Loud & Clear, July 29 2009

Loud & Clear, July 29 2009

If it’s not one thing it’s another! I had a visit with my lawyer last week on the 22nd. As of then the judge currently dealing with my case has still not appointed me a lawyer. When pressed as to why my lawyers have not been appointed to my case. Which without them being formally appointed they cannot file the things I need filed in my appeal and for future issues. The judge hinted that he was looking to appoint a different lawyer. NOW this makes NO sense at all! It means that another lawyer would have to spend time to get to learn my case, thus cost the county more money. The lawyers that was on my case and got me sent back to state court are fully aware of all the issues and have still kept on working on the issues I am focused on. What it is, is that the trial judge is trying to figure out a way to screw me over and stick me with some trash ass lawyer from west Texas that will play puppet to the local prosecutors. Just as my past lawyers have done. It’s clear as can be, that the judge is NOT wanting my lawyers that are from outside of Texas on my case. I have the federal public defender’s office out of California. I am the only Texas death row inmate with a public defender on my case. I as well have Donald Vernay whom is from New Mexico. He is on the approved list of lawyers to work on Texas state appeals. (the federal public defenders have to sign on through Don as co-counsel, so Don has to be appointed)

The judge might have already appointed them, but as of today I haven’t gotten any letter stating otherwise. So if the judge does appoint some local counsel I will have to begin the fight to get him off my case. Now I have easily proved that I did not do the murders, they did not properly investigate the crime scenes, the ones that they actually did investigate. 2 crime scenes was never investigated. It has as well been proven the prosecutor gave backroom deals to the witness in return for their testimony against me and had the witnesses lie about the deals under oath. There is as well much more. Yet instead of doing the right thing and acting according to justice they are trying to cover up their errors and would rather have me die for something I did not do, instead of admit they are wrong. Man these people are ruthless. The fact is that all scientific proof shows that I COULD NOT have been the shooter. All they have is a co defendant that I can prove already that he lied for the prosecution. Yet to hell with me, just kill me.

You know what really bothers me though? Is that most that read this act like they would rather read about events from my childhood then about how these people are trying to judicially slaughter me.If push comes to shove, I might have to retain a lawyer for this myself. So I am asking anyone that is willing to, to please donate to my defense fund. I ask that everyone please order my DVD. It’s finally truly complete and the order information is on my website. www.saveaninnocentlife.com

If there is any complications with this please send an email to Randi that operates the Christian site, or directly to my sister Christy Jetton. The paypal and mailbox information is on my website and pages. I appreciate any and all help. For those new to my MySpace page, please go to <a href=”http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LnNhdmVhbmlubm9jZW50bGlmZS5jb20=”>http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LnNhdmVhbmlubm9jZW50bGlmZS5jb20=</a> and read over the additional information associated with my case and past articles.

My mail has been slow this week, the days I get mail. See that’s the problem with this place everyone has to kick up dust to get any act right. Lately they haven’t even been mopping the runs at night time. All kinds of fires and shit have to be started just to get the floor mopped. It makes no sense at all. Then with the meals we get milk at breakfast only five days a week. The days we don’t get milk we are supposed to get a vitamin c supplement drink. Basically some weird orange juice stuff. They haven’t been giving that to us. Yet none of these bad asses here say anything. They brag about being this tough and that tough, yet they allow themselves to be systematically fucked over by the officials. Unless it’s about commissary. They keep us from being able to buy the snack items and coffee and stuff the prison sells us, people raise all kinds of hell. But what can be expected from a majority population that willingly lays down to die. long sigh.

Sometimes the section that I live in is the only section that gets mopped. There is a total of 36 sections in this building. Sometimes they try to get away without cleaning the shower. There is one shower for every seven cells. One on two row, and a second one on one row. Each row is seven cells. Each section is separated by a wall with a cross over door. So seven men share a shower. One at a time 🙂 (it’s not a group shower) some of these uncivilized idiots do all kinds of stuff in the shower. So yeah, I get concerned with it being cleaned with bleach and scrub brushes. Its population inmates that do the cleaning, but it’s an officer that escorts them. So it’s on the officer to make them do the work.

I am still trying to get my stuff all situated. My life got turned inside out there for a minute. People putting their nose in other people’s business and others responding on emotion and doing counterproductive acts haven’t helped any. Life goes on.

Anyways. I once again ask that everyone please order my DVD. There is lots of content on it. Even the police chase is included. People ask why did I run if I did not do it. Well I was on parole from TYC, young, been up for days on meth and they shot at me. So in short I didn’t want to go to jail. Guilty or not, murder or no murder I still would have went to jail even for the parole violation.

As all can most likely tell, I am frustrated. I am just tired of people focusing on stupid B/S and frivolous drama. Stir up some drama hundreds got an opining. Ask about helping to prevent my slaughter or any ideas. Like only one or two got something to say. Anyways, I am going to wrap this one up. Catia your letter is on the way. Natalie I haven’t heard from you in a while. I wrote you twice. I also want to thank Dominique for operating my facebook. I do need the messages Dom, thanks.I leave as I came.


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