Loud & Clear, May 18 2006

Loud & Clear, May 18 2006


I was going to wait a few more days before I wrote an article. Though I was reading in the newspaper and came across an article that incited me to write. In the USA today on May 16th, there was an article about China and the Death Penalty. China is known for executing more people than any other country and actually more than all other countries combined! China has taken more steps to increase the rights and judicial oversight of the people executioned. A step towards progress! Several weeks ago, the Philippines eliminated the death penalty. The president of the Philippines stated that she would commute all future death sentences. So some 1,200 people were spared from death. Chine – progress, Philippines – progress. America – ? America continues to slaughter dozens of people a year. Innocent people tied when the snares of the corrupt so called justice system.

Many reports have been printed about Cameron Todd Willinghams execution. Gov. Perry was aware that when he refused to halt Mr Willinghams execution, that he was doing so on the basis of Bad science. The interesting thing is that Ernest Willis was released from Death Row and is free now as you read this. Cameron Willingham and Ernest Willis were both convicted with the same faulty science. The difference? Lawyers!!! Ernest Willis had a better legal team. Mr Willingham, had a very contraversial case, that might make some not want to take on his case. He was accused of killing his three children with fire, by burning the house down. So 4 innocent people die in that case. There has been a lot of attention brought to the fact that the manner in which we are executed in Texas and other states is cruel and unusual. I think that they should list each media report the fact that the veterinary association refuses to put animals to sleep using the same chemicals that they execute us with! It is not okay to kill a dog with these chemicals, but it is okay to kill a human.

The death penalty is slowly gaining more and more light. In the past year reports have circulated about two innocent men being executed in Texas. The case of Cameron Willingham and Ruben Cantu. Tn the case of Cantu, the only living victim and a participant in the crime has stated that the man executed was not responsible for the crime! The prosecution has used its power to threaten charges against a victim and other participants. Effectively silencing them! So will justice ever come to Ruben Cantu? Only time will tell.

I Have recently sent a request to the judge over my case, for access to the vehicle that the crime occurred in, so that testing that has not been done, can be done. Two shell casings were found inside the car. The prosecutors in my case, told the jury that was proof that I shot the victim while in the car. Ballistics was recently tested that came back to show that I could not have been the shooter. In the report the expert stated that the car could be obtained and easily tested. You see the shell casings are from when the dash of the car was shot twice. The dash could be taken off and the bullets could be recovered and then be tested to match the firearm. As well as the casings, this would show that the shell casing WAS NOT from when the victim was shot, but when the dash was shot at a later time. I am still waiting to see if the judge will approve or denies my request. If he approves it, then I will have to cover the cost of the tests. But I know 100hat the findings will support my claims! Just as the ballistics have supported exactly what I have been saying for 5 years!!! I have tried to get 5 different lawyers to test this evidence. I had to raise it myself. If I would not have written to the courts with my concerns and complaints, then I would be procedurally barred from presenting this scientific evidence that helps to how that I am innocent.

I will have a long and difficult legal battle in the next few years, due to the errors made by my lawyers. The main problem is that a portion of the state appeal has No constitutional protection on it. Meaning that a lawyer could basically file no appeal and the only one affected by it would be the condemned inmate. Maybe one day the courts will catch up with the times. They want to shorten our appeals, to save money. I guess they never thought about all the time and money that would be saved if they just stopped the death penalty all together.

I read an article in the media a couple of weeks back about the death row inmate here that was granted some D.N.A testing. The prosecutor in the case stated that they are willing to allow testing to be done, as they are confident it will come back to support the verdict. But if for some reason that it doesn’t, then they need to get the inmate off of death row. As ” justice is not killing an innocent man”. I found that very interesting. More so coming from a Texas prosecutor. I wonder if I could get the prosecutors to allow all the testing in my case? I doubt it.

S.A.I.L was established to bring more attention to the Judicial system and Death Penalty. It is made up of people that are sincere and want to make a difference. With each member it will grow louder and louder. I was asked how Loud and Clear is associated with S.A.I.L; Loud and Clear was originally going to be a printed and mailed news letter of S.A.I.L. Though the choice was made to make it just an online article. As this helps us to reach more and more people. Even those that do not speak english. So to answer the question. Loud and Clear is the news letter of S.A.I.L. It will address the cases of those sponsored by S.A.I.L as well as other case brought forth by other media outlets. If any reader has a question about the appeal process, a case, or the rules that govern the prison. (Texas only at this time), then they can forward a question to my e-mail address that has been set up here on loud and clear.

I will answer the questions in the next article. Anyone wanting to send a question directly may do so as well. I always enjoy mail. 🙂

Progress is propelled by the force behind it! The more people that join the fight, the faster the goal will be achieved. Join the struggle.

Unity is the key to success. Until next time…

Veni – Vidi – Vici with unity strengthened by solidarity – I remain
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