the struggle the faster progress will be achieved. So long as they are putting forth all their effort.

If anyone that reads these articles wishes to help – Please feel free to write me or e-mail me and Sarah or Khim will forward the e-mail to me. (Also, if anyone has went three weeks without receiving word from me – Please let me know!) The point of this article is to help motivate each of you. YOU can make a difference! You just got to have the will to do so and take the step towards doing so. It was just discovered that a third innocent man was executed by the State of Texas! I am NOT trying to be a part of that statistic!

Make a difference, join the struggle.

I leave as I came.
Veni, Vidi, Vici

Solidarity Strengthened by Unity I remain.

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Polunsky Unit

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