Loud & Clear, June 10 2006

Loud & Clear, June 10 2006

“Nearly 7 Million under correctional supervision in the U.S.A,” read the headline of an article in the May 2006 Prison Legal News, imagine. At year end 2004, almost seven million people were in prison, on parole or on probation in the United States. 2.3 million were in prison. Each year the numbers go up. With these kind of numbers, everyone knows someone in America that has been involved with the justice system. The higher the incarceration rate, the more likely the chance for an innocent to be wrongfully imprisoned. America is a nation that was formed with the basic rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These rights were classified and “God Given” by the founder of the U.S.A. Through time more and more laws have been formed that slowly degrade these rights. Being one of the worlds leaders in executions, it seems that this country is a system of contradictions. The nations prison population are serving a life sentence. So over 230,000 people have been expunged from society for the remainder of their life. Some states offer the chance to make parole. In Texas it is 30 years into the sentence, (capital murder now carries life with out parole.) Now this offer is kind of like putting a new paint job on a wrecked car. Just to make it look good. On a positive note Death Penalty sentences have declined with each year. I believe this is due to the increased media attention on the death penalty. It has put the issue into the homes of Americans to think about. To search their souls, to figure out where exactly do they stand on the issue. Most say ” If someone killed someone I loved, I would want that person to die.” That is nothing but revenge.

Aristotle in the Nichomacheam Ethics stated ” Men regard it as their right to return evil for evil – and if they can not, feel they have lost their liberty!”

Some argue that revenge is a product of humans natural prosperity for violence, tied in with having become passive by nature. Meaning violence is in the heart, but, due to social constraints, present it only in a justifiable manner. i.e Revenge. A study was done that showed 92 men and 85 women admitted to having fantasies of murder. The fine line is when a person makes the decision to act out these fantasies. Now I am sure all can agree that the ” psychology of a killer ” is not black and white. There is a very large grey area. A man high on drugs that robs a store and while doing so panics, shoots and kills the clerk, can not be put in the same ” killer ” category of a man that does the most unfathomable crime of all, the raping and killing of a child! Yet in America, all are put in one trash bag and thrown away. No rehabilitation, no attempt to understand the problem to achieve a solution. Kill him, bag him up and throw him in the ground. Now a man high on drugs is in an altered state of mind. True he made the choice to do drugs, but what caused him to get to that point? People drive above the speed limit to get to where they want faster. People use drugs to get away from what they are running from, faster. Sooner or later both get into a wreck. Both can lead to innocent lives being lost. It isnt always what you look at, but “how” you look at it. It is all in how you perceive it and since perception is Reality, your reality is how you perceive a needed solution to a problem. In a simple form. If you open up a newspaper and see a story about a fellow human being committing a crime

and you automatically think that, that person needs to die. Then in reality you are a killer. On the basis of this thought for every ten humans executed, there are 120 killers given amnesty by the state to kill. 12 People sit in a jury, 12 people order a fellow person to be killed. So in reality they are killers!

Over 1000 people have been executed in the United States since 1976. so that means that there is 12,000 killers walking the streets of America. Throw in the prosecutors, prison officials that help bring about the executions and the executioners themselves and the numbers grow. Something to think about. 12,000 people got to live out that fantasy under judicial immunity. GOD BLESS AMERICA. Home of the brave and land of the Freedom to kill.

In other news I found out my current attorney doesnt want to take my case and my next appeal if I need one. He wants me to get someone that has more knowledge of the federal appeals process. So now I have to try to do just that. I have asked a couple. Both said no. It gets very stressful. Though I cant stop, submission is not a choice, so the fight goes on.

I have had some problems with people that claimed they cared and wanted to help. Yet their actions show otherwise. Though for the most part, S.A.I.L is moving in the right direction. The membership is growing with more and more people stepping up to help. Many have bought some very good ideas. So we continue to move towards progress. We have had some minor set backs. This only lays foundation for Major come backs. Thanks to all whom embrace the struggle. The fight goes on.

Progress is propelled by the Force behind it! The more people that join the fight, the faster the goal will be achieved. Join the struggle. Unity is the key to success. Until next time,

Veni – Vidi – Vici


With unity strengthened by solidarity I remain

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