Loud & Clear, August 26 2009

Loud & Clear, August 26 2009

This is going to be short and sweet. I don’t feel much like writing. I haven’t heard from my sister since she last came to visit me on 8/8. Of course if something happened to her I couldn’t exactly depend on my family to inform me. Anyways , don’t want to get into that can of worms.

As for my legal situation. I finally got one of my lawyers on my case. Having to fight to get the other two appointed. The judge denied them for a bogus reason.I didn’t get a lawyer on my case until I wrote telling the judge to allow me to represent myself if they wasn’t going to appoint my lawyers. As it had been over 60 days. A few days later he appointed the lawyer. It’s a fight every step of the way.

If some of the posted articles don’t make sense, well that’s because one wasn’t supposed to be posted and two other articles Christy had, so the order was all messed up. Plus as far as I know an article that I sent Randi in July wasn’t posted. Anyways, I don’t feel like going into much else here.

To anyone that has ordered the DVD but haven’t received it yet, please just hang tight until I get everything figured out. Keep an eye on my site as I will inform everyone of the changes and such.

I leave as I came



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